Office Features and Benefits

Office Plans vConsole FeaturesYour customers rely on you for more than just your great service. Most of all, they expect that you handle them with the attention and care that won their trust in the first place. We build professional phone systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes with the critical features that ensure your customers’ trust will always be well-placed. Never-busy phone lines, automated greetings, advanced transferring, recording, call-forwarding, and many more features are included with every VirtualPBX business telephone system. Between the simplicity of our web-based management and the confidence of multiple redundancies, you can rest easy knowing that your customers can reach you whenever they need you. Take a look at our features listed below to get started.

Office Plans and Prices

System Configuration & Management

Only VirtualPBX offers the industry standard for reliability, scalability, availability, and ease-of-use regardless of your business size.

  • Central Business Number
  • Mail Only Extensions
  • Easy Web-Based Management
  • Multiple Numbers
  • No Busy Signals
  • Mission-Critical Fault Tolerance
  • Comprehensive Data Security

Call Routing

Dispersed workforces are cost-effective for companies that balance them with freedom and support.

  • Multiple Phone-Type Freedom
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Follow-Me Calling
  • Advanced Transfers
  • GeoRoute
  • SelectRoute
  • Mail-Only Extensions
  • Day and Night Modes

Call Answering

How you greet your customers is just as important as how you take care of them once they’ve arrived. That begins with call answering options.

  • Configurable Call Preview
  • Call Screening
  • Do-Not-Disturb
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Music/Info on Hold
  • Automated Directory
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID)


Utilize the display functions on your phones to provide useful information on incoming callers and control your outward facing credentials.

  • Incoming Calls
  • Outgoing Calls
  • SmartID Management

Greeting Manager

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Respond to changes in your industry, community, and business by controlling your company’s recorded messages.

  • Record Greetings
  • Text to Talk
  • Order Standard Recordings
  • Order Professional Greetings
  • Call Recording

    Whether for quality assurance or for regulatory compliance issues, Call Recording is easy and inexpensive.

  • Automatic or Manual Recordings
  • Storage Solutions
  • Only Pay for the Service You Need
  • Voicemail and Online Fax

    While on the move, busy professionals can’t make every meeting or answer every call. Consequently, comprehensive message retrieval options ensure you always get the message.

    • Never Full Mailboxes
    • Centralized Messaging
    • Voicemail Interrupt
    • Personal Greetings
    • Message Notifications
    • Paperless Fax
    • Fax Viewing Options

    TrueACD Queues

    Expediting callers through your phone system is the best way to make sure they stay engaged and remain on the line. TrueACD Queues from VirtualPBX assist callers who know what they want, but not who can help them by organizing agents departmentally.

    Queuing Logic: Using any one of these could be just right for your business, but you can also allow for redundancies and edits at any time, day or night.

    • Even Load Distribution
    • Skills-Based Call Routing
    • Overflow Queues
    • Protected Queues

    Queue Management: With all of the traffic coming through your phone system, keeping informed and having access to make changes as they become necessary is critical.

    • Advanced Queue Admin & Self-Managed Agent Presence
    • Realtime Monitoring
    • Queue Logs
    • Agent Wrap-Up Time
    • Call-Waiting Signals
    • Virtual Office/Call Center


    Don’t outsource one of the best ways to maximize time across time zones. VirtualPBX lets you host your own advanced teleconferences so now you can take control of the meeting even before it starts.

    • Free Conference Minutes
    • On Demand Conference
    • Conference Management

    Other Features

    Would you believe that there is even more? The reality is there will always be more features coming because we don’t like to stop moving forward.

    • Call Blocking
    • Dynamic Operator Assignment
    • Web Callback
    • Virtual Calling Card
    • Realtime Monitoring & Reporting
    • Multi-Stage Dialing

    Find Out What the Buzz is All About

    VirtualPBX Receives 2016 Best of San Francisco Award for TelecommunicationsOur telecommunications peers routinely honor us by highlighting our unwavering commitment to service as a standout in the hosted business communications industry. You can always count on our support team to be available to you as a part of your VirtualPBX business phone system service agreement. So what are you waiting for? All of these phone system features are the tools you need to boost your business communications to a new level. Most notably, you’ll also be saving money each month on these great features and having our telecom experts to support you along the way!

    Office Plans and Prices

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