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Your customers rely on you for more than just your great service, they have come to expect you to handle them with the attention and care that has helped you win their trust. We build professional phone systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes with the critical features to make sure that your customers’ trust will always be well-placed. Never-busy phone lines, automated greetings, advanced transferring, recording, and call-forwarding and so much more is included with each and every VirtualPBX business telephone system. Plus, with the simplicity of intuitively designed web-based management and the confidence that comes from multiple redundancies and military-grade encryption, you can always rest easy knowing that your customers will always have access to you when they need you and you’ll always have access to your phone system, no matter where you are.

Office Plans and Prices

System Configuration & Management

Only VirtualPBX offers the industry standard for reliability, scalability, availability, and ease-of-use regardless of your business size.

With VirtualPBX, you can present a unified company image under one central telephone number. All of your employees-whether in a central office, branch offices, home offices, or traveling-are reachable through your main number. Learn More

Every extension in a VirtualPBX can be designated as a “Live Extension” that is able to take calls, or a “Mail-Only Extension” that’s designed to receive voicemail only. Learn More

To help make system configuration easy, we provide a graphical, web-based tool, accessible from any web browser. Administrators are granted complete access to oversee, change, and monitor all system functions.
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While having a single incoming business number gives your business a unified presence, it can be very useful to have multiple incoming business numbers. Learn More

Many companies find that they need to add more phone lines to keep their system from ringing busy when call traffic is high. Calls placed to your business through VirtualPBX are answered by our phone system, where we have hundreds of lines and never ring busy. Learn More

The VirtualPBX system incorporates “n+1” redundancy with automatic failover throughout the system to assure minimum downtime. When we have a component failure, that part of the system is automatically isolated and removed from use, and calls are instantly rolled over to working equipment. Learn More

Every call to your VirtualPBX number is routed through our datacenter. Our hardware and software technology individually routes every call, providing special safety features included with our service. As the hub for all communications we make sure that it’s completely protected. Learn More

Call Routing

Dispersed workforces are cost-effective for companies that can balance them with freedom and support.

Unlike traditional, on-site PBX systems, VirtualPBX’s cloud-based platform allows you to connect calls to any device on Earth so getting connected is easier than ever. Learn More

Traveling with just the login information for his or her specific extension, an employee can now effectively activate that same extension from anywhere in the world for inbound and outbound calling. Learn More

Program an office phone to cascade down through up to four different numbers to reach an employee when they are out of the office. Learn More

Even with a dispersed workforce that can cover thousands of miles, transferring calls is no problem. Unencumbered by the antiquated copper-wire telephones of a physical PBX system, VirtualPBX can transfer calls to any other line in the system network, regardless of location. Learn More

Especially valuable for franchises, GeoRoute automatically directs calls into the nearest business location to them based on the area code of the inbound number. Learn More

The ultimate in customizable routing, SelectRoute allows callers to route themselves by any numeric identifier you choose up to 9-digits. Anything from product numbers to zipcodes and anything between can be designate where a caller is directed. Learn More

No time to take a call on a particular topic? Setting up a mail-only extension gives your customers an avenue to leave open for callers during otherwise inopportune times for you and your team members to answer. Learn More

Different staff at night? No problem. With Day & Night modes, you can set automatic changes in call answering, routing, and messaging to coincide with the clock. Learn More

Call Answering

How you greet your customers is just as important as how you take care of them once they’ve arrived. That begins with call answering options.

What information do your employees need to know to make their life easier and your customer’s experience better? Program calls to display relevant, helpful information before answering to set them up for success. Learn More

Asking callers to speak their name will allow for your employees to know who is on the line before deciding to answer. Learn More

You know what the sign on the door means, respect your employees’ time off and keep all outside distractions outside when they need to be. Learn More

Saving you time and money, this virtual assistant can be programmed to replicate nearly all of the same functions as a human attendant, directing callers to departments. Learn More

With hundreds of music selection to choose from in the VirtualPBX Jukebox, you’ll never run out of on-hold music options. Don’t worry, though, because if you did, you can still upload any of your own music, as well. Learn More

This is a way to help your callers find someone specific when they don’t have that employee’s extension on hand. Learn More

Have inbound callers reach the extension of any line you choose to designate. When callers go quickly from dialing to talking to the right person, that person goes to transaction much more quickly, too.
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Utilize the display functions on your phones to provide useful information on incoming callers and control your outward facing credentials.

  • Circumnavigate blocked call anonymity and still know the origin of all incoming calls, regardless of masking attempts
  • Always display the dialed number and extension of the incoming call to know where it specifically was intended to go

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  • Control your outbound numbers to be that of the public-facing number of your company or the number of the actual extension from which it was dialed
  • Use personal phones on private lines and route them through your VirtualPBX service to let SmartID conceal your private contact information.

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Manage, monitor, and control all of these features from the convenience of anywhere you happen to be where there is internet access. Learn More

Greeting Manager

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Respond to changes in your industry, community, and business by controlling your company’s recorded messages.

Recording directly from your mobile phone, computer, or office phone gives you the flexibility to act quickly if you need to make a change. Learn More

Not ready for the limelight just yet? No problem. VirtualPBX Greetings Manager lets you input text that will be read by a synthesized voice. Learn More

Take advantage of our in-house talent and order blocks of 75 words for $25 from a male or female voice.
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Through a partnership with Snap Recordings, choose over 80 voice talent actors in three languages and multiple accents. Learn More

Call Recording

Whether for quality assurance or for regulatory compliance issues, Call Recording is easy and inexpensive.

Preset all or individual extensions to record on every inbound or outbound call, or choose manual mode and simply enter “#-9” to instantly begin recording on any conversation. Learn More

Some industries maintain record-keeping standards and some conversations you just want to hold on to for negotiations or training. Either way, you can listen to, delete, and store directly into your Dropbox account any conversation as soon as it is saved right from your web-based management portal. Learn More

Each VirtualPBX plan has some element of call recording already included but you can add minutes to your plan or change plans as you need to ensure your service fits your business. Learn More

Voicemail and Online Fax

While on the move, busy professionals can’t make every meeting or answer every call. Comprehensive message retrieval options ensure you always get the message.

If you get the message, we’ll hold onto it until you’ve heard it. Waiting to check messages will never mean losing one or missing a call again. Learn More

Multiple lines are no problem when you can send all of your messages to one, easy to access platform. Learn More

Welcome back to the good old days of screening your phone calls. You can listen to messages while they’re being recorded and jump in at any time if you need to. Learn More

Just like every aspect of the VirtualPBX system, you can record, upload, order, and manage the greetings to your voicemail for almost anywhere. Learn More

Whenever you get a message you can opt for notifications via text, email, voicemail audio recordings, and smoke signals. Well, maybe not the smoke signals, but we’ll see what we can do. Learn More

Every VirtualPBX plan comes with internet fax service fully integrated into the line – no need for a physical machine. All of the functionality of a fax machine without any of the cost of bulky physical equipment, additional phone lines, or extra charges. Learn More

You’re on the road, you can’t stop and print out everything that comes across your desk. Viewing, storing, and saving frequently faxed documents of faxes online is easy with your VirtualPBX account. Learn More

TrueACD Queues

Expediting callers through your phone system is the best way to make sure they stay engaged and remain on the line. TrueACD Queues from VirtualPBX assist callers who know what they want, but not who can help them by organizing agents departmentally.

Queuing Logic: Using any one of these could be just right for your business, but you can also allow for redundancies and edits at any time, day or night.

Don’t let simple first-in-first-out govern who gets hit with the most calls, set a standard distributive rhythm to the inbound traffic and keep all your workers on the same page. Learn More

Put your stars in the game when you need them and keep your trainees fresh as they adjust with Skills-Based Routing. Learn More

If you have one department getting hammered and there are shared skills elsewhere in the company, you can call on those individuals automatically to help out. Learn More

Password protected queues can provide VIP access to key accounts or simply an accelerated avenue to a particular service somewhere in your company. Learn More

Queue Management: With all of the traffic coming through your phone system, keeping informed and having access to make changes as they become necessary is critical.

With an intelligent agent portal, companies can prescribe what functions admins have access to and can allow agents to log themselves in and out of the system. System admins can add and subtract access to any agent on the fly as their responsibilities grow. Learn More

Always know what’s going on from anywhere in the world. Who is logged in, how many calls in the queue, wait time, and everything else you need to know to keep your company on track all are available as it happens. Learn More

Seeing things as they happen is important, but so is understanding why they happened after the fact. Historical call and queue data is available any time you want from a web portal. Learn More

Notations are difficult to complete while giving a caller full attention, Agent wrap-up time allows for a window between each call that you can arrange for agents to finish their CRM input and prepare for another caller. Learn More

When the call-waiting line begins to back up, or if the wait time reaches a specified duration, you can program the system to notify the agent with a tone the inbound caller can’t hear, indicating it is time to seek a resolution to the current call. Learn More

All of these features ultimately serve to provide the zenith of personal freedom to running your business. Saving enormous amounts of money by having a distributed or at-home call center workforce is a possibility with VirtualPBX. Learn More


Don’t outsource one of the best ways to maximize time across time zones. VirtualPBX lets you host your own advanced teleconferences so now you can take control of the meeting even before it starts.

Each VirtualPBX plan has conference minutes included, pick the one that is right for your needs and change it as you need. Learn More

No need to schedule time with a third-party conference provider and get an expiring passcode, when your system is the host, you can call a meeting anytime you need it, when you need it. Learn More

With the online management portal, you decide which extensions would be able to host/attend conferences, what types of security access (if any) will be required, and you can monitor past and ongoing conferences in real time. Learn More

Other Features

Would you believe that there is even more? The reality is there will always be more because we don’t like to stop moving forward.

One of the least commonly used features, call blocking is also the last one that you want to fail. Fast, secure, and reliable call blocking from VirtualPBX is simple and effective. Just what you want to hear when you need to use it. Learn More

Toggle the designation of who is the current operator or admin, all from the convenience of the online web management system. Learn More

Routing all your calls through an internet connection while you’re traveling is one of the easiest cost-saving tricks available. Learn More

Save money on overhead by placing calls from your own toll-free phone number. Learn More

All seamlessly designed and available from the web, access on-going and historical information immediately. Check on call activity, callers waiting, employee phone activity, and more. Learn More

Similar to leveraging our tools for franchises, multi-stage dialing can provide a single outlet for a company with multiple businesses to all be housed under one virtual roof. Learn More

Find Out What the Buzz is All About

VirtualPBX Receives 2016 Best of San Francisco Award for TelecommunicationsOur telecommunications peers routinely honor us by highlighting our unwavering commitment to service as a standout in the hosted business communications industry. In fact, we have been one of the most stalwart holdouts in the offshoring of customer support and are proud to house our Customer Success Teams right here in the same offices as our engineers in Silicon Valley. Plus, you can always count on them to be available to you for free as a part of your VirtualPBX business phone system service agreement. So what are you waiting for? All of these features are the tools you need to boost your business communications to a new level. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be saving money each month and having our telecom experts to support you along the way!

Office Plans and Prices