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SIP Trunking

Connect Your Hardware PBX to the Cloud and Save

There are many businesses that continue to rely on an on-site PBX. Whether they do so to maintain complex call routing structures, custom integrations, or existing hardware – there is no obligation to pay traditional service providers to deliver call traffic. Much like a fully-fledged hosted PBX solution, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be used to deliver your physical PBX system’s call traffic over the internet with SIP Trunking. Because SIP Trunking allows you to use a service that you already pay for – your internet connection – to deliver call traffic, it is extremely cost-effective. It’s also extremely easy to set up. In just a few clicks, you can deploy your SIP Trunking solution. You’ve already done the heavy-lifting to configure your PBX system, start paying less and getting more from it today. New to SIP Trunking? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to further clarify this solution.

Save Money

Save Money

Pay less when you route calls over your internet connection.

99.999% Uptime

99.999% Uptime

Industry-leading reliability and system uptime.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Our Support Team is standing by 365 days/year.

Bring Your Existing Phone Numbers or Choose From Thousands of New Numbers

We’ve been providing phone service to businesses of all sizes for over 20 years. We understand how critical it is to maintain your primary business phone numbers so that your partners, employees, clients, and customers remain connected at all times. That’s why we provide a seamless process to port your existing numbers and instantly add new local, toll-free, and international numbers. VirtualPBX per minute rates on your inbound and outbound calls are also some of the lowest in the industry. Get a better idea of what your company’s monthly costs might be, get in touch with our team – we’re happy to put together a custom quote for you.

Monthly CostPort In Fee
Local Numbers$3.99$0.00
Toll-Free Numbers$3.99$0.00
International Numbers$19.99varies

SIP TrunkingDeploy SIP Trunking in an Instant

Our online interface makes it easy to connect your Avaya, Cisco, Shortel, and all other SIP-enabled PBXs so you can deploy SIP Trunking in an instant. Simply choose your provider and enter your static IP or SIP URI to get started. Should you need any help, our team is available, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year!

Cut Costs and Scale at Any Time

Local voice trunks and PRI lines are expensive, but luckily, they’re not the only option for companies looking to maintain an on-site PBX. SIP Trunking offers a much lower cost per minute for voice traffic and can often allow companies to consolidate communications providers. But perhaps the most attractive advantage is the ability to scale up or down with ease whenever you see fit.

  • SIP Trunking Plans from VirtualPBX start with 20 channels – allowing up to 20 concurrent calls at any time.
  • Need to scale up to add more channels during peak holiday traffic? No problem! Additional channels are available at $3.99/month each.
  • Each plan also includes 5 additional burstable channels, allowing you some extra margin during a burst of traffic.
  • Manage the usage of your channels with the help of our SIP Trunking experts who provide alerts and guidance when it’s time to scale.

Talk to Our Experts to Get Started

Have questions on how SIP Trunking works? Or perhaps you’re ready to get started with a no-obligation quote? Our SIP Trunking Experts are standing by to answer your questions and to help you start saving money on your call traffic. They can also help you determine if your network is ready for VoIP. Fill out the form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

Browse our SIP Trunking FAQs for commonly asked questions about this feature.