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VirtualPBX helps small businesses, midsize firms, and enterprises upgrade their communications services. Read about how clients use our VoIP Phone Plans and SIP Trunking.

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1st Classic Limos

1st Classic Limos provides limousine transportation to and from airports, charter rides for business and personal events, and wine country tours throughout San Francisco and the surrounding California area. It switched to VirtualPBX to save money and become more flexible during the COVID pandemic.

1st Classic Limos Case Study

Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc.

Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. began in 1986 as a family-run company dedicated to incorporating businesses in the state of Delaware. While they have been part of decades of business transformation – from index cards to Netscape, all the way up to today’s advanced internet and connected device offerings – their phone system had fallen behind schedule for its upgrade and switch to VoIP.

Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. Case Study

Collaborative Learning Solutions

Collaborative Learning Solutions serves educators across California, the U.S., and internationally to promote positive learning environments for marginalized youth. It's use of a VirtualPBX Phone Plan gives its staff the ability to work from home and in the classroom.

Collaborative Learning Solutions Case Study

Law Office of Stacy Jacob

Stacy Jacob, Esq., Attorney at Law has worked with VirtualPBX as her business phone provider since 2014. Jacob’s firm, the Law Office of Stacy Jacob, uses a full array of devices to stay connected with clients and maintain a consistent brand image whether calls are made from the office or remotely. Her firm’s practice of immigration, guardianship, matrimonial, and personal injury law have benefited immeasurably as a result.

Law Office of Stacy Jacob Case Study


The distributed team of TSELLC uses the VirtualPBX 300 plan to support its global base of operations while keeping costs at a minimum.

Team members use the VirtualPBX Automated Attendant and Voicemail features to route calls intelligently to different company departments and create points of contact for return calls when needed.

TSELLC Case Study

Advanced Call Reports

VirtualPBX customers involved in its Advanced Call Reports beta test were kind enough to participate in an internal survey about their experiences. Their willingness to become software early-adopters and their responses to the survey have been instrumental to the success and continued development of this tool.

We’d like to share some of those responses here and thank Nationwide Senior Plans and MESA Distributors for their help.

Advanced Call Reports Case Study

Apex Career Services

APEX Career Services works with clients on every continent. In the U.S., its human resources services and outplacement consultations stretch to all 50 states.

After eight years of consistent trouble with its former phone service provider, APEX Career Services switched to a VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan to better serve its existing clients and prospective customers.

Apex Career Services Case Study

Mind & Mill

Mind & Mill Case Study VideoMind & Mill hosts its advertising agency and Cowork space in Riverside, CA. The company's expansion in recent years saw its phone system struggle to keep pace, so VirtualPBX stepped in to help the organization grow.

Now inbound calls from customers route through the Automated Attendant to give Mind & Mill information about which type of service the caller wants to discuss.

Mind & Mill Case Study

Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems Case Study VideoVirtualPBX helped Persistent Systems relocate more than 350 employees by deploying its VirtualPBX Business Phone System alongside a mix of desk phones and conference phones.

At a pace of two new sites per month, Persistent Systems expanded its locations and allowed the VirtualPBX Phone System to link all its offices under a single phone account.

Persistent Systems Case Study

Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies a well-known chain of late-night bakeries, has rapidly expanded across the U.S. to 156 stores and counting. The chain's expansion continues with the help of VirtualPBX and a custom retail arrangement.

VirtualPBX deploys new phones to each new Insomnia Cookies location as they open. Each IP phones automatically connects to Insomnia's nation-wide company phone network through the VirtualPBX Business Phone Platform.

Insomnia Cookies Case Study

The Machine Tech

The Machine Tech migrated from the legacy VirtualPBX vConsole to its new business phone platform, Dash.

VirtualPBX Support played a key role in customizing the transition by helping configure Ring Groups to meet the exacting needs of the Machine Tech office manager.

The Machine Tech Case Study

The Marks Group

The Marks Group Logo

The Marks Group president, Gene Marks, and his distributed workforce take the VirtualPBX Business Phone System to its bare minimum with efficient use of Auto Attendant, Call Forwarding, and Voicemail.

By specializing in several enterprise-grade CRM applications, The Marks Group reaches beyond its bounds with a small workforce that knows its product well and handles its customer contact through efficient phone system use.

The Marks Group Case Study


TeleTracking LogoTeleTracking, an international healthcare technology company, uses VirtualPBX SIP Trunking service and global network of servers to help its clients -- healthcare providers -- better match patient needs with available resources like testing equipment and medicine.

VirtualPBX uses its network of international servers to make sure U.S. and U.K. call traffic remains on servers specific to their regions. This lets TeleTracking more easily manage hundreds of healthcare clients at once.

Teletracking Case Study

Silicon Valley Sellers

Help-U-Sell LogoSilicon Valley Sellers, a Help-U-Sell subsidiary, has improved its digital real estate experience by taking advantage of the VirtualPBX Email-to-Fax, Personalized Greetings, and Auto Attendant features.

These included phone system features let customers easily reach Help-U-Sell realtors by effectively routing calls to appropriate team members in the office and on mobile.

Silicon Valley Selelrs Case Study


MDGI LogoRead how Scott Mullins of MDGI upgraded to top-of-the-line Yealink phones to keep his geographically-dispersed team connected to customers.

The phone system is seamless. The tech you’re using shouldn’t be a comment on a call,” said Scott Mullins, MDGI President. “With others the tech gets in the way and there are a lot of excuses, with VirtualPBX it just works.

MDGI Case Study

Veteran Garage Door Service

Veteran Garage Door Service LogoVeteran Garage Door Service reaches more than 50 cities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. It provides high-quality garage door services to homes and businesses throughout the region.

VirtualPBX made it easy for the garage door installer to use local numbers in its advertising and automatically record calls. Simple playback, download, sorting, and management of recordings was there to assist future promotional endeavors.

Veteran Garage Door Service Case Study

American Court Services

American Court Services LogoAmerican Court Services serves workplaces, courts, and drug treatment providers throughout Ohio, conducting more than 40,000 drug tests annually.

It recently consolidated its call reporting and reduced its long-distance costs with a VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan. By switching from two service providers to one, American Court Services stabilized four office locations and prepared itself for additional growth without the threat of additional maintenance or hardware.

American Court Services Case Study

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