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Case Studies

A Software Developer Expands to 9 Cities in 6 Countries

Persistent SystemsPersistent Systems develops software for clients all over the globe. Recently, its contract with IBM expanded, so Persistent started the process of relocating more than 350 employees to nine buildings across six countries. VirtualPBX was there to help deploy its Dash Business Phone System alongside a mix of desk phones and conference phones — at least one for each employee — and keep pace with Persistent’s rollout schedule of two sites every month.

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An International Healthcare Software Developer Makes Sure “No Patient Waits”

TeleTrackingTeleTracking, an international healthcare technology company, develops some of the most comprehensive patient and resource tracking systems available today. Its clients — healthcare providers — utilize that hosted tracking software to better match patient needs with available resources like testing equipment and medicine. VirtualPBX provided its SIP Trunking service and global network of servers to make those clients’ connections to the cloud possible. Together, TeleTracking and VirtualPBX help healthcare providers upgrade their phone systems to be more flexible, powerful, and secure.

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Read How Silicon Valley Sellers Went Remote

Help-U-SellThe most successful and enduring businesses are those able to adapt to the ever-changing market. Being no exception, Silicon Valley Sellers, a Help-U-Sell subsidiary, has taken advantage of an increasingly digital real estate experience with a savvy strategy of their own, fueled by an advanced, mobile-ready business phone system. However, VirtualPBX was able to do more than just facilitate a digital move and save on expenses. By delivering Email to Fax, Personalized Greetings, and an Auto-Attendant that effectively routes existing clients, new buyers and sellers, and those with general questions to the right team members wherever they may be, Silicon Valley Sellers has completely streamlined their communication process.

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Read How VirtualPBX Eliminated Tech Excuses for MDGI

Staying in touch with your team and expertly facilitating client communications can be a challenge when all parties are in the room. Add several hundred miles in-between and you might have a real challenge – that is, if you’re not taking advantage of VoIP from VirtualPBX. Read how Scott Mullins of MDGI upgraded to top-of-the-line Yealink phones and made working with his geographically dispersed team as easy as if they were down the hall.

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More Case Studies

There are many ways in which you can use VirtualPBX to enhance and improve your business communications. The links below present some of the ways that our customers have taken advantage of the unique VirtualPBX service, particularly in contrast to using a traditional, copper-wire phone system.

Primed for Growth, Continued VirtualPBX Support

INKIRK employs competitively priced toll-free service, voicemail with email delivery, custom call routing, powerful web administration, virtual fax, and advanced ACD queues. No hidden fees.

Advertise in 50+ Cities with Local Numbers

Automatic call recording and tracking is easily accessed and helps pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of promotional endeavors for each city served by Veteran Garage Door Service.

Manage Four Autonomous Office Locations as One

Consolidated reporting, reduced long-distance costs, and a system prepared for additional growth as it comes without the threat of additional maintenance or hardware.