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Call Logs

You recently spoke to a potential client but forgot to mention our limited-time promotion. You can quickly call them back using VirtualPBX’s amazing VoIP feature for your convenience.

Calls Logs (or phone logs) are a part of most phone systems are often overlooked for how essential they are! Whenever you make or receive a call, rest assured that the number is saved in Call Logs for easy reference. Additionally, call logging software is one of the ways businesses can gather and store valuable statistical and technical data about their call center performance.

With this VirtualPBX feature, you can view complete call records and history, check online for any outgoing or incoming phone calls, and even check important caller details such as name, phone number, extension number, time/date, or even the duration of the phone call. 

Call Logs

Use Call Logs to Track Your Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Whether you are making or receiving calls, you want to make sure you have their contact information. Every time a call is made or received, that phone number is tracked in this call log feature, along with the time the call was made and whether it was incoming or outgoing.

This handy feature comes included with all VirtualPBX Phone Plans – Starter, Pro, Ultra, and Contact Center. 

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Retrieve Call Logs: Join us today!

We strive to enhance communication for your business. We’re confident that this feature enhances your business; we include it in all our plans for your benefit. Our plans are available in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico.