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Hot Desking

Awesome! You’re getting a new cycling/treadmill/mountain climbing desk installed today and have to work over in the Accounting area. VirtualPBX’s Hot Desking feature lets you log into your phone extension and use it from any workstation in your network, even your boss’ new lap-swimming desk!

Unlike the popular Follow Me Calling feature that is an intelligent and flexible way to automatically forward your calls to any of your chosen devices, Hot Desking is the way to stay connected when you have an unexpected change in your work station. Sometimes you need to relocate in your network or maybe you are stuck in the conference room/incubator all day hamming out solutions in a company hackathon, that doesn’t mean you don’t still need to be in touch.

Hot Desking

The Perfect Office Companion

Hot Desking lets you bounce from desk to desk and log into your VirtualPBX account to make wherever you land act as your regular desk phone. Take advantage of this feature wherever your desk is, be it in the office, at home, or at a local coffee shop. Log into your account wherever you are and boom, your virtual office is ready to go!

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This feature is included on Pro and Premier Plans.