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Hot Desking

VirtualPBX's Hot Desking feature lets you log into your phone extension and use it from any workstation in your network

Unlike the popular Follow Me Calling feature that is an intelligent and flexible way to automatically forward your calls to any of your chosen devices, Hot Desking is the way to stay connected when you have an unexpected change in your work station or when work stations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Instead of incoming calls searching for your current device or location, your team can share a fleet of devices and log into them when they arrive to work for the day.

Hot Desking

Get the Hot Desking Feature and Much More when You Signup with VirtualPBX

This feature is included on Ultra and Contact Center Plans. 

Hot Desking lets you bounce from desk to desk and log into your VirtualPBX account to make wherever you land act as your regular desk phone. Take advantage of this feature wherever your business has provided phones for use. Simply log in and calls will start routing to this location. Ready to pack it up for the day? Log back out and calls will stop routing to that phone. Hot Desking is ideal for businesses with shared spaces or flexible work schedules. Plus, all phone plans from VirtualPBX include even more VoIP features when you sign up today!