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Virtual Extension

Not every extension in your organization has a user associated with it, so why pay extra for a full user? Add Virtual Extensions and take advantage of unique end points in your phone system at a lower cost. Send and receive calls on your public area phones by creating Virtual Extensions. 

Below are some examples:

  • A self-serve phone in a reception area
  • Forwarding calls to a landline or mobile phone
  • Redirect calls to a conference room, breakroom, lab, warehouse, or common phone area

Save Money on User-Less extensions

Virtual Extensions are available on all business phone plans. How you choose to employ them is based on your business needs. Some customers choose to use Virtual Extensions as a “next action” in Ring Groups, as an option to broadcast Intercom messages to public areas, or to allow customers to place outbound calls without interfering in your important business operations. 

Virtual Extensions are available on all plans and cost $4.99/mo each.

A VoIP Device may be added to a Virtual Extension for $9.99/mo.

They are NOT users with logins and they do not include any features like follow-me calling, hot desking, ACD Queues Pro, voicemail, etc.

An extension may employ Call Recording when using AWS Recording, but not Basic Recording

Extensions may be assigned to a menu option on an auto-attendant or anywhere an “main call flow”.

By default, extensions will not failover back to the auto attendant and will be configured to not require a key press to be answered. It will be assumed voicemail on the forwarded landline or mobile phone will capture missed calls.

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