Communications Built for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations experience a heavy influx of patient calls and appointments and therefore are under constant pressure to have a streamlined communication method to make sure patients are having safe and secure conversations, as well as making sure the technology is capable of handling high call volumes. Plus, most healthcare organizations require HIPAA compliant VoIP or a HIPAA compliant virtual phone number. Therefore, patient care and satisfaction are at stake, and medical facilities can’t afford miscommunication.

Ensure all patient healthcare communications are confidential, clear, and routed to the correct medical professional with VirtualPBX. 

You can be up and running in just a few minutes!

HIPAA Compliant VoIP Features For Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare communications come with their own set of needs, but at the end of the day – they still need a clear and crisp connection to their patients with an easy-to-use interface. Here are just a few of the features your healthcare organization can take advantage of when signing up with VirtualPBX:

Healthcare Communications: HIPAA Compliant VoIP and HIPAA Compliant Virtual Phone Numbers

Safe HIPAA Compliant VoIP Communications for Healthcare Communications

We are proud to say we are a HIPAA compliant VoIP provider and are working our way quickly to being HIPAA Certified. We take confidentiality and federal regulations like HIPAA seriously, and that is why we are happy to speak to our customers to both walk them through what it means to have a HIPAA compliant virtual phone number, as well as to help them make sure their customer and patient information is secure.

Streamline Your Healthcare Communications with VirtualPBX

From our award-winning features, our safe and secure HIPAA compliant VoIP communications system, and affordable and customizable plans, why not try VirtualPBX? Schedule a meeting with our healthcare communications specialists and get started today with a free quote!

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