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Dash Business Phone System Interface

Local, International, and Toll Free Phone Numbers

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Just as a URL is the first step to having an online presence, phone numbers are the foundation of all of your business communications.

Phone Numbers for All Your Business Needs

The telephone number is the first and most essential ingredient for building a business. VirtualPBX has one of the largest databases of local, international, vanity and toll-free business phone numbers available for you to choose from. Already have a number you love? We also have the technology to let you use an existing number in a way you never even knew existed.

There’s so much more that a VirtualPBX telephone system can do than provide business phone numbers. Compare plans for free local and toll-free numbers and see how we can best meet your business phone system needs. Each plan comes with at least three local or toll-free numbers.

Choose Your Plan
Small Business
Custom Voice Solutions

user/month for 1-10 users

$ ־־


  • 3 Toll-Free or Local Numbers
    Bundle Toll-Free or Local Numbers
  • Unlimited Local Minutes
    Custom Local Minutes
  • Business SMS
    Custom Toll-Free Minutes
  • ACD Queues (Standard)
    Custom Call Flows
  • Free VirtualPBX Softphone App
    Custom Integrations
SIP Trunking

user/month for 1-10 users

$ ־־


  • 5 Toll-Free or Local Numbers
    $4.99 Toll-Free or Local Numbers
  • Unlimited Local Minutes
    Plans Start with 10 Channels
  • 1,000 Toll-Free Minutes
    5 Burstable Channels Included
  • Call Recording and ACD Queues Pro
    Add Channels for $4.99
  • Webhooks and API Integrations
    Dedicated Servers Start at $49.99
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
Custom Plans

user/month for 1-10 users

$ ־־

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  • 10 Toll-Free or Local Numbers
    Perfect for Call Centers
  • Unlimited Local Minutes
    Custom Integrations
  • 2,500 Toll-Free Minutes
    Microsoft Teams
  • Advanced Call Reports
    Live Wallboards
  • Live Wallboards
    CRM Integration
  • Microsoft Teams Integration

* Additional users cost less and you can save even more by paying annually. Build Your Plan to see the most accurate pricing for your business.

Finding the Right Business Phone Numbers

Not only does VirtualPBX make picking a new number as simple as literally clicking “add new telephone number” from your Dash portal, but you can also keep your existing phone numbers without any hassle at all, too! Porting (which is industry-speak for transferring numbers into and out of a PBX system) used to require the help of an engineer, but on your Dash system you can do it yourself with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Local Numbers: Whether you’re opening a new business or expanding into a new territory, having a local number is a crucial first step.
  • Vanity and Toll-Free Numbers: Good customer service is the pillar around which you can build your reputation. Start that effort off right by saving your customers money with toll-free phone numbers and broadening your reach at the same time. Options include true 1-800 Numbers and 866, 877, and 888, too.
  • International Phone Numbers: The barriers that stood in the way of expanding globally are gone. Now you can gain an international presence without the costs associated with new, international offices. By using international numbers in over 40 countries from VirtualPBX, you can tap into new markets before your competitors.

Have an Existing Number?

Having long-standing, catchy phone numbers is irreplaceably valuable for your company. Don’t think that just because your telephone number is from the Carter administration that your phone technology has to be, too! These valuable tools are available for you and your existing number through a cloud-based telephone system from VirtualPBX.Business Phone Numbers

  • Porting Numbers: Maintain your presence by porting your existing local, toll-free, international, and vanity phone numbers into your VirtualPBX business phone plan.
  • DID Numbers: Direct Inward Dialing Numbers are phone numbers that bypass any queue or receptionist and go directly to any user you’d like. This is great for a direct line to critical suppliers, high-profile clients, or even just for sales representatives working with your company’s leads.
  • Multiple Main Numbers: These are ideal for businesses that operate multiple businesses, product lines, or locations and want to distinguish traffic levels and operations distinctly. Manage multiple numbers and plug them into call flows easily.
  • DNIS Numbers: Dialed Number Identification Service numbers are the secret weapons for businesses looking to maximize the impact of their promotional and advertising efforts. By tagging telephone numbers with info that connects them to the intent of the caller, your agents have the power to wow your customers right out of the gate.

“Local” includes the United States of America (50 states including Alaska and Hawaii as well as Puerto Rico), Canada, and Mexico.