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Call Masking with Verified Caller ID

Introducing the game-changing concept of call masking with verified caller ID – a revolutionary telecommunications solution that keeps you and your employees connected no matter where you are! With this feature, you can make calls from your personal phone while showing your business caller ID, enabled you to safeguard your personal information. This isn’t just a solution; it’s a must-have tool for field sales representatives and any professional that doesn’t want to sacrifice public image for productivity. 

Call Masking with Verified Caller ID

What is a Verified Caller ID?

When making business calls from your personal phone, you don’t want to just hide your phone number. I mean, who is answering anonymous calls anyway? Instead, when call masking, select one of the legitimate phone numbers your business is already using. Not only does this let callers know who is calling, it also gives them a way to call you back. 

A verified caller ID confirms the authenticity of your call because it simply borrows the caller ID from the existing, business phone numbers on your account.

Toll Free Phone Numbers on Business Phone Plans

Example: Let Field Agents or Non-Profit Volunteers Use Your Main Business Number

In these scenarios, your organization allows individuals operating in the field or volunteers to make calls on behalf of your business using the official phone number while keeping their personal numbers confidential.

Call masking ensures that sensitive contact details remain shielded, preserving both the security of your team and the continuity of your business communications. This approach not only streamlines the outreach process but also safeguards the privacy of your volunteers and employees. Beyond security, the solution is extremely simple to setup, meaning your representatives can start calling right away, making it a win-win situation for both your organization and those representing it in the field. 

Call Masking Example

Use Call Masking with Verified Caller ID and More with VirtualPBX

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