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Add-Ons to Your Business Phone Plan

Supercharge your business communication with our Add-Ons – optional enhancements designed to elevate your phone plan and tailor it to your unique needs, ensuring you stay connected and efficient in every aspect of your operations. These options are available to enable right from your VirtualPBX dashboard!

  • Advanced Call Reports
  • Dynamic Caller ID
  • Multiple Auto Attendants
  • VirtualText Forward

Advanced Call Reports

Get better insights into your call activity and team member performance with Advanced Call Reports. Create your own custom reports or choose from a library of pre-made reports ranging from Call Center Agent Performance Reports to Time-Based Reports and more. 

Starter Plan: Unavailable
Flex Plan: $99/mo Add-On

Pro Plan: $99/mo Add-On

Premier Plan: Included

Dynamic Caller ID

Effortlessly manage multiple businesses, products, or sales regions with Dynamic Caller ID. Tailor your outbound caller ID, aligning it with the specific phone number assigned to your unique scenarios. Present a professional and personalized touch in all your communications.

  • Enter on the fly with Feature Codes
  • Create rules based on area code dialed
  • Write custom rules with RegEx
Starter Plan: $29.99/mo Add-On
Flex Plan: $29.99/mo Add-On

Pro Plan: Included

Premier Plan: Included

Dynamic Caller ID Add-On

Multiple Auto Attendants

While all VirtualPBX business phone plans include a single Auto Attendant, some businesses require additional menu structures for their callers. Whether you’re using Multiple Auto Attendants on separate phone numbers or need multi-level Auto Attendants to create a decision tree, this Add-On grants up to 20 additional Auto Attendants. 

Starter Plan: $29.99/mo Add-On
Flex Plan: $29.99/mo Add-On

Pro Plan: Included

Premier Plan: Included

PBX Portal Login

VirtualText Forward

Your customers may be trying to text your business phone number today! Even though your business may not be ready to deploy text messaging, VirtualText Forward gives you options to forward inbound text messages so you never miss an opportunity.

  • Forward inbound text messages to an email address
  • Forward inbound text messages to a webhook – this option allows you to further automate next actions in tools like Zapier, Make, and IFTTT (for example, attach text messages to customer records in your CRM with a follow-up task).
Starter Plan: $4.99/mo Add-On
Flex Plan: Included

Pro Plan: Included

Premier Plan: Included

Text Forward

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Small business choose VirtualPBX for superior customer support and reliable, customizable business phone service. Add-Ons are no exception. If you’re not yet a VirtualPBX customer, get started by choosing the business phone plan that best fits your needs and your Add-Ons plans right here! Once you’re in your new account, these Add-Ons will be available for you to toggle on.