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Do Not Disturb (DND)

VirtualPBX simplifies taking a break by enabling one-touch Do Not Disturb toggling directly from your VoIP phone.

VirtualPBX’s Do Not Disturb mode provides the ease of modern technology that can integrate with all your business gadgets. Also known as DND, when a user or a device activates this feature, it directs all calls into that user’s preset call flow. While voicemail represents the most common option, employees can prescribe anything from Follow Me Calling to directing the call straight to voicemail.

This feature includes all of the best VoIP phones on the market. Unlike some other hosted telecom options that prevent the function of many on-phone commands, VirtualPBX’s system has the power and security to allow commands right from your handset. Now, switching into Do Not Disturb mode is as easy as pressing the “DND” button right on your receiver. An icon appears when DND is on, and changing it is as easy as pushing a button.

Do Not Disturb Feature

Seamless Integration with Do Not Disturb Mode

Explore the unmatched ease of VirtualPBX’s Do Not Disturb mode, seamlessly integrated with all your business tools. This cutting-edge feature, also known as DND, enables you to take charge of your call flows, customizin incoming calls to align exactly with your choices. From forwarding to voicemail to using Follow Me Calling, the choice is entirely yours.

With VirtualPBX’s robust support for the best VoIP phones on the market, you retain complete control right from your handset. Unlike some other hosted telecom options that impose restrictions, our system offers unmatched power and security, aiding easy command performance from your device. Engaging Do Not Disturb mode is now as easy as pressing the dedicated “DND” button on your receiver, at once turning on a visible icon. Toggle this feature at your ease, empowering yourself to reach new heights of efficiency easily.

Maximize Efficiency with Do Not Disturb Mode

Take full advantage of VirtualPBX’s Do Not Disturb feature, which is available on all business phone plans. With this advanced VoIP technology at your disposal, you can unlock a wealth of potential for your business.

Begin a life-changing journey towards enhanced ease by signing up for VirtualPBX. Embrace the freedom to pause incoming phone calls and other business notifications, allowing you to reclaim control over your time and productivity. Incorporate the invaluable “Do Not Disturb” feature into your VoIP atools and witness noticeable improvement in your business’s overall performance. With VirtualPBX business phone plans and advanced features, you’re set to boost your efficiency, accomplish more, and improve your business like never before.