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Do Not Disturb

VirtualPBX makes it simple to take a break with the ease of one-touch Do Not Disturb toggling right from your VoIP Phone.

VirtualPBX’s Do Not Disturb feature offers the convenience of modern technology that can be integrated with all your business gadgets. When DND is on for an extension, all calls go right into that extension owner’s defaulted call flow. Anything from Follow Me Calling to directing the call straight to voicemail can be prescribed by the employee.

This feature includes all of the best VoIP phones on the market. Unlike some other hosted telecom options that prevent the function of many on-phone commands, VirtualPBX’s system has the power and security to allow commands right from your handset. Now, switching into Do Not Disturb mode is as easy as pressing the “DND” button right on your receiver. An icon appears when DND is on, and toggling it is as easy as pushing a button.

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To get started with that latest in VoIP technology and to enjoy to the modern convenience of taking a “pause” from phone calls and other business notification, sign up for VirtualPBX and be sure to incorporate Do Not Disturb into your artillery of features.

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