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VoIP Speed

Even the best hosted phone systems require a proper network connection to bring the high-quality service you expect. To properly evaluate your broadband connection, a VoIP speed test will quickly and accurately provide a glimpse of your system’s bandwidth and line quality. With a VoIP speed and quality test, you can expect to see what your current upload and download speeds are during moment you run the test.

Free VoIP speed test

Achieving Top VoIP Speeds

A VoIP speed test is a great first step, but then what? If your upload speeds are less than 80 kilobytes per second, it’s likely you will experience call quality issues when a single call is taking place. For two concurrent calls, you may experience call quality issues with upload speeds less than 160kbps, for three concurrent calls, 240kbps, and so on. Then how does that number change when you factor in your company’s internet browsing, streaming services, or WiFi activity? Every group’s network usage varies, but the below is a good starting point in understanding how your bandwidth is used. To account for fluctuations, we’ve allotted a 20% buffer in the calculations below.

Bandwidth (Upload Speed) Bandwidth used by Internet Browsing Bandwidth Remaining
for VoIP
Maximum Number Of Concurrent Calls
500 kbps 260 kbps (1 user) 140 kbps 1 call
1 mbps 510 kbps (2 users) 280 kbps 2 calls
5 mbps 2.8 mbps (11 users) 1.2 mbps 11 calls
10 mbps 5.6 mbps (22 users) 2.4 mbps 22 calls
30 mbps 16.8 mbps (66 users) 7.2 mbps 66 calls

Don’t Meet The Requirements? We’re Here to Help

No two businesses are identical and neither are any two networks that they rely on. Even when companies experience similar distortions on their hosted voice traffic, it’s likely that each disruption has a different cause that’s specific to that company’s network. VirtualPBX corrects network inefficiencies by being able to accurately diagnose the precise causes of a company’s challenges. VirtualPBX delivers the most advanced diagnostics, corrections, and ongoing support to ensure business communications networks are optimized to exacting specifications – even if you’re not a VirtualPBX business phone system customer. Additionally and beyond simple network analysis, VirtualPBX can also provide comprehensive, around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of your network. This is ideal for either critical communications periods or, for some businesses with high call volume and an equally high reliance on it, 24-hour monitoring can be conducted in perpetuity. Because all of these services are unique to the company for which they are conducted, they also all begin and end with a close partnership. VirtualPBX engineering professionals listen carefully, ask clear and pointed questions, and are motivated to deliver your company’s ideal network conditions. You’ve already taken the first step by discovering if your network meets minimum VoIP requirements. We’re here to help for the next step – network troubleshooting.

Network Troubleshooting

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