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VoIP Encryption

Keep Conversations Private with SRTP VoIP Encryption

Some aspects of your business are meant to be public. This includes your business hours, how to contact your team, and how well you treat your customers. But transparency when it comes to your customer’s conversations or private information is certainly not meant to be public. For industries where SRTP VoIP encryption (Yealink SRTP) is mandatory, or for companies looking to add an extra layer of security, that’s where we come in.

Setting up VoIP encryption for your users is simple and it begins and ends with the devices they’re using. System administrators can log into our easy to use dashboard, select the user and then their device(s), and elect to encrypt the audio with SRTP. Encrypting your VoIP devices will scramble the audio, making it impossible to decipher.

VoIP Encryption

Your Devices: Cisco, Polycom, Yealink SRTP

Once you have enabled SRTP at the device level, it’s time to verify the settings within your device itself. In most cases, such as with Yealink SRTP, this requires you to set an SRTP setting to “true.” Most modern VoIP phones will even display a message in the LCD display indicating that “this call is encrypted” when SRTP is enabled. But the best part is that if you ever have questions about setting up VoIP encryption, our team is available 24/7 to assist you.

SRTP encrypts VoIP calls, and it’s just the beginning. All VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans offer features that enhance your business. You can manage incoming call routing, greetings, and group options, or elevate your experience with integration options such as Zapier, Microsoft Teams, our API, and more. VirtualPBX has operated for over twenty years, providing the industry’s best customer service.

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