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Voicemail Boxes

Dynamic Voice Mail Boxes (Virtual Voicemail Box or PBX Voicemail) provide a virtual voicemail system that allows you to set greetings, send voicemail messages and transcriptions to email inboxes, and wire up integrations for storage and notifications.

Virtual Voicemail boxes (voice mail or voicemail to text) can be completely separated from the individual user and placed instead behind a DID, Auto Attendant, Ring Group, or ACD Queue. This allows limitless options for handling messages when your team can’t get to the phone. Paired with Customizable Greetings, callers receive professional treatment and your team’s options to follow-up have never been simpler with pbx voicemail.

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Send Voicemails to Email: Audio Files and Transcripts

Sometimes checking a voice mail on your phone isn’t enough. A dynamic Voicemail Box delivers voicemail to your email, can heard on any device you set your account to, and even offers automatic transcription of your voicemails for those times when you need to check your voicemail but can’t listen in. 

Voicemail and Transcripts are available on Pro, Ultra, and Contact Center Plans.

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Virtual Voice mail Boxes Means Customizable Integrations

As you may expect, Voice Mail with VirtualPBX allows callers to dial-in, and if the person, Ring Group, or other designated destination is not available, plays a message and then lets the caller leave a message.

Amazon AWS Private Storage
But what to do with a voicemail that has been left? Many companies, especially those who must satisfy HIPAA regulations, may need to restrict where voicemails are stored. Our Amazon AWS Private Storage Integration sends all of your voicemail messages to your AWS account. This restricts the capacity for voicemails to be stored on your system or sent to employee email addresses.

Want to create a ticket in your support system for voicemails received after hours? How about creating a deal in your CRM for callers to your sales team? Or a notification in your company chat whenever a voice mail is left by a VIP customer? Webhooks and Zapier Integrations provide a payload of data about your voicemail messages that can be plugged directly into your custom automations and manipulated to create a near infinite follow-up tasks, feed reporting tools, and more. 

VirtualPBX Integrations

Elevate Your Business PBX Voicemail Today

Get this voice mail (including voicemail to text) feature and more by signing up with VirtualPBX. Getting started is quick and easy. You can be using voicemail and more VoIP features in a matter of minutes!

Let us show you the transformative impact VirtualPBX can have on your contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction with a free demo! We’ll cover Live Dashboards, custom queue options, Call Tagging, and more, followed by a quote for your business.