Plan Comparison

VirtualPBX has a rare combination of technology that can accommodate everything from multi-national enterprise call centers all the way to the single entrepreneur who is ready to bring the next big idea to the world. Dash, too, has the unique combination of knowing what ingredients of an enterprise business phone system to include in the ultimate, one-stop unified communications solutions for modern small and medium businesses. Maybe you don’t believe that such a clean and intuitive system as Dash can really be that powerful? No sweat, this virtual phone system comparison shows just a few facets of how Dash stacks up.

Dash Plans: 2-99 Users

Dash Interface

1,000 Plan Minutes + 300 Minutes/User
Toll-Free and Local Minutes use Plan Minutes
Conferencing and Faxing use Plan Minutes
Unlimited VoIP Minutes Between System Users
Self Services Number Transfers (Porting)
Fully Supported Hardware Features
1 Metered VoIP Device per User Included
e911 Device Fee Included in Price
1 Local/Toll-Free Number Included
Mobile Softphone Compatible
Call Log Reports
Ring Groups
Blind & Attended Transfers
Call Blasting
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$14.99 User/mo with Annual Payment

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Office Plans: 2-19 Lines

vConsole Interface

Unlimited Local Minutes to the Continental U.S.
1,000 Toll-Free Minutes
1,000 Conference Minutes
1,000 Outbound Fax Pages
Assisted Service Number Transfers (Porting)
Limited Support on Hardware Features
Metered VoIP Devices cost $4.99/mo
$1.99/mo e911 Device Fee
2 Local/Toll-Free Numbers Included
Mobile Softphone Compatible
Call Log Reports
ACD Queues
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$24.99 Line/mo with Annual Payment

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No Extra Hardware

When dealing with traditional phone systems, companies must buy hardware in order to get up and running. Should your business require an auto-attendant, for instance, you need to purchase the PBX equipment, phone switches, or hosted systems with auto-attendants and shell out money for the installation, but the costs don’t stop there. What if you need to add another auto-attendant in a separate location down the road? Well, you’ll be paying for the hardware again. And that’s just one example. Traditional phone systems require new hardware and installs for nearly everything that is added to the system.

Not so with VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol allows users the freedom to switch around their phone system whenever they choose without having to buy more hardware or pay for additional installations. Whether you choose Dash or Office in your virtual phone system comparison, changes, adds, drops, auto-attendants, and call centers can all be processed online in real time without the need for additional costs.