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Follow Me

Follow Me Calling lets you pre-set a sequence of devices to ring in the order you decide so you never have to miss a call again.

Follow Me Calling is one of the most remarkable phone number redirect features of VirtualPBX. First popularized in the original VirtualPBX hosted phone systems for business, Follow Me Calling has a fresh look and streamlines call forwarding functionality on our platform.

Follow Me Calling invites users to input additional telephone numbers and devices using the Device Manager feature to their extension that will be used as alternate locations for them to do their work. When an employee moves from their desk to a lunch meeting or even if she is working at home that day, an inbound call to her office number can find her at any of those locations with Call Blasting, all without requiring her to reveal her private contact information to callers.

Follow Me Calling

Because VirtualPBX Phone Service is a flexible cat, users can edit all of the variables in Follow Me Calling, too. Everything from the sequence of the numbers forwarded to how long each one rings before it is passed over for the next line can be tweaked and tailored to fit your needs. Additionally, using the clean, intuitive interface lets you even begin with a “Blast Call” that will ring all of your devices at once before entering into the rotation of finding you.

Be Available Everywhere With Our Phone Number Redirect Feature

No matter where you’re working from, once you hit quitting time you can hop into your account and disable the forwarding so that you’re only interrupted at home or on the road by the business calls when you want to be. We know how important your time is, we’ve got your back.

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This feature is included on all Business Phone Plans.

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