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VirtualText Pro

Get More Out of Business Marketing Efforts with Text Messaging

Did you know SMS has a 98% open rate? Or that 60% of customers read their texts 1-5 minutes after receiving them? The opportunities that await your business in the world of text message marketing are huge and VirtualText Pro is your gateway to make them happen. VirtualText Pro offers features like:

  • Manage Contact Lists to segment your contacts based on their relationship to your business
  • Send immediately or schedule Blasts to your contact lists with promotions or event follow-ups
  • Drip Campaigns will engage new customers with your business and services
  • Schedule Reminders for appointments, events, or key customer milestones
VirtualText Pro: Text Message Marketing with Local Numbers

Contact Lists

Jack signed up for Product A, Jill signed up for Product B, and [unknown inbound texter] Abandoned Their Cart. don't send them the same messages!

Send the right messages to the right contacts when you use Contact Lists inside VirtualText Pro. Organize your lists to coordinate marketing efforts and even use Auto-Subscribe Keywords to let the Contact Lists take care of themselves!

VirtualText Pro Contact Lists

Send Messages to an Entire Contact List with Blasts

Blasts are perfect for your next promotion or product launch. Send Blasts to your Contact Lists – send one or schedule an entire years worth of messages right from your VirtualText Pro dashboard!

  • Easily review all Blasts: Drafts, Scheduled, In Progress, and Sent Messages
  • Send SMS or MMS Blasts
  • Customize messages using Merge Fields like your contact’s name
  • Send Blasts to one Contact List or multiple
Blasts are an effective method to engage customers, drive conversions, and enhance customer satisfaction. With VirtualText Pro, sending and reviewing Blasts is quick and simple. 
VirtualText Pro Blasts

Create Drip Campaigns with VirtualText Pro

Sometimes one message doesn’t quite do the trick. A welcome series of messages for a new customer onboarding for example, delivers bite-sized pointers to get up and running  –much more effective than giving the customer too much all at once. 

Like Blasts, Drips can include MMS or SMS messages and let you take advantage of Merge Fields. Unlike Blasts, Drips allow you to see the full series of messages as a group with intervals in minutes, hours, or days so you can send your messages with just the right timing and in the perfect order. 

VirtualPBX Pro Drips

Boost Attendance By scheduling reminders

Sending reminders via text message ensure that customers receive timely notifications about upcoming appointments, payment due dates, or important events. The convenience and immediacy of text messages make it more likely for customers to take immediate action or make necessary arrangements – boosting attendance. 

In VirtualText Pro, you can specify the exact time for your reminder and view your upcoming reminders in a convenient calendar, so if things change, updating your customers is simple. Leveraging text messages for reminders helps streamline operations, reduce no-shows, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

VirtualText Pro Reminders

Market with VirtualText Pro Today!

Get the word out about your business with Contact Lists, Blasts, Drips, and Reminders on VirtualText Pro! 

  • VirtualText Pro is available on Ultra Plans as a $99/mo add on 

Our team is standing by to make sure your campaigns are a success with included onboarding and 24/7 support.