It’s a Real Time World

We get a lot of useful information from our customers about how, when, and where they use their VirtualPBX phone systems. Listening to stories about how mobility and reliability are indispensable for our business partners has what led us to develop product like Dash or features like Follow Me Calling in the first place. Furthermore, once we learned how people were using Dash after we launched it, it was clear that we should begin offering an unlimited minutes option, which we did with Dash Unlimited. The point is that wherever there’s a need for our customers, we want to fill it with a solution. And in a world where every bit of information is available to us in seemingly real time, what we did next seemed like a no-brainer.

Stay Up to Date With Your Activity

Starting today, all VirtualPBX Dash and Dash Unlimited customers will begin waking up to a real time update on their previous day’s account activity. Updated each morning at 7:00 AM PST, all of the previous day’s minutes used will be available for anyone on the account to view. Of course, no VirtualPBX feature roll-out would be complete without the ability to customize them to your exact specifications. That being the case, administrators on the account have the option of selecting which employees have access to the daily updates.

Real Time VoIP

Never Slowing Down

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know that we like to keep tinkering with our products and building new ones almost nonstop. This latest update is, of course, just another result of that tried and true approach to improvement. To keep you up to date on all of the latest information and product releases in real time, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or sign-up for our Product Newsletter here.

Feature Comparison: Follow Me Calling vs Hot Desking

Business TravelFor over 200,000 employees of businesses across the globe, the VirtualPBX suite of features is an irreplaceable tool for their day-to-day operations. For millions more, though, they may not even realize how a hosted telephone system can benefit them. For these folks, and for those who haven’t tried each and every one of our terrific features, we have this feature comparison on Follow Me Calling vs Hot Desking.

Forward and Receive Calls To Anywhere

In a nutshell, both Hot Desking and Follow Me Calling are emblematic of the true advantage of a virtual telephone system in that they are both ways to work from anywhere. Being tethered to an onsite PBX prevents employees from traveling with the flexibility that comes from a hosted communications solution, and both of these features free businesses from those types of restrictions. But there are a couple of distinct differences between the two features that make them appropriate for different types of situations.

Where are You Going to Be?

This is a question that some mobile employees or digital nomads can never answer with confidence, but it’s also the crux of determining which advanced call forwarding system is right for you. Follow Me Calling allows an employee to program a cascading series of numbers (up to 8 different locations or devices) to ring sequentially in order to find where they are at. This is great for employees who generally know all of the places they might be at, even if they aren’t sure when they’ll be there.

Conversely, Hot Desking allows employees to assign any phone in the world to be their current “desk phone” even if they had no intention of being there for the moment. The benefit of Hot Desking is that an employee can assign as many different numbers in a day as he or she wants and they can continue to bounce around to wherever their work takes them.

Tip of the Iceberg

Whether you’re a Follow Me Calling devotee or are more into the idea of Hot Desking, the results are the same- VirtualPBX gives you the power to work on your schedule, on your terms, and on your turf. Even if that turf happens to be the airport hotel in Atlanta because your flight got pushed back a day. The best thing is that these two unique features are just a pair of the dozens of ways that a VirtualPBX communications platform can help you do your best work, from wherever you need to be doing it.

For a complete list of all of VirtualPBX’s great features, visit our benefits section. And for more tips on how to work on the go, be sure to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for the latest useful information for business travel.

Margin for Error – How Dash Solves Your Commute

Margin for Error on a CommuteBusiness has always been a place for some close calls and narrow margins for success, but since the advent of the mobile web, the pace of business has only increased, while the margins are getting slimmer. With such a decrease in the standard margin for error in what seems like every aspect of business operations, it’s wise to find ways to mitigate risk at any possible opportunity. No margin for error is riper for widening quite like the hours workers spend commuting each week.

Giving Back on the Ground

No matter how it is that you commute, there will inevitably be delays that are outside of your control. Trains, ferries, cars, buses, and I’m sure even the rare few helicopter commuters in places like New York City or Rio de Janeiro all face their unique complications from time to time. For each one of these commuters who experiences a delay, there is also a unique set of challenges that is created at work, too. This isn’t ever the case, though, for employees who have access to advanced telecommunications systems like Dash from VirtualPBX.

Unlimited Freedom to Work

With the award-winning interface of Dash and the ubiquity of the mobile web, virtually any employee can access their entire business communications network from almost anywhere in the world. Furthermore, with nearly universal device compatibility, there aren’t any limitations on what hardware they use to do it. That’s a lot of options, of course, but it’s also just the beginning. Between these options and the power-packed features built for the largest enterprises and configured to fit even the needs of a company of one, Dash gives employees the flexibility to overcome a lot more than a simple traffic jam. For example, Follow Me Calling is the best way to forward your calls without ever having to know where you’ll be or to what device you’ll be on because it can be programed to ring all of them at once or literally follow you through a preset sequence of numbers. Additionally, Auto Attendant allows you to have a tireless presence to professionally greet your callers and get them to where they need to go, whether you’ve made it into the office or not!

Getting Started is Easy

If you’ve decided that you want to add a little buffer room into your life to increase your margin for error, or at least your margin for scheduling, then you’re ready to take the steps necessary to get on Dash. Fortunately, there aren’t that many! Start by taking your own, personalized, free private tour of the VirtualPBX platform and decide what your ideal hosted PBX system looks like. Until then feel free to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more tips on how to shave time out of your commute and increase your margin for error.

Bus Bridge – Solve Commuting with Telecommuting

Bus Bridges and TelecommutingBus Bridge. These two words have the power to strike fear into the hearts of all railway commuters everywhere. This means that, for whatever reason, there is a portion of track that cannot be traversed with the typical comfort and speed of a train car and that the passengers on board will need to disembark for a game of Hurry-Up-And-Wait. The wait game is no joke in this scenario because, as you might be able to guess, the amount of passengers that can fit on one bus is slightly less than can fit onto a train. Plus add into the mix a bunch of folks with bikes or bulky luggage for an airport trip, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a lot of late arrivals and missed meetings.

Always RSVP Yes

You don’t have to be a telecommuter to benefit from the tools that telecommuting uses. Specifically, having a remotely hosted business telephone system means you can have all of the functionality of the office’s full-fledged enterprise network anywhere you can get an internet connection. Furthermore, with plans like Dash Unlimited that come with unlimited minutes for you and your team to use however they see fit, when you confirm your attendance to a meeting, you can be secure knowing that you’ll always make it.

Tip of the Telecommuting Iceberg

With a comprehensive virtual telecommunications solution like Dash, companies that switch from a traditional phone system do much more than save on their most important operating expense. Switching to Dash is the first step in adopting unified communications as a pivotal part of their business communications strategy.

After learning exactly how much the integrations and compatibilities of a hosted solution have to offer, nothing will compare to a unified communications solution again. Plus, with the cost benefits being as impressive as the possibilities inherent in a cloud-based system, there really is no reason to delay in making the switch. Start now by taking a free demo of VirtualPBX’s award-winning VoIP platform and learn how to maximize your communications on the good commutes, the bad commutes, and everything between.

Infographic – Spring Cleaning Your Communications

Even though some of the erratic weather patterns we have would suggest otherwise, it is actually springtime. That means a lot of things, but most notably that it’s time to think about some of that eponymous cleaning frenzy that we all know so well. If you’re anything like the millions of businesses still struggling to justify the headaches and expenses of a traditional, on-site PBX phone system, you have a few extra things to tidy up. Take a look at these spring cleaning tips for your business communications and learn what a clean, streamlined business phone system like Dash can do for you.Spring Cleaning Business Communications

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