Fall In Love With VoIP

Valentine's Day Fall In Love With VoIPLet’s just get a couple of things out of the way right now. First, guys if you don’t know, Valentine’s Day is one week after the Super Bowl. Use the big game as a reminder and don’t forget it, trust me on this one. Second, as much as you are going to enjoy the way VirtualPBX can improve your work life, it will do nothing for your love life. To be clear, gifting VoIP to your significant other will probably hurt things at home, but I’m not about to discourage you from trying. Judgment-free zone.

Now that we covered those two items, we’re ready to hop into what will surely be the best decision you ever made; the day you decided to make it official and commit to VoIP for your business!

  • Trust is the Foundation – With operational downtime reduced to nearly non-existent times, VirtualPBX is the business partner you can trust.
  • Willing to Grow – Because all of the features on VirtualPBX VoIP plans are hosted in the cloud, there is no resistance to change when it’s time to grow your system.
  • Anticipates Your NeedsFollow Me Calling assures that even if you have unexpected travels, your telephone system can bring your office with you.
  • There For You When You Need It – With award-winning Support located right here in sunny California, you know that VirtualPBX is in it for the long haul.

No matter what you’re looking for in a business partner, VirtualPBX has the flexibility, the willingness, and the character of one you can trust. We’re a family here at VirtualPBX and we treat each one of our customers just as they were one of us. At the pillar of our core values is the immutable commitment to doing the right thing, so if you think we’re taking this “partner” analogy a bit far, I can assure you that we couldn’t possibly take it far enough.

To remind you one more time before we close, enjoy the game this weekend, but please remember to pre-order some flowers or something. Also, while you’re at it, set-aside a couple of minutes to explore what else (besides a fulfilling and reliable partner, of course) VirtualPBX’s hosted telephone service can offer your business this Valentine’s Day.

Super Bowl Hangover

Super Bowl L makes work from home a need for businessI know, the big game hasn’t even been played yet, what am I talking about a hangover for? Because here in the Bay Area the Super Bowl actually seemed to begin about three weeks ago. Everything from skyscraper-sized sponsor spots to a crop of concerts, tapings, and events has driven much of already congested veins of traffic on the peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose to a decisive, grinding halt. Granted that for an area of sports fans as ravenous as the Bay Area, this is a fine problem to have, while the myriad sideshows of the Super Bowl rage on, the impact that they have on the day-to-day of the bustling local economy is significant. That’s why, even now well in advance of kickoff, Super Bowl L is already beginning to feel like a party that we’ve stayed too long at.

Employee Benefits

If there’s one thing that business in San Francisco is known for, it’s for being progressive. From the notoriously casual work attire to the much reported-on perks and lifestyle integrations like dog-friendliness and ping-pong, startup culture is hallmarked by as much leisure as venture capital. So it’s no surprise when the first reports of Super Bowl work hours and office schedules began to surface. Even the older, stuffier industries in the Financial District of San Francisco have taken to loosening the reins and allowing for flexible work-from-home (WFH) options to employees who need to traverse the seemingly endless expanse of road closures and security checkpoints leading into Super Bowl City.

Tools for Everyone

Sure, you’ll say, these fancy venture-backed upstarts have all the tools available to them in the world, of course they are working from home. They probably all have home offices and computers bought for them by their boss, King Midas! No, that’s not exactly the case. In fact, more of the companies in the Bay Area are switching to lower cost, hosted communications systems each day. While the cost of their office space may suggest otherwise, most of the companies here are in dire need of cutting costs just like anywhere, and they’ve found that the reliability and flexibility of hosted telephone systems have proven to be an indispensable part of their communications strategy. It’s these unified communications strategies that allow for the flexibility to react to environmental conditions that impact employees. Conditions like say, about 1,000,000 people flooding into streets that were built for a fraction of that and are already burdened well beyond their capacity. This is totally a hypothetical, but for instance, if that happened it would probably warrant a late arrival at the least.

Getting Started

You don’t have to pull up stakes and head west to get in on this sweet WFH action. You don’t even need to need to be worried about the single biggest annual sporting event on the planet clogging-up your streets to try and get a Get Out of Jail Free card. All you need to do is make the switch to a hosted telephone platform for your own business. By doing that you’ll empower yourself and your employees to work quickly and efficiently from anywhere on the planet that they can find a data or internet connection. Plus, because WFH has been proven to boost engagement and employee satisfaction, switching to VoIP now may also be the best thing you’ve done for you business in a while.

No matter where you (or we) may find ourselves working from over the next several days, however, we’re always available for any of your questions or concerns right here in sunny California. So sign up for a personal tour of our cloud communications, follow us on Twitter, or simply read more to learn how the future of advanced communications for your business isn’t as out-of-reach as you may think. And go Broncos.

Finishing Strong – VirtualPBX Softphone App

Finish Strong With VoIP

Finish Strong

It’s an often-used term in competition, but I tend to think it applies in all areas of life. For starters, it’s applicable in the sense that front-loading the beginning of the calendar year with goals, ambition, and resolutions galore can lead to an unnecessary degradation of focus as the months progress. We don’t think that’s acceptable, so we like to think about finishing every day as strongly as we can, that way we can have the chance to close the year better than we began it, too. As it turns out, we are on the right track to do that this year, too.

The Negative Split

Counterintuitive to its name, a negative split is a great thing to have. For competitive runners (or racers of any discipline, for that matter), a negative split occurs when an athlete completes the second half of their event in a time less than it took to complete the first. This means that while you may have started off great, you dug deep and found some more fuel for the fire just when others may have begun feeling fatigued. We think we might be closing in on one right now ourselves.

VirtualPBX Strongphone

Okay it’s actually called a softphone, but we think it’s pretty tough. Coming into the year it was one of the most compatible, capable, and complete solutions for modern telecommunications challenges and our VirtualPBX Softphone App is just digging deeper still. After winning the 2015 Innovation Award for its versatility, the free to download app built on that success with security fortifications and first-to-market updates in operating system compatibility. And because everyone loves to see an award-winner looking fresh on the red carpet, we went ahead and gave the Softphone App a friendly interface and modern, clean look.

Still not convinced? True to form of finishing strong, we’ve gone and released some more updates again just to pad the stats a little before the calendar rolls-over. With improvements to background notifications, call forwarding and on-hold music management, and overall performance boosts, this newest upgrade in the Softphone App is the best one yet!

Don’t just read about it, though, go and see for yourself by downloading the free app at either the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Not yet a VirtualPBX customer? Take a look at our plans to unlock the telecommuter-savvy features of the VirtualPBX Softphone. Once you get hooked on the Softphone App, you’ll probably be interested in learning about some of our other success stories, too. Don’t wait too long, though, the year is almost over and then we’re back at square one!

Work Remotely to Stay Connected Over the Holidays

‘Tis the season. The season for running around trying to get those last minute items to the post office as well as rushing to find the eleventh-hour gifts that you just hadn’t had time to pick up yet. Who has time to be tethered to a desk through all of this? It’s not like you can be two places at once, is it?

Wear Your Own Jolly Red Suit

Just like there is rumored to be an omni-present and incredibly charitable fellow form the North Pole who has eyes on just about everyone, everywhere, and all the time, you too can enjoy the feeling of being in two places at once. VirtualPBX’s variety of tools that enable employees to work remotely make accomplishing the laundry list of holiday honey-do’s while still remaining available for work actually possible. Furthermore, the ability on the VirtualPBX Softphone App to mask incoming and outgoing calls with an office number guarantees that once it finally comes to be quitting time, you can switch off the business noise and spend uninterrupted time with those who matter to you the most.

Be a Scrooge

Yeah, seriously, be like Scrooge. Not in the crotchety-old-miser-who-everyone-despises sort of way, but rather in the just-realized-life-is-too-short-to-spend-it-all-at-work fashion, instead. Just like good old Ebenezer saw the light after a visit from the ghost of his old partner, Jacob Marley, anyone who uses the cloud-based technology from VirtualPBX can stop the rat race and yet not at the expense of getting the cheese. Take a look at the infographic below and see a few specifics on how VirtualPBX can help you make that holiday cheddar.

Work Remotely These Holidays

Selling to Millennials- Auto Attendant & Vanity Numbers

Selling to Millennials

No Shocker- It All Begins on the Phone

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It seems like as long as there has been a phone line in the house or, more recently cell phones in the backpack, kids have been on a device longer than parents would like. While technology has evolved, young people’s interest maintaining a progressively more constant connection to the worlds around them is something that has remained unchanged.

Beyond just maligning the omni-connection of each generation’s youth, however, there’s a more important trend to focus on. Specifically, young adults with technology eventually become less-young adults who use technology to conduct business both professionally and personally. Just as retailers have been investing billions in R&D on how to more effectively pitch to the tween and teen markets, selling to millennials in a B2B setting is increasingly important, too. Fortunately for us, the online software and technology experts at Software Advice have once again put together more exhaustive research to cover just that.

Avoiding Negative Brand Impressions

Phone Systems That Sell

It’s well-known by now that VoIP phone systems help businesses save on their communications costs but did you know they can help you earn money, too? From the research that Software Advice put together it has become clear that a properly configured VoIP phone system can effectively be a salesperson, as well. By distilling the mountains of actionable data they regularly collect, a few key trends stood out that can be useful in selling to the under-35 business community. We’ve identified the two behaviors that, when coupled with a comprehensive unified communications solution for your business, can be immediately implemented to produce measurable and positive results.


After reviewing all of the pain points for inbound phone interactions, the temptation is to see what has caused the largest headaches for callers when, in fact, there is a more complete solution. All of the issues raised by respondents to the Software Advice survey are merely symptoms of a larger, underlying problem. The problem is that they were dealing with phones systems that were traditional, copper-wired PBX’s and, as such, were subject to the limitations of a network that is both cumbersome for users to navigate and costly for admins to update or customize.

The reality is that in the 24-hour news cycle and constantly “on” world that we are currently living in, even if no one is at the office, the office still needs to be conducting business. Fortunately, with an intelligent Auto Attendant that has customizable greetings, never full voicemail, no busy signals, and intuitive routing features will address literally every one of the concerns listed in this study. More importantly, however, an Auto Attendant will also make sure that yours is not one of the companies that is 32% less favorable in the eyes of the millennials who are frustrated by these headaches.

Building Positive Brand Impressions

Vanity Numbers

The word vanity has such bad connotations to it, but when taken in context of branding, it’s really quite positive. Plus, with the ubiquitous rise of “the selfie,” maybe all interpretations of vanity really do apply on this topic, but that’s for another blog. Shameless self-promotion aside, it’s not a stretch to believe that vanity numbers are memorable if nothing else. So memorable, in fact, that according to a 2011 study, they’ve been credited for making companies over 75% more likely to be recalled than those with random numbers. But the benefits of using vanity numbers are indicative of an underlying factor at play specifically with younger professionals.

Today’s newest professionals are more likely than not to expect a heightened level of personalization. Just as online ads are designed to give us what we want based-off of our online behavior, millennial workers are accustomed to a more tailored experience in all of their interactions. Fortunately, this is one of the few topics men and women on both sides of 35-years-old can agree on!

From custom-building athletic shoes online to specific ringtones for each contact, personalized experiences are rapidly becoming less exceptional and more expected. Furthermore, people seem to like that. A lot. In fact, 21% of millennials and 25% of people over the age of 35 all cited unique experiences like personalized greetings and vanity numbers as favorable and positively impacting on their opinion of a brand. This research and plenty before it has reinforced the fact that a distinct the experience, the better effect it had on customers. Fortunately for hosted telecom subscribers, a cloud-based telephone system is only a breath shy of infinitely customizable. Perhaps, then, it can be said the benefits of unified communications are also infinite?

While that claim has yet to be substantiated, it’s also safe to say that it hasn’t been disproven yet, either. Hosted telephone service already offers more unique and customizable communications features than can be truly exhausted. Additionally, with updates and new features constantly being added to the array, it’s safe to say that VoIP service is exactly what business will need to succeed by selling to millennials today and again to the young professionals of tomorrow, too.