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Make customers happier by eliminating long waits in queues

Have long on-hold times? Say goodbye to long queues and hello to efficiency with Callback, the groundbreaking feature from VirtualPBX’s Contact Center suite. Designed to streamline customer interactions and enhance user experience, Callback revolutionizes the way your contact center operates, ensuring no caller is left waiting when all agents are busy.

Callback Key Features

Schedule A Call: Enable callers to schedule a call to their preferred number at a time that suits them best, allowing for a hassle-free interaction without the need to stay on hold.

Custom Messaging: Empowers administrators to craft personalized messages that are shared with users when they request a call.

Agent Availability Detection: Automatically trigger call requests when agents become available, ensuring timely responses and reducing customer wait times.

Call Order Tracking: Streamlines call return requests by organizing calls based on their received order, ensuring an efficient approach to handling callbacks.

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How Callback works

1. Caller Initiates Callback Request: When all agents are busy assisting other callers, the return-a-call option is presented to the caller, offering them the choice to schedule a callback instead of waiting on hold.

2. Schedule Caller Details: Callers provide their preferred phone number. They receive an audible confirmation of the scheduled call via the live call.

3. Agent Automatic Callback: As soon as an agent becomes available, the system triggers the call, connecting the agent with the caller seamlessly.

4. Efficient Resolution: Agents can address the caller’s needs promptly and effectively.


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Transform your contact center operations and elevate customer satisfaction with VirtualPBX. Say goodbye to long hold times and say hello to a more streamlined, customer-centric approach. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Callback can revolutionize your contact center experience.