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VoIP Quality, Reliability, and Network Security

When you get a business phone system from VirtualPBX, you get our award-winning business service and most reliable VoIP features delivered to you over a secure telecommunication network with unsurpassed call quality. We’ve taken every precaution to give you the most reliable, crystal clear, and secure virtual phone service in the market with VoIP quality, system reliability, and network security.

Datacenter and Network

Hardened, Co-Located Facility

Our carrier-class switches are stored in a co-located datacenter that is part of a government-protected network for technology and communication, and is subject to government regulation and oversight in addition to our own stringent security measures.

2024 Product of the Year Award

Multiple Power and Telecom Sources

While we don’t provide details about our facility for security reasons, we have multiple sources of electrical power as well as multiple inbound and outbound carriers. Even if the power grid or one of our telecommunication providers should collapse, our system, and therefore your business phone system, will remain secure and functional.

Fully Redundant System with Backups

Every component in our network and database infrastructure is backed with redundancy measures similar to our power and telecom sources. Though incredibly unlikely, this ensures that if multiple components fail, calls would remain unaffected.

Carrier Class Switching

Security and reliability are key to providing solid virtual phone service. VirtualPBX uses carrier-class switches to run our software. This gives VirtualPBX the ability to make our own changes without having to rely on third-party providers and lets us maintain well above industry averages for operational uptime.

Overall Reliability

No Planned Downtime

With the redundancies we’ve built into our network, we never have any customer-affecting downtime for maintenance or repairs – planned or otherwise. We can operate back-up systems whenever our engineers need to open up the hood for a tune up.

99.999% Uptime

With all of the redundancies in our electrical and telecom providers combined with the redundant network and switching components, VirtualPBX has attained 99.999% uptime, making us the most reliable VoIP provider. This is class and industry-leading performance that you can only find with VirtualPBX.

Always Up-to-the-Minute

VirtualPBX service comes with peace of mind and without ever having to second-guess your network. With all of VirtualPBX systems status’ available 24 hours a day at our status page, you’ll always be in the loop.

360 Degrees of Service

Like in any good partnership, we will be there for you to diagnose your needs, provide reliable service, and stay available no matter what arises along the way.

ProSIP Network Health Check

Worried something is getting in the way of high-quality VoIP calls from your system? Get started with ProSIP Network Health Check, an exhaustive examination of your network capacity, usage, and vulnerabilities to make sure that your important business calls never suffer from compromised bandwidth.

VirtualPBX Customer Testimonials: Leading Support

Network Monitoring

Proper Network Monitoring makes sure that once you have idealized your network usage for VoIP, nothing new arises to create problems down the road. And should something actually complicate the network optimizations for your phone system, our experts can catch it and come up with a solution right away.

Network Bandwidth

Getting proper bandwidth prioritization is something that only comes with expert Network Bandwidth overhauls from hosted PBX technicians. VirtualPBX engineers can ensure that you always have the proper prioritizations assigned for various network usages so that a lunch break movie stream doesn’t interfere with a call with a top client. And should you need more bandwidth, VirtualPBX will do the work for you to survey providers in your area, presenting you the best quote.

Trusted Reliability and Security on all Business Phone Plans

The industry-leading performance from VirtualPBX doesn’t stop at the technology level. Every step of the way, the award-winning Customer Support team, available 24/7, is here to help you with any challenge or nuance of your new hosted PBX phone system. And in a world of constricting margins and pay-per-use features, we’re proud to go against the trend and still offer all of our support as part of your VirtualPBX phone service, no matter how large your business is.

Let us show you the transformative impact VirtualPBX can have on your contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction with a free demo! We’ll cover Live Dashboards, custom queue options, Call Tagging, and more, followed by a quote for your business.