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Outbound Caller ID (CNAM)

Secure your professional image when you call clients and partners by managing your Virtual Caller ID.

CNAM, short for “Calling NAMe” or virtual caller ID, represents an acronym employed within the telecom industry to explain the identification of outbound calls by receiving numbers. These names and numbers are what appear on CNAM for your employees’ outgoing calls. You have the flexibility to assign various values to these. The values range from anonymous to your Main Business Number, business name, or any other numbers integrated into your VirtualPBX plan.

Caller ID

Dynamic Caller ID: Create Your Own Caller ID Rules with Customization

Dynamic Caller IDDid you know that it is possible to change an outgoing ID? Since VoIP phone systems use the internet to place and receive calls, a robust set of virtual communication features such as this one is possible. 

The main reason why businesses use Dynamic Caller ID is so they can increase the chances of calls being answered. Individuals are less likely to answer calls from “unknown” numbers or numbers they do not recognize as toll-free or local.

Ideal for both sales teams and companies who manage large territories, Dynamic Caller ID allows you to create rules to show different phone numbers in your account depending on customizable inputs. 

  • Choose your ID on the fly by inputting a Feature Code before you dial out
  • Identify Area Codes that should receive a particular ID
  • Write a Regular Expression to show you CNAM based on your own login
Starter Plan: Unavailable
Pro Plan: $29.99/mo Add-On

Ultra Plan: Included

Contact Center: Included

Use verified phone numbers outside The VirtualPBX dashboard

Do you have a group of volunteers or remote workers using VirtualPBX outside of your main phone system? In order to improve the reliability and credibility of your outbound calls, it is highly recommended that you make use of outbound caller ID. With VirtualPBX, you can even set your outbound caller ID to phone numbers that exist outside of your VirtualPBX dashboard.

By using verified phone numbers as outbound caller IDs outside of your VirtualPBX dashboard, you can also help to establish a more professional and trustworthy image for your business or organization, which can be especially important when it comes to building relationships with customers, clients, or other stakeholders. Plus, your callers always reach the main business when calling back – not the agents personal number. 

In order to use a number outside of the VirtualPBX dashboard for caller ID, it must first be added as a verified number. 

Outbound Caller ID (CNAM)

Get Outbound Caller ID with VirtualPBX

In conclusion, first impressions count. Make sure that the first impression your call recipients get is a professional one with a customizable Caller ID. Manage Company and User CNAMs and even write specific rules for dynamic handling of different localities or campaigns.

This feature is available on all business phone plans.