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Live Dashboards

Available Through Advanced Call Reports

Our customers are constantly looking for ways they can improve their business communications. The best way to start making improvements? Analyzing what is happening today. 

That was the inspiration behind our Live Dashboards, available from our Advanced Call Reports interface. Now VirtualPBX customers can customize views with live data from their phone system, including options to call or monitor right from their Dashboards. Now that’s an actionable report!

Monitor Your Business in Real-Time

Don’t wait until the end of the month to understand how your business communications are flowing – or not flowing. Dashboards allow you to view what is happening in your business phone system in real-time, including:

  • Which team members are available, away, or on a call
  • The percentage of calls outside of your SLA limits
  • How many calls are taking place right now
  • Which teams may be overloaded with call volume
Live Dashboards

Customize Dashboards to Display what Matters Most to You

Easily add new tiles and select which Fields to show

You already know that one size doesn’t fit all – but that shouldn’t mean you have to do extra work to get what you need. With our Dashboards feature, you can choose from a variety of tile types and drag and drop data fields:

  • Single Stat: great for quick glances at current logged- in users or active calls
  • Circular Gauge: measure KPIs like Calls Answered in your set SLA timeframe 
  • Multi-Stat List: a table view of your call data with fields you choose
  • Multi-Stat Cycle: introduce a slider that cycles through data highlights 
  • Stats by Time Chart: determine peak busy times and manage accordingly
  • User Status Grid: see who is logged in, logged out, or away
  • Unreturned Calls Grid: view unreturned calls and even return calls here, too!
  • Image: add your company logo, an inspirational message, or team reminders
Add Tiles in Dashboards

Manage Queues and Agents Right from Your Dashboards

When we say Live Dashboards, we mean it!

Don’t just view your call center agents – manage their presence from right inside your Dashboard. Employee forgot to sign out for the day? No problem, in one click, they can be logged out and you never had to leave the interface. 

You can also take action by calling your agents or monitoring their active call with a single click.  

Live Dashboards

Get Live Dashboards with VirtualPBX

This feature is only available on our Ultra Plans and as an Add-On to Pro Plans.

Advanced Call Reports are just the beginning. Sign up for a VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan today and start making your business even better.