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Dash Business Phone System Interface

Customer Testimonials

Satisfied Customers, Award Winning Service

Everything we do around here has to be passed through a simple, but important filter based on our first principle of business. Customer issues transcend all others.

Our Customers Tell Their Stories

Even though we’ve been recognized as one of the fastest-growing telecommunications companies and work to build solid partnerships to advance our capabilities, that growth has never, and will never, come at the expense of our paramount focus on delivering world-class Customer Support. In fact, quite the contrary.

We believe that our growth is a direct product of our commitment to excellent service above all else. That’s why we include 24/7, 365 support to all of our customers.

Everyone wants to claim they’re the best at taking care of the customer and that service is job number one. Well, we aren’t saying we’re the best, but we sure are proud of having been awarded time and time again for our tireless pursuit of the ideal customer support experience for each one of our accounts. We’d love to go on, but instead, why don’t we let some of our valued, and satisfied, customers speak for themselves:

Persistent Systems Case Study VideoRead More in our Case Studies

VirtualPBX supports a wide range of customers in nearly every industry from entrepreneurs to enterprises with thousands of employees. Take a look at our case studies to learn what we were able to accomplish for our customers, like Persistent Systems, showcased in the video here.

Case Studies