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VoIP System Phone Compatibility

Universal Device Compatibility

When we say you can use any phone or device on your VirtualPBX phone system, we mean you can use any phone or device. Now with the VirtualPBX Web Phone, you can literally turn any device with a web browser into a fully featured VoIP phone, as well!

VirtualPBX hosted telephone service is fully customizable, so it only makes sense that your device options are equally limitless. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular types of devices that get used on Dash Phone Plans from VirtualPBX.

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Phone Compatibility: Mobile Device, Tablet, or Computer


Obviously, desktops or laptop computers are just as capable of connecting to the internet as mobile devices. Less obvious, though, is that means they’re also just as capable of keeping you connected to your office phone.

4G LTE Mobile
Work From Anywhere with VirtualPBX

Now with VirtualPBX Mobile for Business, you can add mobile phones (yes, even those incredible models you know and love) directly to your Dash Service Plan. These phones share all the same pooled minutes that an account is assigned and operates on the only nationwide 4G LTE network just for your business phone as well as all the texting and data you enjoy on your smartphone. And because it’s operated totally under the VirtualPBX service agreement, that means you get all the same features you expect like Advanced Call Forwarding and it’s all contained under a single invoice.

Web Phone

Make crystal clear calls from anywhere with the VirtualPBX Web Phone that easily allows you to communicate right through your favorite browser. Built on Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), all you need to do is add the web phone to your Dash account and login in using your credentials. No software download or additional plan needed!

VirtualPBX Softphone for Mobile and Desktop

Because the total suite of advanced features and functionality that people love about VoIP are all hosted in the cloud, when you use the VirtualPBX Softphone, they can all be routed through your mobile phone or computer, as well. The VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone even integrates with your existing Salesforce CRM, so you can get more insight from the actions you’re already taking!

Use Any Desktop Phone
Phone Compatibility

You’ll save money on your phone bill by dropping the phone company’s expensive landlines and choosing our award-winning VoIP phone service. After that, your virtual office can be anywhere you plug a VoIP phone into a broadband connection. Even if you’re not sure about the difference between VoIP phones and analog phones, basically any VoIP phone will work. We have an extensive list of phones that can be simply auto-provisioned through your online portal, but provisioning any phone won’t be a problem, even if it’s not listed.

You can even use analog phones with VoIP adapters, and we offer a large selection of VoIP phones for rent, too.

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True Phone Compatibility: Use Whatever You Want!

VirtualPBX hosted business telephone service doesn’t just add a tool into your business toolbox, it actually enhances your ability to conduct business. We completely integrate your various devices and phones into your communications ecosystem. By delivering more than a mere marriage of service to any given device, we empower you with even more functionality out of your phone service and devices so that the sum of the parts is truly greater than the whole. Where will your work take you when you’re no longer tethered to the cords coming out of the wall? Find out now by linking your business to the devices that you want, not the ones you’ve been told you need to use.

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