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Phone CompatibilityAs one of the industry’s leading VoIP providers, VirtualPBX offers you the phone compatibility that best meets your business needs, whether you choose a VoIP phone, a standard analog phone, cell phone, or anything else. With a VirtualPBX phone system you can turn your smartphone into a VoIP cell phone service, as well as do the following things.

Use a High Voice Quality VoIP Phone

By choosing our award-winning VoIP phone service, you can save money on your overall phone bill by dropping expensive landlines from the phone company. And you can take advantage of unlimited minute flat-rate billing while having a corporate-class telephone system at your fingertips. Your virtual office can be anywhere you can plug a VoIP phone into a broadband connection. Use of our best PBX phones enables features like extension-to-extension dialing and free long distance calling. And if you’re not at your desk, we can automatically forward your calls to a mobile phone or landline, or even another VoIP phone – put one in your office and one at home! With all this goodness, a hosted PBX phone system is the smart choice for most businesses.

Every VoIP phone we sell includes a built-in speakerphone, digital display, and is compatible with Power over Ethernet (POE). And furthermore, they’re all offered at a discounted price.

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Use Your Current Analog and VoIP Cell Phones

VirtualPBX can turn your current analog and mobile phones into a business-class PBX phone system. Existing phone compatibility especially makes sense when your employees work remotely. VirtualPBX connects employees out of the office even if they don’t have broadband internet connectivity to connect a VoIP phone. The entire set of VirtualPBX features is available on your phone regardless of location or type of phone. With VirtualPBX, you can base a virtual office completely on cell phones and/or land lines – no VoIP phone necessary.

Use a Softphone from your Computer or Cell Phone

With VirtualPBX, you can turn any mobile device into a VoIP cell phone. VirtualPBX includes VoIP phone compatibility that lets any smart device, including computers, iPhones and Android phones, become a VoIP extension. This lets you get all the features of Virtual PBX on every phone call. Use call recording for both inbound and outbound calls, even from your cell phone. Show your company’s caller ID on outbound calls, not your personal number, or make calls using data connections to save on roaming charges – great for international traveling. You can get U.S. dial tone for free through your data connection instead of paying huge international roaming fees. We even have our own VirtualPBX Softphone app for iPhone and Android.

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True Phone Compatibility:
Any Mix of Analog and VoIP Phones

Each business is unique and your own business requirements might best be met with the right combination of analog and VoIP. VirtualPBX allows you to configure your hosted PBX system any way you want. Most VoIP providers require a VoIP phone on every line, even if you can still forward to other phones. Some hosted PBX companies don’t allow the use of VoIP phones at all. With VirtualPBX it can be your choice. Each employee can have any combination of VoIP phone, VoIP cell phone, and analog phone and we’ll automatically find them at whatever phone they’re currently using. Looking to rent VoIP phones or network hardware for a campaign or trial session? We do that too!

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