Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Give clients a way to get in touch with you directly but still benefit from having an extension in your greater business phone system. VirtualPBX has you covered with Numbers that go directly to their designated recipient without extra steps for the caller.

Eliminating barriers between customers and potential sales is a no-brainer. VirtualPBX makes choosing how to do that on your phone system clear and concise with plenty of options, none faster than a Direct Inward Dialing phone numbers (also known as a DID phone number).

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Opportunities to Use a DID Phone Number

When a caller dials a DID phone number, just like direct inward dialing suggests, they are directed immediately to its destination, whether that be to an individual user, a ring group, device or voicemail box. This is helpful in many ways, but especially for salespeople who have prospects, they want to have swift, direct contact with, surpassing any menus or the need to recall an extension number. It also functions great as a direct line to a customer support department. The uses don’t stop there, though, because companies will use VirtualPBX DID phone numbers for everything from VIP clients to preferred vendors and anything between.

Direct Inward Dialing and Ring Groups

Get a Direct Inward Dialing Number and Even More with VirtualPBX Service

This feature is available on all business phone plans.

Getting started with VirtualPBX is quick and easy. Once you get started, you can use your number to create your Direct Inward Dialing campaign for your upcoming promotion or to help manage different departments. Review our plans to get started with your DID phone numbers.