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When you need to have team members chime in but conferencing isn't necessary, Intercom is the way to go.

Whether it’s for quick inventory checks, a department announcement, or to get a quick bit of input from a neighboring office or workstation, a simple command entry using VirtualPBX’s Feature Codes onto the keypad will buzz any extension for an immediate, two-way speaker system. Work piling up on your desk and just need to be available for a budget meeting? Intercom into the group for an effective compromise of everyone’s time.

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Paging Devices: Reliable Intercom Communication

Paging devices are communication devices used in paging systems to broadcast messages to a group of people who are spread out over a large area. Paging systems are commonly used in settings such as healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing facilities, where it is important to be able to quickly and reliably communicate with large groups of people.

Paging devices can take many forms, including pagers, handheld radios, and intercom systems. VirtualPBX works with a wide variety of paging devices, including those with the popular brand Algo

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Page Groups: Use VoIP Devices to Send Intercom Messages

Intercom, or Page Groups, is a system in which one phone can force other phones to pick up by speaker, and transmit audio. This audio can be transmitted either one way, or two way, depending on customer needs.

When a message needs to be broadcast to a specific paging group, the sender can simply specify the group’s identifier, rather than having to manually select each individual recipient. This can save time and ensure that messages are delivered quickly and accurately to the appropriate people.

Paging groups can be configured and managed through the VirtualPBX interface, and the specific groups and identifiers used can vary depending on the message. 

In addition to facilitating targeted messaging, paging groups can also help to reduce the amount of unnecessary communication that occurs within a paging system. By segregating users into different groups based on their role or function, messages can be sent only to those who need to receive them, rather than being broadcast to the entire system. This can help to reduce noise and distractions, as well as reduce the risk of critical messages being overlooked or missed.

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Send Out Quick Messages and More

Whether you need to buzz the warehouse for a stock check or give the entire company an announcement – Intercom makes it quick and easy. Choose from a selection of VoIP Phones and Devices to discover which phone would work best for you to use Intercom and get started with the VirtualPBX plan that fits you best today.

This feature is included on all business phone plans.