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VirtualText Forward

Receiving Inbound Text Messages? Send Them to an Email or Webhook!

Text messaging is fast, asynchronous, and your customers prefer it! Even if your business is not registered to send business text messages and does not plan on sending outbound messages, that does not mean that you can’t take advantage of your inbound messages using VirtualText Forward. Some of your existing or future customers may be trying to text your business already! 

With VirtualText Forward, you simply designate an email address and/or webhook url to send your SMS and MMS messages to. Since messages are sent to your phone number, you can designate different emails and webhooks for each number – perfect for individuals and teams alike. 

Text Forward Feature

Virtual Text Forward to Webhooks for Seamless Integrations

VirtualText Forward takes integration to the next level by offering webhook support. With our webhook feature, you can effortlessly connect your messages to your favorite apps, CRM systems, or internal tools. Automatically forward SMS or MMS messages to your webhook endpoint, enabling you to trigger custom workflows, notifications, or any other actions you desire. The possibilities are endless!

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VirtualText Forward to Email to Keep Your Messages In One Convenient Place

Having your business’s text messages delivered directly to your inbox offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. By consolidating all your communication channels in one place, you can effortlessly access, manage, and respond to text messages alongside your emails. No more juggling between different platforms or missing important messages. With all messages conveniently delivered to your inbox, you can stay connected and stay productive, whether you’re at your desk or on the go. Easily view and organize conversations, search for specific messages, and maintain a clear overview of your communication history. The ability to seamlessly transition from email to text message communication with VirtualText Forward streamlines your workflow and ensures that you never overlook critical messages, helping you provide prompt customer support and maintain strong business relationships.

Text Forward

Webhooks, Email, or Both: Manage Your Business's Inbound Texts Like a Pro

Unlock the full potential of your text message management with VirtualText Forward. Say goodbye to scattered messages and hello to streamlined communication. This feature is included at no extra cost for Ultra Plans and for a $29.99 monthly add-on for Pro Plan customers. Standard SMS and MMS limits and fees apply. 

Sign up now to enjoy a seamless integration between your messages and your email or webhook. Take control of your communication and never miss an important message again!