Why Choose VirtualPBX?

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Why choose VirtualPBX? First and foremost around here is delivering a compelling product. By taking our decades of experience in cloud-based telecom and working closely with our customers who rely on us for their communications needs, we have designed a reliable, comprehensive suite of features to deliver more than a working phone line. To discover that breadth of benefits that you will receive with VirtualPBX, don’t just take our word for it, find out what makes VirtualPBX products part of an award-winning award winning business VoIP platform.

The Next Best Thing to Face-to-Face

The power of our system is in more than just the punch that it’s packing, it’s in the fact that you can count on it to deliver when you need it most. With system uptime backed by multiple failovers and redundancies, we deliver comprehensive and multi-tiered reliability. The only problem will be finding a new excuse for avoiding a call besides, “the call didn’t go through.” Find out more about what makes VirtualPBX the most reliable VoIP service available.

  • Seamless scalability, whether you have one or hundreds or thousands of employees
  • Robust feature set, beyond local telephone services
  • No hardware to maintain or upgrade
  • 99.999% Reliability
  • Transparent status published online

All Industries, All Across the Nation

We would love to say we’re the best option for a particular industry, but that would be limiting ourselves. All grandiosity aside, we have been fortunate to address challenges unique to a variety of businesses. For stories about some of our customer successes, check out our Case Studies. Have a challenge different to these that you can’t fix? Give us a shot, we love to use our telecom expertise to help customers with custom configurations that make their business shine.

Businesses that are especially glad to have chosen us for their telecom needs come in all shapes and sizes, but a few types of companies seem to be made for an intelligent unified communications solution from VirtualPBX.

  • Call Centers large and small each have found that intelligent queue management is a breeze with our TrueACD Queues and remote queue management.
  • Franchises are built off of a scalable, dependable brand and product, and nothing protects franchise owners or empowers franchisees quite like our battery of Franchise Routing Configurations.
  • The fact that all of our technology lives in the cloud, the only requirement to access a company’s system is a data or internet connection. This freedom makes our technology a life-saver for companies with dispersed, remote, or traveling employees.

More Than Just A Utility

We do more than provide the tools to help businesses stay connected and succeed from all over the world. By focusing on our customers as partners, we’ve enjoyed two hugely defining results. First is that we build trust from our customers and we are proud to say we gain more new business from referrals today than ever before. And secondly, we’ve been able to accelerate the introduction of more meaningful improvements and products by incorporating real-time feedback into the design process. You can follow this link to hear from some of our satisfied customers. If you’ve seen enough and you’re ready to keep going, however, you can begin by comparing all of our plans side-by-side and judge which one is best for your business.