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Businesses around the world make VirtualPBX their business communication choice every day. As an industry leader, VirtualPBX has won accolades from our customers and industry organizations, year after year – with over 30 annual industry awards. We seamlessly integrate with your existing phones and can affordably deploy VoIP to your entire company.


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Top Features

VirtualPBX has been delivering innovative features as a top VoIP provider for nearly 20 years to meet the growing demands of business around the world. From simple Follow-Me Calling to plug-and-play VoIP phones, VirtualPBX has a wide range of capabilities that your business needs to be competitive in today’s market.

Free, Experienced Customer Support 24/7​

At VirtualPBX we believe that having a trained support staff working alongside our sales, marketing, and engineering teams provides the highest quality of customer service in the industry. In addition to our Onboarding Team, who provides training and assistance to ensure your new cloud phone system is optimized for your business needs, VirtualPBX delivers industry-leading customer service and free Customer Support 24 hours/day, 365 days/week for all customers.

  • 85% of our customers recommend VirtualPBX to others
  • 90% of our customers are completely satisfied with VirtualPBX
  • 95% of our customers say they receive great customer service

More Flexibility, Your Way
Most VoIP phone systems work the way they want, not the way you want. At VirtualPBX, we’ve built in options and controls for every feature we offer. You can use our default settings or tweak the system to meet your individual needs. We also offer different levels of control – from simple users, departmental managers, to systems administrators – so that the right people can control the right things. Don’t let your phone system dictate to your business – make the business telephone system fit your company.

Lower Costs

Moving to a cloud phone PBX system lowers your business communication costs by as much a 40%-80% over traditional phone costs. With VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans, those saving increase through the use of VoIP, distributing your work force easily with a range of flexible billing options.


Hassle-Free Setup

VirtualPBX makes your setup easy and painless – just add phones. If you’re using our business VoIP phones, simply plug them into your internet connection – they’re pre-configured to set themselves up as soon as they’re connected. See our recommended routers list for a selection of great routers. Adding other phones is equally easy through our web management tool – create an extension and add the phone number where you want to receive calls.

Web-based Management

We make it easy to manage your VoIP phone system from any web browser through the use of our intuitive web-based interface and context-based help system. Changes are made in real-time and you can tweak the system to fit your unique needs.

No System Maintenance

The hardware is installed at our site, not yours, so we do the system maintenance. And you’ll never be required to perform upgrades at your facility. Our phone system can accommodate any business size, and new features are added automatically and transparently. You’ll always have the latest features, but you won’t have to change your system to get them.

Great Benefits

Switching or not, VirtualPBX fits your business. Whether moving your entire phone system or connecting your growing team on the go, choose VirtualPBX today for your VoIP phone system!

  • Seamless scalability, whether you have one or hundreds or thousands of employees
  • Robust feature set, beyond local telephone services
  • No hardware to maintain or upgrade
  • 99.999% Reliability
  • Transparent status published online

Get Started Today

Setting up a phone system doesn’t have to be difficult. As a top VoIP provider, VirtualPBX makes it simple to get the most features at the lowest price. Why Choose VirtualPBX? If you’re still unsure or have questions, our teams are ready to help. Just call us at 888-825-0800.