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Ring Groups

Jerry’s small accounting consultation business doesn’t exactly have a customer service department. He knows that his whole team is qualified to answer any tax-related question, though, so he created a Customer Service Ring Group with all his team to include into his Auto-Attendant.

Building your business has taken a keen eye for opportunities and a creative approach to problem-solving. That is why VirtualPBX has created one of the most sought-after features of an advanced business telephone system: ACD Queues Pro. Of course, VirtualPBX has powerful enterprise phone systems that are ACD Queue equipped, but for the sleek and nimble Dash interface to remain so streamlined, we’ve developed an innovative way to recreate much of their function – ring groups.

Ring Groups

How The Feature Work

Ring Groups on VirtualPBX work in a similar way in that you can assign any number of extensions to a Ring Group and treat it like an extension itself. When a Ring Group is prompted, be it in the Auto Attendant, through the Automated Directory, or any other method, all of the extensions in that group will ring simultaneously until a member of the group answers. Think of this as a way of allowing inbound callers to address a room full of your experts know that one of them will have a quick answer.

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This feature is a great way to disperse callers to the right department, instead of having them be moved around to try and find the correct team member to speak to. This is only one of the many dynamic and innovative features provided by VirtualPBX. Signing up with VirtualPBX only takes minutes and you can customize your plan to fit your business needs. Review the plans and get started today.

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