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INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year AwardA key differentiator of Dash Business Phone Plans is that every plan is backed by the award-winning complimentary 24/7 VirtualPBX Customer Support Team. We also include key features like 4G LTE Mobile, Email-to-Fax, Hot Desking, Employee Directories, and so much more into every account, regardless of the size of your organization. It’s never too late to get a fresh start on the right communications strategy. And because we’re always available with our industry-leading 99.999% operational uptime and 24/7 support, you can literally call us right now to begin service!

Features for Entrepreneurs and One-Person ShopsBusiness Phone Features for Entrepreneurs and One-Person Shops

Web-based technologies allow younger or smaller organizations to compete on an even playing field with their more established competition now more than ever before. And let’s be real, if you’ve just started a side gig and are still working days somewhere else, you aren’t interested in buying a bunch of office telephone equipment. But you also need to have basic features and a little bit extra wouldn’t hurt, either. Dash Basic Phone Plans have you covered. Each plan gets one free local or toll-free telephone number from our massive bank of numbers, customizable greetings, customizable music/info on-hold, voicemail features that let you hear messages right from your email, and most importantly, universal compatibility with any of your devices. This means your mobile number never needs to be shared, but your business calls can still be placed and received from your smartphone or even your computer.

Get started with Dash Basic for $12.99/user/month and get 1,000 shared Continental U.S./Canada & toll-free minutes and two local or toll-free phone numbers.

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Features for Small BusinessesBusiness Phone Features for Small Businesses

Small Businesses have more contacts, vendors, customers, and employees to keep in touch with and less room for error when it comes to getting the job done. That’s why technology that helps bridge the gap between small companies and those with a little more investment power is so valuable. Fortunately, all Dash Plans come with features like Advanced Transfers, Business and Holiday Hours, and Teleconferencing included at no extra charge. Additionally, the ever-popular Auto Attendant acts as a complete virtual receptionist that saves on time, boosts brand image, and reduces the need for more human capital every day.

Get started with Dash Pro for $26.99/user/month and get 2,500 shared Continental U.S./Canada & toll-free minutes, two local or toll-free phone numbers, and conferencing for the whole team included.

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Features for Medium-Large BusinessesBusiness Phone Features for Medium-Large Businesses

Growing businesses with multiple locations and more highly specialized teams operate best with features that keep calls flowing smoothly. Franchises, call or contact centers, and growing businesses alike all need to be able to quickly connect customers and partners with the right teams, right away. Ring Groups are the call routing feature of choice for medium-large businesses who receive calls meant for distinct departments. Quality control is ensured with Inbound Call Recording, included free on Dash Unlimited Plans and Direct Inward Dial (DID) Numbers that enable callers to skip the system greeting and dial their desired party or department directly.

Get started with Dash Unlimited for $34.99/user/month and get unlimited Continental U.S. and Canada minutes, 1,000 toll-free minutes, and three local or toll-free phone numbers.

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Features for Enterprise BusinessesBusiness Phone Features for Enterprise Businesses

Getting to the top isn’t half as much work as staying there. When seconds can mean the difference between thousands of sales or missed opportunities, enterprises can’t afford delays. A fully cloud-based communications platform can turn on a dime, integrate all of the most critical business applications through Zapier and Webhooks, and even integrate Salesforce CRM software. Available ACD Queues make advanced call routing, agent management, and call flow escalation a breeze, too. Plus, because all feature management is done via browser, any updates can be made in real time from the palm of your hand. This means that scalability is never a problem, and that you can enjoy the view from the top for longer.

Get started with Dash Unlimited + Toll-Free for $49.99/user/month and get unlimited Continental U.S. and Canada minutes, unlimited toll-free minutes, and three local or toll-free phone numbers.

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