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Business SMSLet’s face it – sometimes your customers do not have the availability to pick up the phone and call someone. That’s why we created Business SMS for the VirtualPBX Softphone

Between back-to-back business meetings and trying to navigate working from home, you want to be able to reach your customers by any means possible – especially with a text messaging service for business. You can now receive SMS business texts on select plans using the VirtualPBX Softphone App for mobile and desktop, as well as on some hardware phones like the Yealink SIP-T46S.

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Business SMS for Teams with Webhooks, Zapier, and API Integrations

text messaging service for businessUse VirtualPBX Webhooks in conjunction with our text message service for business feature to make sure you never miss a customer message and to track responses. With business text messaging, you can use our Zapier Integration to have messages be uploaded into your favorite tools like Slack or Trello to allow you to view messages, and so that you can make sure the right person both sees the message and responds accordingly.

We also offer a powerful API that allows you to make a custom Business SMS integration so that your users can receive and reply to messages in your tool of choice. Need help? Let us know! Our engineering team has already built powerful Business SMS solutions with our API in our own proprietary tools as well as in common management tools like Airtable.

A New Convenient Way of Communicating: Get Started Today!

Business SMSBusiness SMS on the VirtualPBX Softphone allows you to communicate with your customers and coworkers from the convenience of your VirtualPBX phone system. Simply open your VirtualPBX Softphone for Desktop and Mobile to utilize the text message service for business.

With VirtualPBX, you get more than just Business SMS. Our advanced features and award-winning interface have made us the go-to choice for cloud-hosted business phone systems. Have any questions? Chat with our Sales team today.

More VoIP Features Plans and Pricing

This feature is available on our Flex, Pro, and Premier Plans. Review our complete pricing and add-on feature list on the Plan Comparison page.

VirtualPBX Softphone App vs. VirtualText App for Business Texting: Which to Choose?

The VirtualPBX Softphone App is a great tool to make and receive calls on the go and utilize video conferencing with team members. The VirtualPBX Softphone also allows basic text messaging.

If you’re looking for more advanced text messaging capabilities, look to our free VirtualText App for desktop and mobile. Check out this breakdown to understand core differences.

VirtualPBX Softphone App
VirtualText App

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