Desk & Conference Phones

The following VoIP phones are certified and optimized to work with the VirtualPBX system. They can be mixed and matched with conference room phones to optimize your system, and you can use landlines or VoIP cell phone instead of or in addition to any VoIP phone system. For best results in attaching VoIP phones to your network, please see our list of recommended routers. Each VoIP phone comes pre-configured and ready to use.

Desk Phones

Yealink SIP-T21P – $69.99

The SIP-T21P is equipped with a TI TITAN chipset and crystal clear LCD. It offers two VoIP accounts, high-definition audio, a broad range of voice codecs and security protection for privacy. It also provides rich features that include headset compatibility, PoE and PnP Auto-provision. In addition, the unit works seamlessly with leading IP-PBX and soft switch developments. It allows users to make calls in a simple, convenient and reliable manner while meeting all basic business feature requirements. The SIP-T21P is a no-brainer for simple and inexpensive outfitting for both corporate office and residential users.

  • HD Voice
  • 2×15 pixel LCD Display
  • PoE Support
  • 2 Ethernet Ports

For more information, read the Yealink SIP T21P Datasheet.

Polycom IP 331 – $99.99

The SoundPoint IP 321 and 331 are two-line enterprise-grade IP deskphones with excellent sound quality. They are easy to use and are designed for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Benefit from:

  • Two Ethernet Ports
  • 102×33 pixel LCD Display
  • PoE Support
  • A set of enterprise-grade features
  • Easy configuration and use
  • Interoperability with leading IP PBX and Softswitch platforms SIP features

For more information, read the Polycom SoundPoint IP 321/331 Datasheet and the Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones Datasheet.

Polycom IP 335 – $149.99

The SoundPoint IP 335 is a two-line enterprise-grade IP desk phone with excellent sound quality that is easy to use. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. This entry-level phone offers:

  • Revolutionary voice quality, delivered through Polycom HD Voice technology
  • A high-resolution, backlit graphical display
  • Two Ethernet Ports
  • PoE Support
  • HD Voice
  • 102×33 Backlit LCD Display
  • Ease of configuration and use

For more information, read the Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 Datasheet and the Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones Datasheet.

Conference Phones & Adapters

Polycom IP 5000 – $599.99

Enjoy the same remarkably clear Polycom SoundStation conference phone experience in a smaller form that’s optimized for executive offices and small conference rooms. The Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 delivers Polycom HD Voice technology, broad SIP interoperability, and a modern design — all at an affordable price. The Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 boosts productivity and reduces listener fatigue by turning ordinary conference calls into crystal-clear, interactive conversations that sound as natural as being there.

  • HD Voice
  • 248×68 Backlit Display
  • PoE Support
  • 1 Ethernet Port

For more information, read the Polycom Conference Phones Datasheet and the Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 IP Conference Phone Datasheet.

Cisco SPA112 Analog Phone Adapter – $59.99

Want to stick to your current phone, but still take advantage of VoIP features? The Cisco SPA112 adapter is compact in design and compatible with international voice and data standards. It can be used with residential, home-office, and small-business-VoIP service offerings, including full-featured hosted or open source IP PBX environments.

  • Uses advanced voice quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities and the voice Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) stack
  • Supports reliable faxing with simultaneous voice and data use
  • Includes two standard telephone ports, each with an independent phone number, for use with analog fax or phone devices
  • Is compatible with all industry voice and data standards and common telephone feature such as caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail
  • 1 Ethernet Port

For more information, read the Cisco SPA112 2 Port Phone Adapter Datasheet.

Use Your Current Smartphone, Device, or Computer

VirtualPBX Softphone App

Turn your smartphone or computer into a full-featured VoIP PBX softphone with the VirtualPBX Softphone app. You’ll be able to make and receive calls over your data connection or over wifi, through your VirtualPBX system. Outbound calls will use your business Caller ID, not your personal number, and all of the great features of VirtualPBX business telephone systems are included with every call – including call recording, centralized voicemail, direct extension dialing, and much more.


VirtualPBX Extension Manager App

Providing the tools your employees need to work from anywhere is a great way to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve overall job satisfaction for all employees. But what about the managers? If team members can maintain top-level efficiency and productivity from anywhere they have an internet connection, shouldn’t the administrators enjoy the same flexibility? With the VirtualPBX Extension Manager App, admins can set call routing, log in/out, and manage ACD Queues, phone lists and more. Manage the extension settings people use most right from the palm of your hand over your existing data connection or wifi in real time.


Follow Me Calling

Available anywhere. To some that can be intimidating, to the modern businessman or businesswoman, it’s just a way of life. With Follow-Me Calling, you wont even have to worry about knowing in advance where you will be or when because you can always be reached by your individual office phone number. Preprogram your extension to route to up to four different phones (including desk phones, mobiles, and even home lines) so if a call is not answered in one, it will cascade through the list until you are found.

Plus there are virtually unlimited numbers of ways that you can modify each step of the follow-me calling process to fit your exact needs. For all of the details on Follow-Me Calling, visit the Call Routing page to learn more.

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