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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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No matter the time, no matter your location, our team backs your business communications around the clock with free phone, email, and chat support.

VoIP Phones & Devices

Communications for Any Business Size

The following certified VoIP phones (also called IP phones) are available for purchase through VirtualPBX – pre-configured and ready to use. They can be mixed and matched with your other business phones to optimize your system, and you can use landlines or cell phones instead of or in addition to any VoIP compatible phones. With your Dash Plan, you can use your minutes to make calls from virtually any device, using your Device Manager.

Recommended VoIP Phones

Our teams regularly test the latest and greatest VoIP phones from leading providers like Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream, Cisco, and more. We also provide a few options to turn your existing smartphone or computer into a full-featured VoIP device.

Best VoIP Desk Phones

VoIP Desk PhonesFor flexibility in price that doesn’t skimp on quality, explore these phone options with crystal clear sound quality. These phone options, like our top pick, the Yealink T48S VoIP Phone, allows you to have a full desk set up, whether that is at home, or in an office space. Easy to set up and easy to use, you will find yourself wanting to use your desk phone for personal calls as well!


VoIP Cordless Phones

home officeAre you an army of one for your business? As a professional, you want the flexibility to be able to take your communications anywhere. VirtualPBX has your back. These cordless phone options, like the Yealink W60 VoIP Phone, allow you to be anywhere in your office, so you can communicate wherever you’re most comfortable.


VoIP Conference Phones

Conference PhonesNo matter the size of your team, communications can get complicated without the right tools. If you need to conference in, take advantage of these communication options that allows your entire team to be heard. We recommend the Yealink CP960 as one of the best conference phones available. With the option to get the whole team together and not lose any sound quality, this is a conference phone option you do not want to pass up.


VirtualPBX Web Phone In Your Browser

home office

Don’t want another physical device? Your next IP phone could be your favorite internet browser. VirtualPBX offers their world class VirtualPBX Web Phone that allows you to make and receive calls, change agent queue status, check voicemail, and more.

  • Find numbers easily from your Call History or Company Directory
  • Transfer calls to a team member or an entire department
  • Mute yourself during conference calls with one click
  • Switch to any microphone or speaker you want to use by managing your audio preferences
  • Log in easily though the Dash shortcut link in your portal