VoIP Phones & Devices

The following certified VoIP phones are available for purchase through VirtualPBX – pre-configured and ready to use. They can be mixed and matched with conference room phones to optimize your system, and you can use landlines or VoIP cell phones instead of or in addition to any VoIP compatible phones. We have also curated a list of recommended routers available here.

With the flexibility of our plans and the huge variety of options and features they come with, we have the right VoIP PBX phones for any budget. We also offer frequent sales on our full library of hardware. To see sale prices, just click the phone you’d like to buy to add it to your cart, or proceed to our online store where you can browse all of our available VoIP phones for sale. Looking to rent VoIP phones for a campaign or trial session? We do that too!

  • Standard shipping and handling fees will be applied per device
  • Customs fees may be applicable for phones shipped outside the U.S


Recommended VoIP Phones

Our teams regularly test the latest and greatest VoIP phones from leading providers like Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream, Cisco, and more. We also provide the ability to turn your existing smartphone or computer into a full-featured VoIP PBX softphone with the VirtualPBX Softphone App. To top it all off, we provision your new phones for you so that you can just plug and play. Not seeing what you want in this list? Through our partnerships, we have huge libraries of IP phones at our fingertips, and are happy to prepare a quote for you.

Refurbished Phones and Hardware Sale

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