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PBX Login: Your VirtualPBX Account

Do you not have a VirtualPBX Login (PBX Portal Login) or are not yet a customer? Take a look at our range of services, speak to our Sales team about a Free Demo, or ask a question using the online chat in the lower right of your screen. VirtualPBX leads the industry in hosted PBX business phone plans, SIP Trunking, Network Solutions, and more all backed by 24/7 support.

Already a customer? Follow the link below to your PBX login to scale or make customizations to your PBX system any time, day or night!

2024 Product of the Year Award

Dash Login – Your Account

All customers now use the VirtualPBX Dash interface, which looks like the image to the right, and your PBX Portal Login can be accessed with the Dash Login button below. 

Log in to manage call routing, features, user options, and account settings.

PBX Portal Login

VirtualText App Login

Use the VirtualText App by itself or together with the web version so you can work across devices without skipping a beat. Your VirtualText Login via web can be accessed with the button below. 

VirtualText App

Web Phone Login

The VirtualPBX Web Phone can be run in modern web browsers like Chrome and Firefox and uses your plan minutes like any other device on your account. It can be used on any device where you have a compatible browser — mobile and desktop. Simply add a Web Phone as a device for your user and log in using the same credentials as your Dash account.