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VoIP Softphones – The New Power Tie

VoIP Softphones - The New Power TieEvery job has its one must-have piece of equipment. It may be an artist’s brush, a referee’s whistle, or even a food critic’s antacid tablet, but some jobs would just be completely different (if even accomplishable at all) without a single, pivotal artifact. One such icon of costume finery that was a mainstay of every aspiring or legitimate powerbroker’s closet was the power tie. While the often red, definitely silky, and possibly paisley or jacquard tie was ubiquitous in board meetings and on sales calls for decades, the days of the power tie are most definitely numbered.

Not only are important meetings no longer attended exclusively by people who wear ties, unfortunately for businesses that rely heavily on necktie fashion as success indicators, data and service seem to be taking the top spot these days. Necktie fashion companies notwithstanding, of course. The natural response for any craftsman who is about to find himself without one of his most trusted pieces of equipment is to start looking for a replacement. Fortunately for every would-be Gordon Gecko, the next big thing is already here and with much more value.

VoIP Softphones- A Modern Business Essential

Likening the power tie’s relevance to the infamous character of the 1987 blockbuster, Wall Street, might not have been too far off at one point. Unfortunately, now the power tie is less like the multi-billion dollar mega investor of yesteryear and more like that enormous brick of a cell phone that he used in the movie; a little stale. Softphones, however, are the same tool that kept the one percent of the one percent in the game 24-hours a day but at prices that make them accessible for any of the world’s most cost-conscious business leaders.

By hosting the telephone calls that they handle over the internet and not on costly, outdated, and static copper wiring, VoIP Softphones can deliver crystal-clear audio with a battery of features for a fraction of the cost.

How VoIP Softphones Work –

  • By using the data connection through a cable or wireless internet connection, they emulate the intuitive keypad and interface you recognize from a mobile phone.
  • Your clients and co-workers call your business phone number they way they normally would while you have the freedom to use your cellphone, tablet, or computer.
  • By being free of wired systems, VoIP Softphones can transfer in and out of networks that are not connected to a physical office building.
  • The limitless portability and functionality of a hosted phone system means that, with a Softphone, business can travel with an employee to anywhere in the world.
  • Installation, configuration, and upkeep take a fraction of the time and for pennies on the dollar over traditional phone systems and handsets.

Why spend a couple hundred dollars on an expensive piece of clothing that looks silly when you wear it too often when you can invest pennies each day to stay ahead of your competition? Because lets face it, fashion comes and goes but style is forever, and when it comes to running a company, profitability is always a good look.

The best thing about a VoIP Softphone is that getting started with using them is simple. Signing up for a complete guided tour of the functionality of a Softphone and how it can save your company time and money is the best way to get started.

Infographic – DNIS Numbers to Beat the Competition

Providing the best products and service for an attractive price is challenging enough, but when you have strong competition vying for the same customers, it gets even harder. That’s why you need to use every tool available to your advantage, including your business telephone system. Leveraging DNIS numbers to gain a step on your competitors means that while you’re keeping ahead by cutting costs, they are cutting corners to keep up.DNIS Numbers

The World at Your Fingertips – International Numbers

Global Economy At Your FingertipsTechnology has been shrinking the world for ages. From the first marginally sea-worthy ships that intrepid explorers used to begin crossing into the great unknown to the immediacy of services like FaceTime and WhatsApp, people have been successfully narrowing the gap between all corners of the globe. And who can blame them? What initially was motivated by a sense of discovery, many original trans-oceanic explorers wouldn’t have been able to embark on their journeys if they weren’t backed by benefactors who anticipated great returns from unknown treasures of far-off places. In that sense, the global economy in which we live today hasn’t really changed much at all.

BRIC Breaker

They aren’t exactly the “Great Unknown” anymore, but the emerging economies of BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and their ilk are the billion dollar puzzle that companies across all industries are racing to solve. While these enormous markets are certainly in the crosshairs for many, they remain largely untapped. Furthermore, these economies are growing quickly without the help of foreign investment. This increase in expendable income boosts the potential for staggering growth for companies that can gain a foothold in these relatively early stages. However, as we’ve discussed before, for many small and medium businesses or simply those operating on comparatively restrictive budgets to those of their competitors, expansion can be one of the most costly maneuvers possible for a growing business.

International Offices Need International Numbers

What if I told you that your business didn’t need to actually set one foot on the soil of your target growth markets to build a customer base there? It’s true. Leveraging an existing hosted telecom solution is the best way to launch an international presence quickly and effectively. VirtualPBX has a massive bank of international business telephone numbers available in over 40 counties, any one of which can be the differentiator between you and your competition. Saving money with a cloud-based telephone solution is already the best bet for many modern businesses, especially for those looking to expand internationally. Just as a relatively outdated on-site PBX system isn’t realistic for most businesses today, neither is launching massive global expansions with an armada of employees and infrastructure. By adopting a virtual telephone network, however, adding international numbers to your service broadens your footprint, increases your exposure, and accelerates your growth all without bringing on costly exposure associated with traditional expansion.

Just like with new local or toll free numbers, adding international numbers is quick and easy with VirtualPBX. You can start by taking a guided tour through the unified communications options that will help your company the most right now. The global economy is growing 24 hours a day, how long will you wait to grow with it? More importantly, how many of your competitors will have read this first? Identify where you want to go and begin making plans to plant your flag there, today!

Concierge Service Hits the Big Leagues

Big LeaguesBy now you’ve probably heard about the VirtualPBX Concierge Service, but if you haven’t yet, here’s another reason why you two should get acquainted. As a refresher, Concierge Service from VirtualPBX is the fully committed telecommunications expert who is your complete system monitoring and strategy specialist. In addition to being a trusted advisor and capable tactician who consistently will help you get the most out of your business by getting more out of your communications network, we’ve peppered in a few added bonuses to beginning a Concierge relationship that boost the value even more.

Make an Entrance

In Major League Baseball, players often labor over the specifics about the music that is played as they approach the batter’s box. This selection of music is not haphazardly stumbled upon. Being an exceptionally superstitious lot, baseball players have been known to tinker away at the artist, tracks, and portions thereof to finally dial-in on a combination of sounds that seems to bring good fortune at the plate. It’s difficult to believe that music is solely responsible for the outcome of an at-bat for a player. It’s also undeniable, however, that the right music or messaging can really set the tone for a situation, thereby not exactly dictating the outcome, but certainly having an impact at the onset. We want your business to get the best walkup possible, which is why we’re boosting our already packed Concierge Service offerings with exclusive access to now also include a free standard recording by our in-house professional greeting experts.

Movie Trailer Voiceover Guy

You know his voice, you can hear it in your head right now, “In a world, where zombies and dinosaurs are a constant threat…” Something about those voiceovers just always gets people’s attention, and try as we might, we’ll never be able to recreate it just right. That’s because he, and voice actors like the ones we employ for our recorded greetings have committed themselves to making the right sound for the most impact. Now, as part of the already unbeatable advantage Concierge Service provides, we’re including a free standard message from this talented group of professionals to use on your phone greeting at no extra charge. The Babe called his shot, for the rest of us there are awesome walkup songs.

To get started working with a Concierge agent of your own, or just for more information on the program, visit our Concierge Service Center.

So what are you waiting for? Your business is on deck and it’s almost time to step up to bat. This is the Big Leagues now, don’t you want to make a good impression?

Porting Numbers to Boost Performance

Porting Numbers When You Move Your BusinessWhen a business wants to bring an existing telephone number with them when they change telephone service, they can do that by porting it into the VirtualPBX system. Just like when you move and want to take the mailbox that your Great Aunt Sally made for you as a wedding present (even though you clearly had a designer mailbox on your registry) you can bring it to your new address and it will work the same, so too can you bring your telephone numbers. The process for porting is relatively simple on users and the reasons for why we offer this service so frequently vary. To clear up any confusion on the topic, however, we have these common frequently asked questions that our VirtualPBX Support Team have encountered.

Why porting is important for business-

  • Some vanity or toll-free numbers are in very high demand, especially true 1-800 numbers, so businesses rightfully treat them as assets and want to keep hold of them.
  • Customers value consistency, and for many long-standing operations, a move to a more powerful and cost-effective business phone system shouldn’t come at the expense of having to change their contact information.
  • Expansion is simplified by porting into a centralized VirtualPBX system. If you’re acquiring businesses, franchises, or other entities with existing telephone numbers, all the new contact information can be consolidated by porting those numbers into VirtualPBX while being able to route them all to a centralized office.

What numbers can be ported?

  • Almost any number can be ported into VirtualPBX including local, toll-free, and even international numbers from over 40 countries.
  • Porting a number will take anywhere from 3-5 business days for toll-free numbers and local numbers will take longer depending on the number’s existing carrier.

How do I get started?

I thought you’d never ask! It’s easy to begin and you have a couple of different options to begin porting in your numbers.

There’s never a bad time to boost your company’s performance with a more powerful business tool, but when you can keep your existing contact numbers and save money in the process, that makes it a home run. Bringing your business to the forefront of cloud-based communications technology without having to rebrand your company has never been easier, so get started today!