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An Early Present: Snap Recordings Holiday Greetings From VirtualPBX

early-presentEvery time I hear my friends discussing the various gift-giving traditions in their families, I am reminded of how different all of our expectations really are. I have some Jewish friends who do the traditional eight days of gifts and some who save it all for the end. I know people who celebrate Christmas with a morning full of gifts and some other who open them all the night before on Christmas Eve. Then there are others still who defer or advance their gifts considerably from their respective holidays to accommodate time spent with certain distant relatives. The one thing I’ve found to be consistent over all of these families, however, is that the children involved always think it’s too long of a wait to get to the unwrapping. While this may invite a conversation about how deeply consumerism has permeated this time of the year, I think it’s better to focus on how awesome an early present is, instead. And with that in mind, we have our own early present to give to you!

For You, From Us – Free Holiday Recordings

One of our business partners, Snap Recordings, has been providing professional studio-quality recordings for our customers for years and the results have been terrific. It was with that in mind that we decided to partner with them again for something special for our customers this holiday season. Starting today, businesses can download one of eight free holiday recordings from Snap Recordings! This is an unprecedented offer from the Hollywood caliber talent pool that Snap Recordings relies on and something we’re proud to offer to all of our customers.

The Real Spirit of the Season

We routinely build products on the notion that everyone who uses VoIP should benefit from the best options out there. It was with this same philosophy that we’ve decided to offer these free holiday recordings from Snap Recordings to anyone who needs them, not just our customers. Simply follow this link to the eight, pre-recorded holiday greetings, choose which one you want, and download it for your business’ use. It’s that simple!

We believe that this early present will help any business present a more polished, professional, and festive appearance during the holidays. Furthermore, we believe that every business, not just our own customers, should benefit from a little extra consideration, and we’re happy to offer that to you all.

Make sure to share with us your favorite holiday traditions, unwrapping practices, and which one of these early present recordings you chose to use on our Twitter account or Facebook page. Until then and no matter what your traditions may be, have a safe and happy holiday season!

Introducing The Brand New VoIP Clear Fix Service from VirtualPBX

new-voip-clear-fix-serviceEvery technology has a field of experts that specialize in maintaining and repairing all of the types of challenges those users of the technology encounter. This shouldn’t be a foreign concept to anyone who has ever taken their car to a mechanic or even taken a garment to a tailor for alterations. Expertise on a topic and the ability to correct typically hasn’t been dependent on knowledge of one specific brand or style, but rather on a greater understanding of the area in general. That’s what really defines an expert. This is why we found it strange that there existed no such option for companies who rely on VoIP for their communications beyond the Customer Support of their service provider. And that is exactly why we decided to build the industry’s first, totally brand agnostic telephony optimization service. Introducing the brand new VoIP Clear Fix Service from VirtualPBX!

What is VoIP Clear Fix Service?

Remember the lonely Maytag Repairman who never had anything to do because of the reliability of those Maytag appliances he was trained to service? Well, imagine if he had taken his wealth of repair knowledge and offered it to owners of all sorts of appliances. This is a lot like what we’ve been able to do with our brand new VoIP Clear Fix Service. VoIP Clear Fix Service is a series of steps taken for the owner of a hosted communications network to optimize, protect, and maintain impeccable voice traffic without compromising the overall data use of an organization. We accomplish this through several steps that build an alternate channel for all of your voice communications to be routed via our protected hosted environment. By creating an impenetrable tunnel for your voice communications that bypasses all of your company’s typical internet traffic, we create the ideal environment for all of your hosted communications from important conference calling to Johnson checking his Fantasy Football team.

Who Can Use VoIP Clear Fix?

Because we had been building this type of voice protections for our clients for so long, we started to get referrals to members of other hosted telecom service providers who wanted the same benefits. This is where we revolutionized the Maytag Repairman approach to providing this service. Variations in software as a service for voice communications certainly exist, and we are proud to have benefitted from differentiating some of our VoIP platforms to our competitors’ accordingly. However, much of the actual network architecture that needs to be manipulated in order to create an optimized telecommunications system is universal. Therefore, we are able to offer this service to any company that employs a hosted business phone system, regardless of their provider.

How To Get Started

This is perhaps the easiest part of it all. We have a nationwide network of remote teams who are on call to deploy VoIP Clear Fix Service solutions anywhere in the lower 48 United States. Additionally, our in-house Support Experts are also here 365 days a year from 7:00 AM-7:00 PM Pacific Time to field your questions and get you started. To find out what type of optimizations we can provide for your business with a VoIP Clear Fix Service, simply follow this link to get the process started. You are just a few minutes and clicks away from never having to worry about your telephone network failing again, thanks to the all-new VoIP Clear Fix Service from VirtualPBX!

Be Home For The Holidays With Auto Attendant

home-for-the-holidaysMaybe you’ve already checked-out for the holidays because you still haven’t gotten over your tryptophan stupor, or maybe you’re the one holding down the fort at the office until New Years Eve. Either way, you can’t deny the fact that a lot of offices turn into ghost towns around this time of year. So what are you doing at work, then? Did you know that you can be home for the holidays without missing out on work? It’s true! Plus, with an advanced telephone system like Dash it’s a lot easier than trying to get an additional few days of PTO from HR, too.

Don’t Abandon Ship, Just Keep Her in Port

Okay, that might be slightly off as a metaphor, but only because you’re actually taking the ship home with you. Hosted PBX telephone systems, or most familiarly know as VoIP, are cloud-based equivalents of the traditional copper-wired lined PBX systems of yesteryear. That means that they are portable and travel with you just like all of the cloud-based applications you already have on your smart phone. For companies that rely on a virtual phone system like Dash, working from home, the in-laws’, or from the road is all just as effective as being in the office. Plus, these mobility benefits are just the tip of the iceberg of VoIP because there are unique features that make business, especially during the holidays, much easier to get done.

Auto Attendant

Of all of the great features that make a modern hosted telephone system superior to an on-site PBX, the most important one for people looking to have a flexible schedule during the holidays is Auto Attendant. Auto Attendant is basically like having someone at the office to field and forward calls for the rest of the team. Furthermore, because all of the features in Dash are fully customizable, Auto Attendant can be used for anything from a simple greeting and call forwarding all the way to delineating an array of extensions and options for your callers. No matter how Auto Attendant is used, however, the fact is that it doesn’t require you or your teammates to be in the office for it to work. This frees up the schedules of everyone who wants to celebrate the season with their loved ones.

The fact that VoIP makes this possible for every occasion from Thanksgiving to Boxing Day might be one of the reasons that 70% of businesses are expected to transition to a hosted telephone system in the next two years . For those businesses that may need more of a reason, though, they can compare the benefits of a hosted PBX over an on-site PBX. Once you’ve decided to switch, join in the conversation with other mobile-friendly businesses by following us on Twitter or Facebook. In the meanwhile, enjoy the holidays and thanks for checking out our blog!

How to Get Inbox Zero in 5 Easy Steps and Stay There

inbox-zeroWe hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving, and if you’re not over the tryptophan yet, may we suggest a coffee IV? That’s because, in case you haven’t noticed yet, business keeps marching along even during the holidays. The problem many people encounter during this time of year is balancing productivity with a seemingly ceaseless onslaught of scheduling conflicts, out of office notifications, and their own plans to get away. With all of this absenteeism and celebration, it’s no surprise that many companies in the B2B space experience troughs that stretch from November to January. The actual surprise is that in spite of the dip in business, it can still be just as hard to achieve Inbox Zero now as it is any other time of the year. Until you read these next steps, of course.

Inbox Zero is a State of Mind

To prevent a self-defeating cycle of disappointment, it’s important to remember one thing about Inbox Zero before you set out to achieve it. Specifically that the satisfaction of seeing a big zero in the new messages folder is fleeting because, as sure as the sun will rise, you will get another email. In fact, the man who coined the term Inbox Zero, Merlin Mann, wasn’t even referring to the actual number of emails you have, but how much attention you give to them when you need to be doing other tasks. That’s a good point to remember when setting out on the task of streamlining your messages so that you aren’t discouraged when you have to start at it again.

Achieving Inbox Zero

Now that we’ve gotten the existential platitudes out of the way, like many of you, I really just like to see an empty inbox. Inbox Zero means I don’t have a growing list of tasks that I haven’t yet addressed. To get to that mythical promised land, and more importantly to stay there, start by taking these steps-

  • Start by unsubscribing to anything you don’t need to read everyday. You know that vacation sweepstakes you signed up for? It probably came with signing up for several newsletters or marketing emails. And really, do you need to know about the latest in flip-flop developments every week?
  • Consider using multiple inboxes. This process is a way to make sure that emails are organized not by the time they arrive, but by the topics or responsibilities they cover. Setting-up multiple inboxes in Gmail is easy, and this guide will walk you through it.
  • Label everything. Even if you aren’t using multiple inboxes, a strong labeling system will help you quickly read, categorize, and archive for later anything.
  • Archive everything. While we’re talking in superlatives, there’s nothing you should need that you can’t keep in archive once it has passed. Emails aren’t your HR department or finance team, so don’t treat them like the place to store everything. If it’s something that is so important that you have to access it all the time, consider using Google Drive or just saving it on your device.
  • Try ”Yesterboxing.” This is the term that Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh gives to the process of deferring opening one new message until he has opened 10 of his older messages. This is a good way to make sure that whittling down or staying on top of the ever-growing list of emails.

Then Inbox Zero Everything Else

Voicemail is another area that can get backed up before you know it, so take the same approach with that inbox to avoid similar frustration. Do that by employing tools like Auto Attendant and a Virtual Receptionist to make sure that, if you’re unavailable, callers are directed to someone else in the organization who can help them. Or, even better, try employing an intelligent call forwarding system like Follow me Calling that can direct business calls to any other device you want.

By following these suggestions on how to achieve Inbox Zero on all of your devices, you can unclutter your workday, everyday. Plus, because you can access both your email and your business phone from any smartphone, now you can be connected to all of your business communications no matter where your travels take you during the holidays and beyond.

VirtualPBX Thanksgiving – We’re Grateful for Humble Beginnings

humble thanksgivingYou’ve probably heard the story before about a couple of visionaries getting together somewhere in a basement or garage in Silicon Valley to start something big. We have, too, but mostly from the people who founded VirtualPBX. We are proud to be the industry leader in advanced business phone system design, but we’re equally proud of the fact that we didn’t start that way. Being as closely tied to our own small business heritage as we are has defined how we’ve run our business, designed our products, and given back to the business community. At this time when people often reflect on all that has been good in their lives, we’re grateful for, among many things, our humble beginnings.

Built From A Small Business, To Help Small Business

Admittedly, it may be hard to envision where we have come from now that we have employees all over the world and an ever-growing, dynamic core group in our San Jose headquarters. But because we have remained steadfast in our quest to help businesses boost their appearance, and thereby their revenue, with enterprise grade phone systems for startup prices, we’ve retained much of the identity and focus of a smaller organization. Now, with thousands of small businesses all relying on our products and services to level the playing field between themselves and their competitors, our devotion to small businesses is more impactful than ever. It’s with that in mind that we’d like to encourage you all to focus on two things this Thanksgiving weekend.

Small Business Saturday

First, we’d like to remind you all that this Saturday, November 26, 2016, is Small Business Saturday. This is a time for you to not only save on all of your best holiday shopping for the season but also to support the millions of men and women in local retail who are the backbone of our economy. The next thing we’d encourage you to remember this Thanksgiving is that, while we may not always agree on everything as a country or even a family, we are a nation founded on the most ambitious and admirable of all possible philosophies. And it is with that in mind that we recognize what we’re most grateful for; we were born in and remain piloted from the only place where a couple of techie guys can MacGyver their own electrical power grid one day and build it into an international company committed to helping entrepreneurs realize their own dreams. That’s a true privilege, and we’re grateful for you being a part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at VirtualPBX!

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