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More Dash Integrations with Webhooks Than Ever Before

We’ve had a busy year of improvements and enhancements to our premier hosted business telephone service, Dash, but there’s still time to make gains before the calendar rolls over. That’s why we chose to press the gas down in our innovation labs and have just this week launched the all new features for Dash as part of our overall Business Phone Integrations compatibility strategy. Starting now, all Dash Basic, Pro, and Unlimited Plans will come with the ability to include Webhooks Integrations that work with as many as 750 of the most popular and useful business applications.

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Dash Integrations With Webhooks Explained

When we launched the Salesforce CRM and VirtualPBX Softphone Integration, we knew we had touched a nerve with our customers. The rate at which people began to swarm to the new integration proved just how valuable it is to be able to automatically combine data from a telephone contact into other pertinent business systems. Therefore, we saw this and wanted to expand on the benefits our customers could have from using their Dash Plans, which is why we’ve unveiled the new Webhooks integrations for Dash. Just like Salesforce CRM integration allows for call functions to be communicated to and activated from the CRM platform, this functionality allows for call data to work equally cohesively with hundreds of other business applications, too. Plus, with the popularity of these types of integrations being abundantly clear, we’ve also decided to give the first integration away for each system for free! That’s correct, every Dash Basic, Pro, and Unlimited Plan will each enjoy the first Webhook for free, and any additional ones will only cost $9.99/month.

How to Get Started

As anyone who has been following our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap can tell you, we’ve already opened up the Webhooks options to all of our customers and so you can just hop into your Dash account and start playing around with them. If you have any questions, of course, we’re always available for you 24/7, or you can take a look at our Online Support Guide for Dash and Webhooks to see if you can troubleshoot your way through it, too. Also, because we’ve recently announced our big plans for a massive Cyber Monday Sale that will include all of our Dash Plans, if you’re not yet on our popular, award-winning platform, there’s never been a better time to switch. Simply follow the banner below for all the details and we’ll have your business integrated beyond what you ever thought was possible (and for way less than you’d expect) in no time!

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The Biggest Ever VirtualPBX Cyber Monday Sale Is Coming!

cyber monday saleIf you’ve noticed the changes in your local supermarkets, shopping malls, and coffee shops, then you’re very well aware that the holiday season is upon us. While I would argue that technically, it isn’t, the retailers of the world seem disinterested in the specifics of the calendar and many of whom are well in the swing of things for their biggest seasonal sales bumps of the year. We don’t blame them at all, in fact, many of our own customers have been working hard to prepare for their own Small Business Saturday events. That’s why we’re going to let you in on a little secret we’ve been keeping for a while now…

VirtualPBX Cyber Monday Sale!

That’s right! We’re having our largest sale ever on November 27, 2017, the Monday after Thanksgiving and more commonly known as Cyber Monday. We’ll be having savings of 20% on all Dash Business Phone Service! We’ve never done anything like this before but wanted to make this Cyber Monday one you’ll never forget. Plus, in addition to the great savings that will only be available for one day (Cyber Monday, to be exact), we’re also extending incredible deals that include our award-winning VirtualPBX Concierge Service, too. Add that to the existing deals we have on VoIP phones and hardware currently running as part of our online store grand opening, and November can be the biggest month for savings that your business has ever seen!

Mark Your Calendars

Again, the VirtualPBX Cyber Monday Sale is only going to last for one day and one day only, so you definitely won’t want to miss out. Let us help you out by sending you a reminder, simply sign up for notifications at the bottom of the promotion page, and we’ll keep you in the loop for the big day. Plus, you can always get the low-down on our latest news and promotions by following us on Twitter and Facebook, too. No matter how you remember to check out the deals, though, make sure to enjoy your pumpkin spiced everything in the coming days because you’ll need all of the energy you can get to snag all the savings we’ll offer your business!

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Save Big During Our New Online Store’s Grand Opening

grand openingWe’ve just wrapped up construction on our shiny new online retail shop and we’d like to invite you to come check it out! Because we understand that a house warming party is more fun with some door prizes, though, we’ve decided to make the new online store grand opening well worth your while. Right now, you can enjoy up to 20% off selected VoIP phones and devices for the next week! Don’t delay, though, because these deals won’t be around forever!

What Makes VirtualPBX VoIP Phones so Great?

Well, besides the current deal of up to 20% off on all of our in-stock VoIP phones, adapters, and other VoIP equipment, our list of recommended hardware is special in another way, too. Because we’ve been in the VoIP industry for as long as there has been a VoIP industry, we know a thing or two about how to spot quality hardware. Every item on our recommended list of devices is subjected to the most stringent battery of assessments to test for things like sound quality, durability, reliability, and overall value compared to products with feature parity. As a result, we’ve assembled the most highly scrutinized list of products for businesses with budgets ranging from bare bones to bigwig. And no matter which items you want, everything is already priced to please even the most restrictive of accounts payable clerks with our new online store’s grand opening savings! To make it even easier, we’ve even extended the promotional savings to every phone you can find right here on just like the Yealink phone below, too!

Act Fast, Tell Your Friends

The only thing better than getting a killer deal is being able to share your good fortune with other people, too. That doesn’t mean we’re suggesting that you outfit your colleague’s office with new VoIP phones along with your own purchases (we’re not going to stop you from doing that, either, though…), but it does mean you can share these deals with them online. But don’t wait, because the grand opening savings on our new online shop are only good for a short time. Then we just stay open, really. So go ahead and pick out your favorite phones today and if you have any questions, make sure to ask us through the site’s online chat or on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll be happy to help!

Salesforce Dreamforce and VirtualPBX Softphone & CRM Integrations

Salesforce DreamforceIf you’re anywhere near the Silicon Valley, or if you’ve simply worked anywhere near modern sales teams over the past decade or so, you probably already know that Salesforce’s Dreamforce is this week. For the handful of you who may not be familiar with this annual event, let me assure you, it is kind of a big deal in the tech world. First and foremost, this is the 15th annual Dreamforce and it’s expected to draw crowds that top last year’s record-setting 120,000+ attendees from 83 different countries. Even if a business isn’t relying on Salesforce’s key customer relationship management (CRM) software, it’s difficult to argue that the product isn’t meaningful in the business world when faced with numbers like those.

Cruise Ships, Circus Acts, and U2

No, that isn’t the weirdest Jeopardy! category ever, it’s a reference to some of the wild and outrageous events that have gone down at past Dreamforce events. The fact is that if you’ve been named as the world’s most innovative tech company six times in a row by Forbes Magazine, getting a chance to go all out for your customers and your industry means you really go all out. But more than just a sideshow, Dreamforce is still very much linked to the roots of its relatively humble beginnings. Much like many other tradeshows, this exposition began as a way to unveil products, interact with users, and showcase success stories all to generate new business. One of the biggest aspects and largest draws of Dreamforce and events like it, though, typically has to do with new products and partnerships. Unfortunately for Salesforce, though, we scooped them with our own big news this year about one of our latest and greatest integrations; the Salesforce CRM and VirtualPBX Softphone Integration for Dash!

Combining Two Excellent Systems

When two award-winning and essential platforms like the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone and Salesforce CRM want to join into a cohesive, singular platform, you can’t just layer them atop each other and call it quits. That’s why our engineers worked to ensure that both systems integrated flawlessly and were intuitive, contributing platforms for each other. Additionally, in proving that for certain collaborations the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, they added new functionality including data visualizations and real-time, one-click calling features as well. VirtualPBX Softphone and Salesforce CRM Integrations are even available for an industry-leading value when they’re paired with Dash Unlimited for endless sales production, too. While this collaboration may not have the glitz and glam of a U2 rock concert, it definitely puts businesses ahead of their competition with speed and efficiency. And that’s definitely something we think is worth celebrating.

Are You Headed to Dreamforce?

Now with the event in full swing, the commotion is already at an all-time high here in San Francisco. Are you in town or are you watching along from home? If so, let us know by reaching out on Twitter or Facebook to let us know what you think so far. Or, if you want to join in on the keynote speakers and some of the festivities, you can also use the live streaming link for Dreamforce and watch along from almost anywhere. Hey, that’s also where you can use our VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone, too! Coincidence? Probably not.

Use DNIS to Unify Black Friday & Cyber Monday Retail Promotions

DNIS Black Friday Cyber MondayIf you have been anywhere near the United States of America for the past 20 or 30 years, you know all too well how insane the days following Thanksgiving are for retail. Horror stories of people being trampled and fistfights erupting at retail stores with door-buster deals have been woefully commonplace as the Black Friday sales earn their dark moniker. However, with the proliferation of online sales from both local and national retailers, some of the chaos that has plagued the shopping malls of America has subsided. The split in where shoppers go to purchase holidays gifts for their friends and family (or sometimes for themselves, as is the case too often in this author’s experience) has created a unique challenge as retailers have been pressed to choose which channel to focus their attention to during this critical sales period. DNIS, or Direct Number Identification Service, is a telephony technology that unifies the efforts of hybrid online/brick-and-mortar retailers and helps to track the ROI on marketing efforts at the same time.

DNIS for Holiday Sales: Two Birds, One Number

A DNIS is a number that advanced telephone service providers, typically on a hosted business phone system like Dash, offer to companies that serve a variety of purposes, but that can also track seasonal promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By including a unique DNIS telephone number (including toll-free, if desired) with all of the seasonal promotions that a company creates, they accomplish several key objectives for a successful holiday sales season.

  • Cohesive Promotion Materials By having one number to use for an ad campaign surrounding the holiday sales period, a business can ensure that there is brand continuity across all platforms. Plus, because audiences to a digital ad can either click-through to an e-commerce site, call, or even inspire a visit in person, it’s important that they have uniformity in how to reach out.
  • Accurate ROI Tracking Because holiday traffic can be new business or returning customers, discerning who is actually coming in as a result of your ad campaign can be difficult. DNIS allows for all of that to be easily tracked and recorded and call-volume can be pulled in real time from an online dashboard.
  • Seasonal Branding Also, because DNIS numbers are made a la carte to serve your needs as they arise, this also creates a fun branding opportunity, as well. VirtualPBX owns tens of thousands local, toll-free, and international telephone numbers, any of which can be used as your next DNIS option. With that great of a pool to draw from, choosing a holiday specific and on-brand vanity number that is easy to remember and a good representation of your brand is just another benefit that DNIS provides.

Get Your DNIS Campaign Started Now

The clock is ticking and you may already begun seeing (far too many, in some cases) holiday decorations all over. That’s why securing your DNIS number now and getting your campaign started ASAP is so important. Act now and get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling on capturing all of the important holiday retail sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that you can.

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