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Fall In Love With VoIP

Valentine's Day Fall In Love With VoIPLet’s just get a couple of things out of the way right now. First, guys if you don’t know, Valentine’s Day is one week after the Super Bowl. Use the big game as a reminder and don’t forget it, trust me on this one. Second, as much as you are going to enjoy the way VirtualPBX can improve your work life, it will do nothing for your love life. To be clear, gifting VoIP to your significant other will probably hurt things at home, but I’m not about to discourage you from trying. Judgment-free zone.

Now that we covered those two items, we’re ready to hop into what will surely be the best decision you ever made; the day you decided to make it official and commit to VoIP for your business!

  • Trust is the Foundation – With operational downtime reduced to nearly non-existent times, VirtualPBX is the business partner you can trust.
  • Willing to Grow – Because all of the features on VirtualPBX VoIP plans are hosted in the cloud, there is no resistance to change when it’s time to grow your system.
  • Anticipates Your NeedsFollow Me Calling assures that even if you have unexpected travels, your telephone system can bring your office with you.
  • There For You When You Need It – With award-winning Support located right here in sunny California, you know that VirtualPBX is in it for the long haul.

No matter what you’re looking for in a business partner, VirtualPBX has the flexibility, the willingness, and the character of one you can trust. We’re a family here at VirtualPBX and we treat each one of our customers just as they were one of us. At the pillar of our core values is the immutable commitment to doing the right thing, so if you think we’re taking this “partner” analogy a bit far, I can assure you that we couldn’t possibly take it far enough.

To remind you one more time before we close, enjoy the game this weekend, but please remember to pre-order some flowers or something. Also, while you’re at it, set-aside a couple of minutes to explore what else (besides a fulfilling and reliable partner, of course) VirtualPBX’s hosted telephone service can offer your business this Valentine’s Day.

Super Bowl Hangover

Super Bowl L makes work from home a need for businessI know, the big game hasn’t even been played yet, what am I talking about a hangover for? Because here in the Bay Area the Super Bowl actually seemed to begin about three weeks ago. Everything from skyscraper-sized sponsor spots to a crop of concerts, tapings, and events has driven much of already congested veins of traffic on the peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose to a decisive, grinding halt. Granted that for an area of sports fans as ravenous as the Bay Area, this is a fine problem to have, while the myriad sideshows of the Super Bowl rage on, the impact that they have on the day-to-day of the bustling local economy is significant. That’s why, even now well in advance of kickoff, Super Bowl L is already beginning to feel like a party that we’ve stayed too long at.

Employee Benefits

If there’s one thing that business in San Francisco is known for, it’s for being progressive. From the notoriously casual work attire to the much reported-on perks and lifestyle integrations like dog-friendliness and ping-pong, startup culture is hallmarked by as much leisure as venture capital. So it’s no surprise when the first reports of Super Bowl work hours and office schedules began to surface. Even the older, stuffier industries in the Financial District of San Francisco have taken to loosening the reins and allowing for flexible work-from-home (WFH) options to employees who need to traverse the seemingly endless expanse of road closures and security checkpoints leading into Super Bowl City.

Tools for Everyone

Sure, you’ll say, these fancy venture-backed upstarts have all the tools available to them in the world, of course they are working from home. They probably all have home offices and computers bought for them by their boss, King Midas! No, that’s not exactly the case. In fact, more of the companies in the Bay Area are switching to lower cost, hosted communications systems each day. While the cost of their office space may suggest otherwise, most of the companies here are in dire need of cutting costs just like anywhere, and they’ve found that the reliability and flexibility of hosted telephone systems have proven to be an indispensable part of their communications strategy. It’s these unified communications strategies that allow for the flexibility to react to environmental conditions that impact employees. Conditions like say, about 1,000,000 people flooding into streets that were built for a fraction of that and are already burdened well beyond their capacity. This is totally a hypothetical, but for instance, if that happened it would probably warrant a late arrival at the least.

Getting Started

You don’t have to pull up stakes and head west to get in on this sweet WFH action. You don’t even need to need to be worried about the single biggest annual sporting event on the planet clogging-up your streets to try and get a Get Out of Jail Free card. All you need to do is make the switch to a hosted telephone platform for your own business. By doing that you’ll empower yourself and your employees to work quickly and efficiently from anywhere on the planet that they can find a data or internet connection. Plus, because WFH has been proven to boost engagement and employee satisfaction, switching to VoIP now may also be the best thing you’ve done for you business in a while.

No matter where you (or we) may find ourselves working from over the next several days, however, we’re always available for any of your questions or concerns right here in sunny California. So sign up for a personal tour of our cloud communications, follow us on Twitter, or simply read more to learn how the future of advanced communications for your business isn’t as out-of-reach as you may think. And go Broncos.

VirtualPBX 5 Version 2.0

VirtualPBX 5

Between budgeting, layoffs, and losing those few extra pounds acquired over the holidays, it’s that blue time of year for many people. Unfortunately this article cannot help to solve those woes, but instead my goal is to teleport you to the mystical world of ‘blog-spiration’. Between the tech gadgets hitting the market in 2016, and the Super Bowl next week there is quite a bit to be thankful for right now. So grab a hot cup of joe and get cozy because VirtualPBX 5 version 2.0 is ready to warm your heart.

  1. If James Bond was ever seduced by a non combustion engine, it would be the Bolt M-1.Bolt M-1
  2. The worlds smallest FPV drone allows you to do 360° flips and stream live video. Did we mention it is office friendly?
  3. A new generation, a new infomercial. We introduce you to the ‘minimercial’.
  4. Remember the Circuit City glory days when people would travel from afar to visit the cool gadget paradise? The good news is that you will have a chance to relive the nostalgia soon.
  5. The smallest business ever to run an ad in the Super Bowl is making it’s big debut. *Cue the slow clap

Preventing Winter Business Closures on the East Coast

Blizzards shut down East Coast and cost Businesses MillionsA classic Nor’easter blizzard by the name of Jonas certainly did a number on the East Coast over the weekend. The massive storm system blanketed millions of people and businesses with more than record snowfalls as storm surges and gale-force winds also wrecked havoc up and down the Atlantic states. While many city governors are applauding citizens for heeding the many emergency warnings, many more are still urging people to stay off of the roads while crews work to clear the record-setting snowfall. While many millions of school children are enjoying snowdays, however, millions more businesses need to scramble to account for the missing revenue of these off days.

“This is worse than Sandy.”

Those were the words of Keith Laudeman, a small business owner in Cape May, New Jersey, who compared Jonas to the 2012 Superstorm Sandy. Laudeman has been preparing for or battling off the flooding caused from Jonas since the previous Wednesday and will spend upwards of two more weeks with repairs from the flood before he can reopen. The potential for three weeks off from studies due to a snow storm would be music to most schoolchildren’s ears, but to a small business owner in a vacation town who is already in the slowest part of his year to miss out on crucial revenue the news can be catastrophic. Millions of homes and businesses that were left powerless in the wake of Sandy, and the cost of those outages reached well into the billions. Even if you weren’t in a coastal town that had flooding to content with in addition to the record-setting snowfall, every day of inactivity costs your business dearly.

Don’t Just Up and Quit Your Job One Day

Or do, we’re not here to judge. The point is that you wouldn’t leave your stable gig without something to replace it with already lined-up, would you? No, of course not. That’s just as inadvisable as leaving your entire business unprotected against outages. As scary as it is to think about having your entire business continuity rely not effort, but rather to dangle precariously in the balance whenever there is the slightest disruption, there are far too many businesses that do. IT downtime alone costs businesses over $26 billion a year, so to combine those costs with repairs from a massive storm plus the compounded issues of lost revenue and customers, the narrow margins for error when it comes to failover systems for your business only tighten further.

It really is easy, though, to keep up and running. With a reliable telephone failover system as part of a business continuity plan, any business can operate with impunity in the face of the increasingly unpredictable weather. We don’t suggest you go out storm-chasing or anything, but you won’t have to bat an eye if your building loses power or gets snowed-in because emergency failover systems mirror your existing phone system and host a carbon copy back up of it in the cloud. Alternatively, you could anticipate that a storm is coming and, much like Jonas hit over the weekend, just plan for your team to stay home and then activate the communications back-up on Monday morning while everyone works safely from the comfort of their own home.

There are even more benefits to having a hosted emergency failover system preside over your business including keeping your team safe and informed during emergencies and keeping your customers informed with automated messages. You can learn more about how to benefit from the flexibility and low barriers to entry into the world of hosted telephone communications by arranging for a free personal tour of a VirtualPBX cloud-based service and seeing how to maximize your business’ potential, no matter what the weather looks like.

PBX Parachute & El Niño – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

El Niño and PBX ParachuteIn the first week of 2016, rain has been coming to the drought-stricken state of California. Lots and lots of rain. Between flooding on three of the Bay Area’s busiest freeways, intermittent power outages, and the classical Californian ineptitude for safely navigating wet roads, getting work done has been an adventure lately. Plus, with another week of rain right around the corner, more businesses are realizing the need for contingency plans if they expect to keep their doors open through this much-needed rainy season.

El Niño & the Terrible Twos

The onslaught on extreme weather barreling in from the Pacific Ocean is part of the El Niño effect that we have been warning you about for the past several months. Now that it has begun to hit the Californian coastline, the extreme unpredictability has begun to spread across the United States as well. Everything from massive flooding in Missouri, deadly tornadoes in Texas, and even the third coldest game ever played in NFL history this past weekend in Minnesota all mark just the beginning of what will likely be a record-setting year for dangerous and disruptive weather. Unlike pie-eating contests or consecutive free throws made, however, these types of records are not the types of benchmarks you wish to eclipse.

Beat the Weather

When El Niño is throwing a tantrum the best thing you can do is ignore it and not engage. Sure, that looks good on paper, but it isn’t as easily accomplished by a business that is trying not to encourage a rainstorm. Fortunately for you, when you have a hosted telephone system from VirtualPBX, you have the flexibility and mobility of one of the most reliable networks in the cloud. That means that if your own I-80 (or 280 or 101 or any other freeway here) is flooded over, your office park has a power outage, or you just don’t want to swim across your carport to your car, you can work from home or anywhere you can find higher ground and an internet connection. Because you’re connected to your customers through the internet, if you’re already at work when the storm hits and you lose all of your utilities, you never really go down and can take your business with you to a safe location.

You can still benefit from the same failover that VirtualPBX users enjoy even if you’re on a traditional, on-site PBX, too. By employing PBX Parachute, a hosted telephone failover system that mirrors your existing phone set-up, you too can have the confidence that comes from knowing that no matter if it’s raining cats and dogs, you’ll be able to stay busy with your customers. Whereas a hosted phone system is always online and accessed through the cloud, PBX Parachute mirrors the on-site PBX and when access to it is disrupted, it instantly deploys via the cloud and your business lines stay hot without skipping a beat.

Read more about PBX Parachute with our Data Sheet or make an appointment to take a personal tour through the benefits of unified communications through the cloud and start battening down the hatches for the next storm today!