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Customer Service Automation: Webhooks & Zapier

customer service automation

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Customer Service Automation: Webhooks & Zapier

Here at VirtualPBX, we understand the importance of customer service automation for businesses. Our very own Customer Success Coordinator, Kathy, needed to find a way to accurately track her teams activity in Pipedrive CRM and be able to follow up with received voicemails. With the VirtualPBX Webhooks and Zapier integrations, she was able to monitor and  improve the efficiency of her team through automation and advanced reports. Let’s take a closer look into how she did this. 

Customer Service automation: Voicemail Notifications with Zaps

What is a zap? A Zap is an automated workflow that connects your apps and services together. Each Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs.

So where does VirtualPBX come into play? VirtualPBX is an app within Zapier. This integration allows you to move data between apps or automate repetitive tasks, such as customer service automation tasks. Within the VirtualPPBX and Zapier integration, you can choose a trigger. For Kat and her team, it was the “New Voicemail in VirtualPBX” trigger (see image to the right). Once the customer service automation is triggered, a deal is created in Pipedrive (our CRM). This deal is also associated with the customer who called and the organization they belong to. To make things even more efficient, a transcript of that voicemail is attached as a note to the deal and to that customer’s record. To keep the team on their toes, a notification message is sent in Slack so that Kathy and her team know that they had received a new voicemail. Pretty easy, huh?

customer service automation

Track Team Activity with Webhooks & Zapier

Webhooks are an HTTP-based callback function that allows lightweight, event-driven communication between application programming interfaces (APIs). Webhooks are used by both web apps and business software programs to receive small amounts of data from each other.

A webhook is a mechanism that allows an app to provide other apps with real-time information. It is a simple way to integrate one app with another, such as subscribing to updates from an RSS feed and receiving live updates on your Slack channel.

Webhooks can be managed with some applications directly and can also be used in automation tools like Zapier, N8N, and others. In this case, Kathy chose to use Zapier since she has several other automations stored here already.

What exactly does her webhook do in the Zapier integration? They log calls received on the customer service queue as activities in Pipedrive. These are assigned to the VirtualPBX agent that took the call and associated with the customer account and caller to keep a helpful history.

Webhook Example of Customer Service Automation

Manage Your Business Better with The VirtualPBX & Zapier Integration

Automate your call flow with the VirtualPBX and Zapier integration. Use our Zapbook to connect to the apps you use everyday to perform automated tasks such as logging your call data, notifying team members about inbound calls, creating reports, and more!

It’s proven that zaps and webhooks help you manage your business better. We even use it ourselves, and will help you build custom automations! Take a look and compare our business VoIP phone plans to get started today!

** The Zapier Integration is included on all VirtualPBX phone plans. 

** Webhooks are included on the Flex, Pro & Premier Plans

customer service automation

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