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Auto Reply Text Messages Ensure Customers Get A Response

We understand how important communication is to your business. With our new auto reply text messages feature (aka auto response text), we’re here to ensure you’re always in touch with your contacts. This new automation allows you to permanently set up text message auto replies or for a set period of time. With the VirtualText App, auto reply texts (auto response text) can be created as templates that allow you to respond to incoming messages quickly and efficiently with the same message to repeat questions, such as business hours and frequently asked questions.
Auto Text Reply
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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Reply Texts

Companies work with aggregators to deliver SMS text messages. An SMS aggregator is the middleman between wireless carriers (ATT, Verizon, etc.) and the texting platform (VirtualText). Because service providers deal with large volumes of text messages, they can negotiate discounted pricing for a text messaging service. This allows providers to build enhanced features and interfaces and create texting services that companies can use to deliver messages from the texting platform to their customers.

Auto reply message samples are the fastest way to automate common customer questions and requests. Whether it’s a single question, or a series of questions, a canned automatic response allows you to get back to customers quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Business texting tools like the VirtualText App offer an easy-to-use auto-reply format. Just give your auto reply a name, choose the keyword(s) to trigger the auto-reply, input the message body, and you’re done!

We know that there’s still a lot of anxiety around texting etiquette. Don’t worry – If your business is new to texting, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get started. With a bit of preparation, you will engage your teams, customers, and leads like never before. Check out the blog here. 

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