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Rapid Implementation: Fast-Track Your Account Setup Journey

Say goodbye to tedious account setups with our automated rapid implementation wizardry, ensuring swift and effortless new account configurations. Need to port in a hurry? Our default quick porting option and on-demand port-slam capabilities have you covered. Elevating the registration process, our Quick SMS Registration adds another layer of speed and convenience. Adding devices? Auto-provisioning allows you to plug and play your hardware phones. 

Embrace efficiency, innovation, and unparalleled connectivity as we usher you into a new era of digital empowerment with rapid VoIP implementation.

rapid implementation

Surpassing Speed Limits: VirtualPBX Dominates Account Setup, Leaving Competitors in the Dust!

Step into a realm of unparalleled efficiency with VirtualPBX, where we’re not just redefining speed limits but leaving competitors in the dust! Our Rapid Implementation feature is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. By the time you receive your new accoutn credentials, the VirualPBX Team will automically set up a few features in your account for you.

Account setup includes:

  • Activating the number chosen at sign-up as your main account number
  • Setting up your main business greeting, including your company name
  • Configuring your admin user as the default option in your auto attendant
  • Adding a Web Phone on your admin user (Flex, Pro, or Premier accounts only)
  • Creating a voicemail box for your admin user, and assigning them an extension number

At VirtualPBX, we’re not just leading; we’re redefining the race for rapid phone system implementation. Join us and elevate your efficiency to new heights, leaving competitors in the rearview mirror. Your journey to unparalleled speed starts here.

What Are The Advantages of a Rapid Setup?

A fast account setup for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services offers several advantages:

  1. Quick Deployment: Faster account setup means businesses can deploy VoIP services swiftly, minimizing downtime and enabling rapid communication solutions.

  2. Efficiency and Productivity: Users can start using VoIP services sooner, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. There’s no prolonged waiting period for traditional phone line installations.

  3. Flexible Scaling: Businesses can quickly scale their VoIP services up or down based on their needs. Rapid account setup facilitates agility in adapting to changing communication requirements.

  4. Cost Savings: Fast account setup reduces the need for extensive on-site installations and associated labor costs. This can result in overall cost savings for businesses.

  5. Enhanced Collaboration: Swift access to VoIP services promotes quicker collaboration among team members, regardless of geographical locations. This is particularly beneficial for remote or distributed teams.

  6. Customer Satisfaction: In scenarios where VoIP services are part of customer interactions, fast setup ensures that businesses can provide prompt and efficient customer service, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

In summary, a fast account setup for VoIP services translates into immediate benefits, ranging from increased operational efficiency and cost savings to a competitive edge in the market. It empowers businesses to adapt quickly to the evolving needs of the digital landscape.

Transparent Value, Flexible Plans

Experience beyond swift implementation with VirtualPBX. Our leading-edge phone service and SMS VoIP features, coupled with an award-winning interface, establish us as the preferred provider for cloud-hosted business phone systems.

Beyond the Rapid Implementation features included for all customers, by opting for the Premier Plan, you unlock an additional benefit: a 30-day rollout support period. During this time, our dedicated team members will proactively construct and set up your account on your behalf.