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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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No matter the time, no matter your location, our team backs your business communications around the clock with free support so you can focus on – well – business.

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Help, When You Need It

VirtualPBX systems have been designed to provide the best reliability in the industry, with fault-tolerant components and near-zero downtime, but there is another industry differentiator we’re extremely proud to offer and that’s free Customer Support. Our Customer Support staff are eager to help and can be reached by online chat, email, or phone. The best part? We have staff available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, so no matter what your business hours may be, we’re here to help. For the tinkerers and self service gurus, we also provide training videos, tutorials, FAQs, and other documentation segmented by vConsole and Dash services – just follow the links below to continue.

Dash Interface

Dash Support

If you signed up with a VirtualPBX Dash Plan, originally introduced in January 2016, you most likely use the Dash web portal which looks like the image to the left.

Dash Support


vConsole Support

If you signed up with a VirtualPBX Office or Anywhere Plan, or began service before 2012, you are most likely a vConsole user and your web portal looks like the image to the left.

vConsole Support

Hours of Operation

contact supportDuring hours of operation, our teams are available to answer any questions you may have about your VirtualPBX system. We’re also proud to offer 24/7 Support, 365 days a year to all customers, so you can check in, ask questions, and get help whenever you may need it.

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24 hours/day, 365 days/year

Contact Billing
Contact our Billing Team for any questions you might have on your invoice, converting to a different plan, or any other general billing concerns Monday-Friday: 7am-5pm Pacific Time. Please send all physical mail to P.O. Box 8780, San Jose, CA 95155.