Why Summer Time is the Season of Sales

summer season of salesWell, if you’re anything like me, as soon as you see Memorial Day approaching on the calendar, all you can think about is your next adventure. Getting out into the wild for camping, hiking, or even just for a nice picnic and BBQ with the family is one of the hallmarks of warmer weather, and I for one can’t get enough of it. Warmer weather indicates more than just the time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, though. For most every single industry, there exists a sizable bump in revenue during the warmer parts of the year. That’s why as summer approaches businesses are as excited as school children because it indicates a season of sunshine and no class as much as a season of sales activity that can make or break a year.

Sell in May and Go Away

That’s a phrase I remember hearing a bunch as a stockbroker from some older, grizzled, and perhaps too cynical for his or her own good advisors. They said this because traditionally there is a slowing in the market’s advance over the summer months and so there was less opportunity to find a winning stock. This is a red herring in many respects because, no matter what direction the Dow Jones Industrial Average is headed, the opportunity to make money always exists. The same can be said for all of the other sectors that experience meaningful boosts during the summer months, too, and here are just a few of the more notable ones-

  • Real Estate: The housing market, even during down years, routinely experiences increases in listings, sales, and velocity all during the summer months. That includes homes selling at or above asking price, too. This is mainly due to the fact that homebuyers are more keen to move into a new home or conduct renovations during nicer weather.
  • Financial Services: Don’t let the “Sell in May” comment fool you, just because DJIA values may dip, that doesn’t mean sales activity does. Derivative options, hedges, bond sales and insurance products like annuities all see boosts in down markets. The fact is that no matter what direction the market goes, someone is winning on an investment.
  • Construction: For obvious reasons, construction projects hate inclement weather. The best way to avoid working in a snowstorm or continuous downpour is to plan all the projects that you can during better weather and, gasp, that’s exactly why there are more ground breaks for new construction projects in the spring and early summer than any other time of the year.
  • Durable Goods & Home Improvement: For very similar reasons to the construction effect, home improvement projects spike around this time of the year, too. Also, with the increase in home projects come with it the increase in durable good sales like grills, appliances, and even pools.
  • Online Retail: And in a case of the tail wagging the dog, retailers know that the added free time, nice weather, and longer periods of sunlight each day makes people ready to build and buy, so what do they do other than offer sales? I’m sure your mailbox is getting stuffed with various Memorial Day Sale info from everyone from grocery stores to home improvement and sporting goods, that is not a coincidence.
  • Travel Agencies: Not that this should come as any surprise to anyone, but summer time is one of the hottest travel periods of the year. And unlike Thanksgiving weekend, this is a full three months! Gas prices, car rentals, airfare, and all of the accouterment that accompanies travel all experience huge spikes as people rush to get out of town for the summer.

Maximize Your Profit, Maximize Your Play

The summer season of sales may create a buzz of electricity for many companies looking to capitalize on the heightened business activity potential. This may also create a longer, drearier existence for some sales organizations with antiquated sales processes. But for companies that leverage modern sales tools, they can efficiently and effectively take advantage of the healthy summer market without compromising their own enjoyment of the season. The VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone has always been one of the best ways to balance work and life by allowing team members to take their office phone with them to any remote place with internet access. Additionally, now that the award-winning VoIP service that powers the softphone is totally integrated with the industry-leading Salesforce CRM software, now sales teams are free to be as potent and effective in tracking leads and closing deals as they would be in the command central at their business HQ as they can be from literally anywhere they can access the internet. This means that even the men and women who need to capitalize off of the heightened sales activity of the season can be out and about to enjoy the nicer weather and family times, too. No more missing our on summer just because summer is also the season of sales? Where do I sign up?

Try it For Free

VirtualPBX offers an unrivaled amount of support for each of the VoIP Plans we sell. That means that we back each of our plans with a 30-day money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? The temperature is rising, the sales are rolling in, and if you don’t want to be stuck in the office to capture all of the potential business, you need to sign up now. In the meanwhile, let us know your favorite places to work remotely are by sharing on Twitter and Facebook because we’re always open to more ideas on where to get the job done, provided it’s not inside the office, that is!

Easy Guide on How to Update your Softphone App

how to update your softphone appOne of the things we’re keen on stressing here is the importance of running the most current version of your software. Updating your applications, firmware on your devices, and making sure that your hardware is all running the latest versions of the manufacturer’s recommended software is the best way to protect yourself from unwanted access to your information. But more than just a great way to protect yourself from hackers, running the latest version of your software is also the best way to maximize the usefulness of your digital assets, as well. That’s why we’ve got this step-by-step guide on how to update your softphone app to help you through the process.

Why to Update Your Softphone App

The VirtualPBX Softphone App has gone through many iterations and gained the recognition of having won more than one award along the way. Most recently, in fact, it gained new functionality for tablets and PC’s to much fanfare. Now, the app has received a host of similarly new iOS functionality advances thanks to some clever engineering via the open-source CallKit technology provided by Apple. Specifically, this updte brings the following enhancements-

  • Added Bluetooth connectivity including call holding, call terminating, and call accepting. This update allows for more control over your phone call via the controls on your Bluetooth device itself, and no longer requires you to rely solely on the softphone interface.
  • Mobile enhancements for automotive connections. By supporting the native Bluetooth platforms found in most cars, the VirtualPBX Softphone App will now be compatible with the vehicle’s dashboard and steering wheel controls.
  • Total Bria integration. This means that the softphone now functions much like the native phone calls that are common for your iPhone in that they can be accepted, declined, silenced, etc. all from the locked phone screen rather than requiring a phone unlock to manage.
  • Updated security. This includes all of the latest security patches that you need to ensure that your VirtualPBX Softphone App is the running the cleanest and safest connections possible.

And now for our Apple device users, it’s time to update your Softphone App using this quick step-by-step guide.

How to Update Your Softphone App

To get the best out of your VirtuaPBX Softphone App and ensure that it is always operating with the latest data security measures, follow these steps-

  • Make sure that your device is plugged into a power source. This is always a best practice for updates because lengthier downloads can take a while, and doing so drains your battery faster than normal.
  • Connect to a secure wifi network. This isn’t necessary, but it’s a good way to ensure that you aren’t drawing from your mobile carrier’s data allowances while downloading and installing your softphone update.
  • Open the App Store. If you don’t have your device programmed to automatically install updates, you’ll have to find the softphone you’re your list of applications and select the update option.
  • Let it do its thing! This is where it gets easy. After choosing to update the app, you’ll not have to do anything until the process has been completed.
  • Try restarting your phone. This step is optional, but I always like to cycle through a restart whenever one of my important apps gets updated. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to give your devices a restart every now and again, anyway.

Get the Most from Your Softphone

There you have it! It only makes sense that one of the simplest business communications platforms also employs one of the simplest procedures to update it. Plus, while there may be some variations from software to software, you can also use this quick guide on how to update your softphone app for updating most of the applications on your device. Once you’re finished with the update, make sure to let us know some of the cool places or ways that you can work thanks to your VirtualPBX Softphone App on our Twitter account or Facebook page. Until then, enjoy the new application and have a great day!

Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, and Update Your Softphone!

update your softphoneYeah, that title may be a bit misleading, that was the plan. The last week since the presidential election has seen a lot of action, but to be fair, it has also been much of the same. Candidates winning the Electoral College and losing the popular vote is nothing new and for nearly 20 years in a row we’ve had nearly equal amounts of votes cast for both major party candidates. The point here is that no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, I’d wager that your job hasn’t changed one bit. I know ours hasn’t, and because our engineers have been hard at work on improving the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone, it’s time to update your softphone today.

What’s New for Softphone

Much like what is needed in the country today, we took an approach that focused on bringing devices together with this latest batch of updates. By focusing on expanding compatibility, we made sure that when you update your softphone you’ll be able to use it with more peripherals and on more new devices than ever before. To take a quick look at the new opportunities that the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone offers, see this list below-

  • New enhanced capability to use the latest Logitech headsets without third-party software.
  • Bria updates tab that cleanly and quickly notifies you of any additional driver software needs for Plantronics headsets and peripherals.
  • New Heads Up Display context tab that allows users to use simple keystrokes to mute, hold, transfer, or end calls easily.
  • New software that enables use on 2-in-1 windows tablet/laptop combo PC’s.
  • Updated localization that supports German language for all of you globetrotters.

We’re Here For You Through Anything

Change can be tough, we get it. But whether it’s through the ups and downs of seemingly endless political campaign seasons or a bit of apprehension before you update your softphone, we’ve got your back. Remember that our award-winning Customer Support Team is headquartered right here in California and ready to help 12 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why My Softphone Is My Most Trusted Working From Anywhere App

VirtualPBX Softphone App in EuropeGlobetrotting entrepreneurs working from palm tree lined beaches is the essence of what makes working remotely so appealing to aspiring digital nomads. The truth is working from anywhere is only as fabulous as your connection to your clients and team. In a time where many social communication apps battle to become relevant for business communication, there always seems to be something missing. Staying connected is the lifeblood of business, so it’s important to understand which apps are merely fat, and which apps are lean, mean and drive the bottom line of business.

The Not-So-Daily Grind

As a Community Specialist at VirtualPBX, my job requires constant connectivity to our online communities of hardworking small business owners. I split my time 60/40 between the office grind and the digital nomad lifestyle. One of the most challenging aspects of being an office-nomad hybrid is that I don’t solely rely on my ability to navigate the world of connectivity without an office.

When I replace my cozy office chair for a wooden stool at a Bulgarian cafe I have no need for the dozen communication apps on my phone. What I need is a tool that allows me to carry my desk with me wherever I am in the world. There is only one such communication tool that delivers features that are versatile enough for the on-the-go professional.

Softphone is the Only Phone

My VirtualPBX Softphone App is the only tool capable of carrying an entire load of my office with me wherever I go. With features such as Follow Me Calling, Caller ID, and Business Call Reports, I can stay connected to my team and stay on top of new opportunities to grow our community.

VirtualPBX Softphone App for TravelNot only is it a workhorse, but it is also incredibly affordable. When I recently traveled through Eastern Europe I didn’t have to purchase pay-as-you-go calling plans for each country nor did I have to overpay my mobile carrier back home for an international calling plan. It is seamless and it keeps operational expenses down.

When I need an app that I can count on I use my Softphone App because it is my most reliable business travel companion around. It’s not where I work, but where I can get the job done. In a world where results matter, my Softphone App always allows me to get the job done.

Zombie April Fools’ Day


Okay first things first- there have not, I repeat, NOT, been any reports about the recently deceased becoming reanimated nor do we know anything about roaming hordes of soulless monsters hell-bent on feasting upon the brains of the living. Again, as far as we know, you should not hunker down in a safe, remote location and begin to rebuild civilization. Well, not unless that’s your thing in which case who am I to judge, but just don’t do that because you think we’re in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Not all Fun and Games

We hope with every fiber that you never have to worry about crafting a makeshift hatchet out of your mobile phone. But we are, however, interested in sharing news about the VirtualPBX Softphone App and are not opposed to cooking up creative and fun ways to do that. So no matter which one of these avenues you came down to this particular blog post today, we hope you learned something new, started to consider the advantages of a hosted communication service, and most importantly, had a little fun in the process. If you missed the other stories we had for today, here they are below-

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How Did it All Begin?

Much like the opening sequence of any one of a cavalcade of cadaver-packed cinema, this idea was born in deepest recesses of a spooky and remote laboratory. More accurately, it was a staff meeting of the VirtualPBX Marketing Department. When we were considering the many different disaster scenarios a company could face that would be more easily navigated with the aid of PBX Parachute, we naturally found Zombie Apocalypse nudge its way onto our list. This happens because, of course, there are never any wrong answers during a brain storm, but I digress. After the third or fourth mention of the topic, however, it became clear that we needed to find a way to make this work and, seeing as how Halloween was just far too long to wait, an April Fools’ Day idea was born.

Thanks for being good sports about this and if you have any further questions about hosted communications features, disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, or if you just want to talk about zombies, we’re always standing by to hear from you!

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