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Sometimes we give away phones! Find our wins, and what you can win, in these posts.

New VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans

Out with the Old

Call Recording FeatureWe have switched things up in our quest to deliver innovative customer experiences consistently. Introducing the new VirtualPBX business phone plans, Flex and Pro. CEO and Chairman Paul Hammond explained what inspired this new direction to replace our current plans.

“We take great pride in our service and support for our customer’s trust. As a direct result, their needs and values have always been first and foremost our priority since we started over 20 years ago.

These past couple of years have provided an opportunity to deliver the right solutions that match the changing landscape of business communications today and tomorrow in a post-pandemic world. With these new business phone plans, we made a point to supply our customers with a more straightforward way of transitioning their business to the next level of success.”

The key here, to always listen to what the customer is looking for.

The Flex and Pro Breakdown

The entry-level Flex Plan is still the perfect product for hybrid workers or entrepreneurs. It now offers better-than-basic features, including SMS, Video, Ring Groups, and Call Recording with 250 GB of storage and more.

A step up from Flex is the Pro Plan, a perfect option for most businesses needing advanced department insights. Pro will include multiple Auto-Attendants, ACD Queues Pro, Microsoft Teams Integration, Advanced Call Reports, and the list goes on. As a bonus, Pro Plan now comes with 1TB of Call Recording storage – the most of any previous VirtualPBX plan.

Keeping it Custom

Enterprises looking for an upgrade from Pro will have VirtualPBX Custom and CRM Plans. But heads up, these plans will not include free trials or self-service sign-up. Instead, it will direct prospective customers to a dedicated Sales Team member for a more personal touch.

The Custom Plan includes advanced features like Dynamic Caller ID, DISA, SIP Trunks, Custom Call Flows, Auto-Route, Select Route, Auto Forward, 2,500 Toll-Free Minutes, on top of everything in the Pro package. CRM Plan consists of Salesforce CRM Integration and 5,000 Toll-Free Minutes, and both plans will include 2TB of Call Recording storage.

Additionally, our popular Call Recording feature will be a staple for all VirtualPBX 2022 plans.

Free Trials Are Back

Did we mention FREE trial offers are back? Start the celebrating now. This 14-day benefit will be available for customers who utilize the Flex and Pro Plan self-service sign-up. There are no restrictions on features or minutes during the trial period. After the trial period, customers can expect to be billed per the plan selected.

Getting Connected and Staying Connected

What sets VirtualPBX apart is the 24/7 support from our dedicated onboarding team. We mean it when we say we “ensure that multiple sites and potentially hundreds of user devices get configured from the first day of operation.” Our teams are genuinely committed to guiding users to a better tomorrow in communication. Your success is our success, so let’s get started.

The Holiday Balancing Act

Balancing the Biz

Holiday Company CommunicationsBalancing customer demands with employees’ needs can be challenging during the holiday season, and doing it right helps you separate your business from the competition. There are a few ways to go from a precarious tightrope journey to an easy cakewalk to amp up your communication techniques.

How You Doin’?

Managing customer communication often starts with ‘when’ and ‘how’ your employees receive calls. Using time of day routing and a platform that supports holiday scheduling allows calls to route efficiently. More importantly, it can deliver customer information that speeds up communication and improve overall satisfaction.

Making it Snappy

Once a customer calls your company, providing different greetings based on your IVR or Auto Attendant schedule allows you to present your business professionally and dramatically improve the interactions with your employees. It gives the company the ability to update greetings with audio files or text-to-speech. It allows businesses to inform customers of promotions, product information, or operational changes in their business.

We recommend using Studio by Snap Recordings because it humanizes and customizes the greetings. It also helps companies avoid the cringe effect with cliches like, “due to high call volume, your wait is…” or “our menu has recently changed.” Even better, this year, VirtualPBX teamed up with Snap to provide free on-hold holiday greetings for all our customers.

Holiday Balance Communications

Zap that Holiday Cheer

To take it a step further, with advanced APIs, integrations through services like Zapier, or advanced functionality like our Pivot feature, businesses can elevate customer experience and business operations to deliver the best service possible. That gets a big yay from us.

To break it down, customers want concise and precise information, and their time is valuable and critical. So is the attention they are willing to give your business. From automating call routing, or IVRs, to capturing customer data and notifying employees of call volume, having a communications platform that can be extended and deeply integrated into your business can accelerate your growth through the holiday season.

FREE Studio Hold Greetings for the Season

How To Put The Snap Back This Holiday

 Studio Holiday Snap RecordingsNo one likes to be on hold, but when it does happen, it is always a pleasant surprise to the ears when the voice on the other end isn’t a repetitive and emotionless-sounding generic Autobot. Nobody enjoys that. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create on-hold messages with a more natural feel to them?

That is why we are excited to have teamed up with Snap Recordings, offering Studio – free company holiday hold messages for your VirtualPBX phone system. Yes, you heard that right.

Time to Snap

Imagine the entire production in your own hands. You are the creator, getting the experience of customizing and personalizing professional studio-quality recordings without any of the hassles. That means no tedious audio file management or expensive audio production when you put together your various on-hold holiday recordings.

You’re A Natural

With the latest artificial intelligence, the free on-hold message from Snap Recordings’ Studio will immediately transform your unique script into a realistic voice message. It’s simple, type in the text you want and let the magic of Studio do the rest. A holiday miracle in a matter of minutes. Another cool feature to creating with Studio is the ability to change it up and use your voice.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and its abundant selection of pre-licensed music tracks, Studio will automatically mix and master your hold messaging for you. From plain text to an authentic human voice in a couple of clicks, here’s a short video on how it works.

Studio Preview

Take It Away, Maestro

The only thing you will lose out on when whipping up your company’s free holiday hold greeting with Studio is time – from all of the fun of creating these custom messages, prompts, and on-hold recordings. I can personally attest to that, trying to decide on having my greeting brought to you by a soothing British accent, paired with a recognizable movie theme soundtrack background. The possibilities are endless and unlimited. But the best part of all, it is super easy to set up on your VirtualPBX phone system.

Let this holiday season greetings be as easy as a Snap.

Using Marketing Phone Numbers to Track Campaigns

As we head into a major US shopping season and final details are being placed on Small Business Saturday and Black Friday campaigns, marketers are being tasked with how to track the success of their advertising methods. On one hand, digital marketers often have the easiest access to data regarding their campaigns. Tools like Google Analytics for example are ubiquitous, detailed, and easily customized by wide ranges of businesses to capture sales, engagement, and form activity. But what happens when a customer calls your business?

Start Tracking Marketing Phone Numbers to Gauge Campaign Success

One of the strongest tools in a digital marketer’s tool kit is segmentation. It is no different for phone numbers. How may phone numbers are employed comes down to how granular campaigns should be tracked. Here in the VirtualPBX Marketing Team, we divide phone numbers by lead source, but have also seen customers breaking this down further to test a/b test campaigns, products, or seasonal specials. Plans from VirtualPBX come with at least three phone numbers and these can be added, removed, and reconfigured with just a few clicks. Many will stop here – by just segmenting phone numbers, you’ll now be able to track each of those numbers in Call Logs or Advanced Reports. These reports will show volume of calls, call length, who answered, and more. But there is much more that can be done.

  • Give Sales a Heads Up

    Let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. When a call comes in from a marketing phone number, gives sales a heads up using Prepend. Prepend allows you to add text before the caller ID indicating what the purpose of that call is. This gives sales an edge, allowing them to anticipate the caller’s needs and of course, gives them the intel they need to appropriately define the lead source if they’re tasked with entering lead details into a CRM manually.

  • Add Marketing Phone Numbers to Website Tracking

    As phone numbers are added to website pages, they should be considered a conversion point. While a catch-all solution may be employed, again, granular segmentation will be a better indicator of which campaigns are performing well. This can be as simple as noting which phone number link is clicked in tools like Google Tag Manager.

  • Show Numbers Dynamically

    How should you plug in phone numbers on your website? The easy option is to segment pages just as you’ve segmented phone numbers. If the landing page is exclusively for Google Ads, then show the Google Ads phone number. But what about when a page receives traffic from multiple sources you’re tracking? Here’s where a little bit of set up with dynamic content goes a long way. Using a tool like If-So (see screenshot) allows you to identify the criteria behind showing each phone number.

  • Go Even Farther with Integrations

    Adding phone numbers to campaigns essentially gives you one more data point to pivot off of. While phone system data, especially with Advanced Call Reports give a wide range of indicators to analyze, many marketers will look to their CRM when pulling campaign success data. Here’s where phone system integrations play a major role. Integrations with VirtualPBX include Salesforce, Webhooks, API, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Fall for Savings on Our Most Popular Plan: Save with October Pricing

The leaves are falling and so are prices on our most popular plan!

Until the end of October, take advantage of 20% savings on our Advanced Unlimited Minutes Plan. But act fast, this deal on our customer favorite plan is over on November 1st 2021.

What Makes the Advanced Plan the Most Popular?

First, let’s start with the basics. Like all of our Unlimited Minutes Plans, the Advanced Plan includes unlimited local minutes to all 50 of the United States and Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. It additionally includes 2,500 toll-free minutes and 10 local or toll-free numbers. With that volume, it would be safe to assume that this plan is geared towards mid-larger businesses, but since this plan is billed by the number of users, it’s a great way to deliver advanced features and a solid amount of call traffic at a price sized for any business.

Speaking of features, outside of our Custom Voice Solutions, the Advanced Plan is our most feature-rich plan. It includes customer favorites like Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Private Storage, a Webhooks Integration, and of course, SMS and Video Conferencing.

But what sets the Advanced Plan apart? Advanced Call Reports!

Advanced Call Reports delivers the most in depth reporting on call traffic, allowing business managers to find insights, evaluate department and individual performance, and to schedule critical data points to stakeholders. Most customers start with our over 40 report templates including Agent Reports, Service Level by Day, and Calls by Duration. But once our customers discover how easy it is to customize reports, they’re soon creating filters to break up data by incoming dialed phone number, drilling down on call transfers, and adding and subtracting columns to correlate important data points. But what’s the most advanced aspect of Advanced Call Reports? Customizable Wall Boards that show live data (like in the below video) and can even be displayed on screens in your workplace with our Amazon Fire Stick integration.

Get Advanced Call Reports on our Advanced Plan this Month – For 20% Off!

Discover more about your call traffic and take advantage of the feature-rich Advanced Plan with special October pricing. Head over to our October promotion landing page to get your 20% off discount. But don’t forget – this deal will disappear November 1st, 2021!