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Want to know the best conference phones for your business or the top VoIP terms for 2018? Look no further than these Top 5 lists, complete with infographics and helpful links.

Designing a Hybrid Workplace: 5 Tools Every Business Needs

Hybrid Workspace Can Benefit From Video Conferencing - Video Conference on Desktop ComputerHybrid workplaces require leaders to design workplaces that accommodate the needs of both onsite and remote workers.

While a range of working configurations poses complex challenges, 48% of executives will implement a flexible office model by summer 2021. That’s up from nearly 20% in Q1 2021. With no signs of slowing down, we’d like to highlight five phone system features that every hybrid organization needs.

As a business VoIP company with established hybrid and remote workers ourselves and thousands of customers across the remote spectrum, creating cohesive workspaces for distributed teams is our expertise.

VirtualPBX Softphone App

VirtualPBX Softphone on Multiple DevicesOur award-winning VirtualPBX Softphone App is a hub for hybrid team communications. It allows you to transform any cell phone, tablet, or computer into a VoIP extension. Without forfeiting their private numbers, your employees can make and receive calls from any location using their favorite devices. Plus, it offers collaborative features such as user presence, video conferencing, team chat, SMS, and file sharing.

Video Conferencing

VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone With Video Conference Example When your staff is splitting time between home and the office you’ll need a virtual conference room to gather and focus. Our enterprise-ready video conferencing solution was designed to offer seamless collaboration from anywhere. You can start a conference instantly, schedule a call in advance, or copy your personal conference link to a clipboard. Furthermore, you can enhance your meetings by screen sharing, recording conferences, receiving conference reports, and fine-tuning conference settings.

Hot Desking

Hot Desking perfectly suits organizations with staggered schedules or employees that split time between their office and home. It allows your employees to log into any phone in the office and turn it into their personal work phone for the day. If you’re looking to create an open seating arrangement, hot-desking helps create a familiar and productive workspace.

Flexible Device Options

VirtualPBX Dashboard on Laptop and Phone It’s only natural that your employees will have their preferences for the devices they use daily. Flexible Device Options give your team the option to select from a smorgasbord of VoIP capable devices. These options include softphone apps on their personal devices, a browser-based Web Phone, desk phones, cordless phones, and conference phones. Plus, our Busy Lamp Field (BLF) feature will offer presence information, so you can tell when your co-workers are busy or idle. This feature is especially helpful for receptionists and monitoring employee phone usage.

Advanced Call Reporting

We trust our employees, but we also know that call data insights help us improve our agent performance. Advanced Call Reporting models and stores historical and real-time insights that allow you to create reports, workspaces, and filters. We can see who is making the most calls, call duration by talk time, and much more. Best of all, all of these powerful insights can be downloaded on-demand or sent to any manager’s inbox on a recurring schedule.

VirtualPBX Call Reporting Collage of Graphs

Create Your Hybrid Workplace

Want to safely reopen and create a modern flexible office? VirtualPBX offers fully customizable business phone plans designed for on-premise, remote, and flexible workers. Our cost-effective communication platform is a one-stop shop for your organization’s communication and collaboration needs.

Want to learn more? Design and deploy your workplace of the future by chatting with one of our VoIP experts today!

Integrate your Phone System with These 5 Business Apps

Business phone system integrations unite the tools you use everyday to help your team work smarter, not harder. They help you automate recurring tasks, streamline processes, and improve the performance of your business.

Today’s VirtualPBX 5 blog will show you five integrations we offer that will improve your team’s productivity and enhance your workflow.


Our Zapier Integration is one of most powerful integrations for business use. Find your productivity super powers by integrating your phone system to over 3k business apps. Simply select an app like Slack, Hubspot, Shopify, or Mailchimp; then choose a pre-built workflow template or create your own. There’s no code required, so anyone can easily start automating.

Zapier Integrations


Keep track of your business activity by sending call analytics to Google’s apps. Select from a suite of apps such as Sheets, Calendar, and Gmail. For example, you can send your call info to a Google Sheet to track sales team call frequency, discover call trends, and improve KPI tracking. Integrating your call data with Google is something every business should consider.

Google Integrations


Access, store, share, and playback audio recordings all within Dropbox. Not only can you save important calls for regulatory or training purposes, but you can record video conferences with your VirtualPBX Phone Plan and save your recordings directly to Dropbox.


The VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone + Salesforce CRM Integration is a combination that every sales team should have in their tool bag. It helps you track and nurture leads from the convenience of your phone system. Click-to-call leads, input call outcomes, schedule follow ups, and more. Plus, you can view customizable reports to track lead call activity and other KPIs.

Salesforce Integration


Need long-term storage for call recordings, faxes, and voicemails? Our Amazon Web Services integration offers security and dependability for your call data. When files are uploaded to AWS, they will no longer exist in your VirtualPBX account. Plus, if you need to store large volumes of data you can purchase additional storage through AWS.


Find your Automation Superpowers

As the evolution of the office happens, it’s more important than ever to have tools that maximize operational efficiency. VirtualPBX makes business automation easy. Save time, improve your workflows, and get results quicker all from the convenience of your business telephone system.

If you would like to learn more about Integrations, our experts are happy to offer a free demo of all that VirtualPBX has to offer your business. Contact us today!

5 Call Metrics and KPI Reports Your Business Should Track

Advanced Call ReportsTo reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty in your call center, you need to monitor and measure metrics and KPIs designed for your business goals.

Today, we’re going to discuss five call metrics and KPI reports available for tracking within the VirtualPBX Advanced Call Reports tool that will improve your call operations and offer fine-grained control of your data.

Agent Summary

The Agent Summary report is the most popular report for call center management. It’s packed with essential KPIs and metrics that outlines an agent’s day at a glance. You can see when an agent logged on, entered the queue, began their time on duty, spent time away from their desks, and much more. Plus, you get all the quality assurance data points you need to evaluate agent performance. It’s a must-have report in every tool bag.

Agent Summary Report

Service Level by Day

Service Level by Day allows you to set thresholds and monitor how quickly calls are being answered to achieve your service level goals. This report allows you to define up to six ring duration values that will be used as quality indicators for call answering performance. Additionally, you can view incoming calls, percentage of answered calls, and average ring time, among other data points.

Service Level By Day

Calls by DID

Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers skip the menu or queue by ringing to a specific phone at a company. Typically, you use a DID report to monitor campaigns and products. These reports allow you to identify where your calls originated from based on the phone number digits dialed. This report is especially valuable for teams that leverage DID numbers for paid campaign sources like Google Ads.

Calls by DID

Queue Performance

The Queue Performance report gives you an air traffic controller view of the number of calls handled by each queue. View the queue number dialed, name of queue, abandoned calls, overflowed out, ring time, and much more. Get actionable data that allows you to make queue adjustments on the fly based on the queue performance.

Queue Performance

Abandoned Calls by Day

The Abandoned Calls by Day report is one of the most important key performance indicators for improving your queue experience. Track the number of calls disconnected from the queue based on wait time thresholds. In addition to abandonment rate within service levels, you can view the total abandoned calls, the percentage of abandoned calls, and other KPIs related to your queues.

Abandoned Calls By Day

Get Advanced Call Reports

Take command of your call center by viewing powerful call metrics that allow you to monitor, track, compare, and create benchmarks for your team’s success. Our Advanced Call Reports platform models and stores historical and real-time data insights that allow you to create reports, workspaces, filters, and schedules for data segmenting, downloading, and easy sharing. Best of all, you can find the reports shared today in one of our preconfigured templates, that way you can hit the ground running.

Want to demo Advanced Call Reports? We have friendly VoIP experts on standby that would be happy to demonstrate all that VirtualPBX has to offer.

Leaving California: 5 Best Cities for Remote Work

Update Google My BusinessRemote workers are leaving California in droves in what many are labelling a “tech exodus” and the “great migration”. Given that nearly 50% of company executives will allow permanent work-from-home after the pandemic, big decisions lie ahead for the Golden State’s workforce.

Out of full disclosure, I left the Bay Area in California in 2018 after our hybrid team went remote full-time. Sure, I will always miss my family, the weather, and the gorgeous beaches, but moving to a remote-friendly city was the right decision.

In order to find the cities that offer remote workers the highest quality of life, I’ve analyzed factors like remote-friendly workspaces, taxes, cost of living, activities, and sunny weather.

Thinking of leaving California? Here are the 5 best cities for remote workers.

5 Best Cities for Remote Work

Salt Lake City, Utah

Best known for having the greatest snow on earth, Salt Lake City is an ideal destination for remote workers due to the high quality of life, family friendly neighborhoods, and plethora of outdoor activities. In the winter, you can ski and snowboard, and in the summer you can hike, rock climb, mountain bike, and camp. If you prefer to work away from home, it tops the list in both coffee shops and co-working spaces per capita. Plus, the airport was recently upgraded to an international airport – which allows you to travel the world in your spare time.

Austin, Texas

Austin’s Silicon Hills is quickly becoming the next Silicon Valley. Best known for its thriving music scene, Austin is regarded as a top place to live. It has world-class entertainment, warm weather, a strong economy, and a high quality of life. It’s also a top city to start a business and get funding. The demand to live in Austin is so high that real estate prices are soaring. To offset the high costs, you pay no income taxes, which is a hefty welcome gift from the Friendship state.

Remote Working in Austin

Denver, Colorado

Best known for its stunning beauty, outdoor activities, and cultural scene, Denver is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The Mile High City averages 8.4 coworking spaces per 100k people. That’s more than any other city on this list. With all the remote-friendly office spaces, restaurants, and entertainment, it’s almost as if Denver was designed with remote workers in mind. What’s not to love about 245 days of sun and beautiful views of the rocky mountains.

Remote Working in Denver

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is quickly becoming more than “Sin City” the entertainment capital of the world. Due to its close proximity to Los Angeles, affordable housing, entertainment, and tax incentives, it’s an attractive city for telecommuters. While there isn’t a ton of coworking spaces to choose from, many transplants are opting to buy a larger house in a master planned community. If you ever get bored of the world-class dining and shows, you can take a day trip to Zion National Park, Joshua Tree, and the Grand Canyon.

Remote Working in Las Vegas

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is best known for its warm weather and bustling metropolitan area. The Valley of the Sun has it all, from excellent food, parks, hiking trails, resorts, and so much more. While you won’t see very many co-working spaces and coffee shops, it ranks high for both affordable housing and childcare. If you don’t mind the hot weather, Phoenix makes a lot of sense for the variety and affordability it offers.

Remote Working in Phoenix

Work from Anywhere With Flex Plans

No matter which city you select, you’ll need a way to stay connected to your team and clients. The VirtualPBX Flex Plan is the perfect solution for remote teams and entrepreneurs that want to transform their smartphones, laptops, and desk phones into a full-featured business phone solution. With features like virtual receptionist, unlimited local minutes, texting, and video conferencing, you can run your business from anywhere.

Want to learn more about communication solutions for remote workers? We have friendly VoIP experts on standby to answer your questions.

Sources: I used Redfin data for home values. Numbeo provided the cost of living data. data was used to calculate per capita values. data was used for weather.

5 Business Use Cases for Multiple Auto Attendants

Multiple Auto AttendantsThink of a single Auto Attendant as a full-time virtual receptionist that is efficient, flexible, and capable of orchestrating your organization’s complex call tree.

Now imagine how powerful it would be to deploy Multiple Auto Attendants that can work in conjunction with each other to steer call traffic where you want it. You can supplement your main phone number with additional attendants that reach personal DIDs, Ring Groups, and other inbound phone lines.

We’d like to share five use cases of our newest feature, Multiple Auto Attendants, that your business can take advantage of.

5 Business Use Cases for Multiple Auto Attendants

1. Multiple Location Management

Franchises with multiple storefronts and enterprises with dispersed offices can benefit from using multiple auto attendants. Using the VirtualPBX Phone System, administrators can easily manage each location’s auto attendant and customize the menu options based on the departments and services available at that location.

2. Provide Multiple Language and Country Support

Welcoming customers in their native language creates a personalized caller experience. Companies can use more than one attendant when providing multilingual support with extensive call tree options. In addition, international companies can utilize toll-free and international numbers to provide region specific call flows for countries like Canada, Mexico, and the UK.

3. Promote Products, Services, and Promotions

Multiple attendants can be used as a dedicated line with alternate greetings specific to seasonal products, services, or marketing promotions. For example, during the holidays you may want to shorten the time it takes for customers to reach sales. E-commerce stores can use a secondary attendant to streamline sales questions and process orders over the phone.

Multiple Auto Attendants Example

4. Backup Auto Attendant for Emergencies

Prepare your business for unexpected events and natural disasters. Having a backup attendant on standby allows you to instantly deploy an alternative call tree should an office or department suddenly become unavailable. Calls can be routed to a different location, department, or a 3rd party to give your customers a service option when spontaneous events arise.

5. Consolidate Your Accounts and Save Money

I’ll let you in on a big secret. Entrepreneurs with multiple businesses can save on their phone bill by consolidating their businesses into one phone account. Instead of opening separate accounts for each business, you can create one account, and then add additional auto attendants for each business. Not only will you save a ton of money, but you’ll also appreciate how much time you save when handing over your annual expenses to your accountant.

Try Out Multiple Auto Attendants

These use cases are just the tip of the iceberg of what Multiple Auto Attendants are capable of.

Want to learn more? Our VoIP experts are available to chat about how to deploy Multiple Auto Attendants at your company today!