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Want to know the best conference phones for your business or the top VoIP terms for 2018? Look no further than these Top 5 lists, complete with infographics and helpful links.

5 Ways to Grow your Business with the Right Phone System

5 Ways to Grow your Business with the Right Phone SystemIs your phone system preventing you from growing your business? According to 411 Locals, 62 percent of phone calls to small businesses are left unanswered.

The effects of leaving company lines unattended prove to have devastating consequences. As a result, each year businesses allow 62 billion dollars to slip into the wallets of their competitors.

For Instance, I recently called a handful of snowmobile rental companies to compare rates. The caller experience ranged dramatically – from a full voicemail box with one business to a prompt answer from a sales representative with whom I eventually made my reservation. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually quite simple and affordable to deploy a cloud-based telephone system, especially when you consider the profit-making opportunities you’ll no longer miss.

Let’s examine the five ways the right phone system will help you grow your business.

Never Miss a Call Again: Compare Business Phone Plans

  1. Never Turn Away Customers
    A fundamental step to growing your business is an obvious one, yet many businesses continue to turn customers away at the virtual door. With the right business phone service, your customers can be greeted and routed to the right person or department. However, in the situation that your staff is helping other customers, features like Call Blasting or Advanced Transfers can be setup to ensure you don’t turn away a lead.
  2. Utilize Phone Numbers for Expansion
    Business telephone numbers are not just essential for enterprises. Local, Toll-Free, and International Numbers offer a host of benefits to businesses of all sizes. In fact, SMB’s stand to benefit greater by appearing larger and more professional than the competition. In addition, business numbers offer convenience, security, and advertising benefits. With the help of VirtualPBX, you can find out exactly which type of phone number can help your business expand.
  3. Leverage Features for Efficiency and Performance
    Does updating your business holiday hours require a technician? Consequently, the amount of time and energy it takes to make simple updates to legacy systems stalls business growth. With modern hosted PBX, anyone can manage a powerful virtual phone system with ease. Above all, features like Auto Attendant, Email-to-Fax, music/info on hold, and Business/Holiday Hours will improve your operational efficiency and communication performance.
  4. Cut the Cord on Expensive Overhead
    It’s no secret that overhead expenses are a necessary evil in business. But, when is the last time you evaluated if you’re overpaying for phone service? Switching to VoIP can lower your phone bill by up to 40-80%. Furthermore, businesses can enjoy long term savings on maintenance, infrastructure costs, and more. In order to achieve sustainable growth, it’s important to cut the cord on outdated phone system pricing structures.
  5. Upselling and Cross-Selling
    Most importantly, growing a business is about the bottomline. 92 percent of all customer interactions happen over the phone. It’s the ideal time to upsell or cross-sell products that will make customers lives easier. Furthermore, by sharing on-hold greetings, reservation info, and seasonal specials, you build stronger relationships and increase customer lifetime value.

Grow Your Business in One Step

In conclusion, the answer to how you can grow your business is a simple one. My experience searching for a snowmobile was symbolic of missed opportunity. Consider a full-featured business telephone system today. It may just land you a lifelong customer.

Spring Announcement

Top Hashtag Holidays for Business in 2019

Which Hashtag Holidays are great for business? If you’re looking for the top Social Media Holidays, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re in the fields of law, real estate, or IT, there are perfect hashtags for your brand. To help you plan ahead for the new year, we created a free downloadable Hashtag Calendar below just for professionals like you.

Which hashtags are the best of the best? Try out these top Hashtag Holidays for business in 2019.

Top Hashtag Holidays for Business in 2019

Downloadable Social Media Calendar for 2019

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 hashtag holidays for business in 2019. Don’t forget to download the full calendar below or add it to your Google Calendar by clicking the + icon in the bottom right corner. Did we miss any? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Infographic: 5 Worst Business Greetings of 2018

Are your business greetings pushing people away? You only get one chance to make a first impression. Don’t let your telephone etiquette lead customers to competitors.

Avoid negative reviews by taking advantage of free pre-recorded holiday greetings by January 7th and by recognizing these business blunders.

Infographic – 5 Worst Business Greetings of 2018

Tips For Business Greetings in 2019

Not all telephone greetings are created equal. Above all, you’ll need a highly sophisticated greeter and call routing manager. The award-winning VirtualPBX Business Phone System does just that. With first-touch features like Auto Attendant, Custom Greetings, and Automated Directory, your customers will be left in awe of your enterprise-class professionalism.

We hope you enjoyed our 5 worst greeting blunders. Got any terrible telephone greeting examples? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

Remote Work Infographic: Coffee Shop Essentials

By 2020, 34% of international business leaders believe over 50% of their employees will work remotely.

Accordingly, should companies meet the requests of their employees, the telecommute pendulum will swing closer towards that norm in 2019, and it won’t be just requests to work from home. In a survey of remote professionals, 27.08% say they prefer working from coffee shops over working from home or coworking facilities.

What’s not to love about coffee shops? Free wifi, cost-savings, and the aroma of freshly brewed cups of joe. Consequently, what makes coffee shops great can also make them not so great if you don’t come prepared. With our top 5 essentials, you can maximize your productivity and efficiency at your local coffee house.

Remote Work Infographic: Coffee Shop Essentials

Already a customer? You’re in luck! The VirtualPBX Web Phone is included for free with any business phone plan. Take a look at our Adding a Web Phone Guide for easy step-by-step instructions on setup.

Got any remote work best practices for coffee shops? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

5 VoIP Terms you Should Know in 2019

VoIP TermsVoIP technology is constantly being developed and improved to meet the needs of modern enterprises. As we approach the new year, emerging technologies pose to disrupt and expand common hosted PBX terminology. Let’s examine 5 VoIP terms that will take on larger roles in 2019.

Read More: VoIP Terminology Guide

  1. Stir/Shaken
    Spoof Calling, also known as Neighbor-Spoofing or Caller-ID Spoofing, is one of the deceitful ways telemarketers and scam artists trick people into answering unwanted calls. Stir (Secure Telephony Identity Revisited) and Shaken (Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) is a solution currently being developed to stop illegitimate callers. The Stir and Shaken method is able to verify the authenticity of the caller by placing a digital certificate on the call by a trusted authority. Can you say “Hasta la vista spam”?
  2. WebRTC
    WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) is the cutting edge technology behind the VirtualPBX Web Phone. The powerful and versatile technology runs off javascript, API’s, and HTML5. The future of the Web Phone is very promising because it utilizes the technology you already have – your web browser. You won’t have to buy new desk phones or download apps in order to communicate again.
  3. SIP Trunking
    Expect to see more organizations switch to SIP Trunking in 2019 to take advantage of modern hosted voice technology. Not only can businesses get more features from their physical PBX system by bridging to the cloud, but they can also lower their operational costs and scale exponentially. SIP Trunk providers are not one size fits all. Before you select a provider, consider which pricing structure works best for your business. VirtualPBX SIP Trunking Plans start at 20 channels, come with 5 burstable channels, and give you the flexibility to add or remove channels at any time.
  4. IP Phones
    Many businesses still rely on ancient desk phones. Would you use a vintage Nokia for business in 2019? They are sturdy and reliable but lack the modern features that today’s IP Phones offer. Desk phones are powerful multi-tasking tools that are equally as important as your computer. Modern IP phones commonly feature HD voice, wifi technology, Bluetooth functionality for hands-free calling, and much more! As a result, IP Phones will continue to be relevant even with the rising popularity of Softphone and Web Phone usage.
  5. APIs
    API (Application Programming Interface) will continue to play an integral role in the future development of business functionality in online tools. In particular, larger businesses come to expect open APIs from enterprise-grade business telephone service providers. If your goals are to streamline your business processes with your telephone service, look no further than Dash Business Phone Plans as your bespoke voice solution. Integrate Dash Plans with your CRM Software or include Webhooks Integrations that work with as many as 750 of the most popular business applications through Zapier.

Want to gain a better understanding of VoIP technology from our experts? To learn more about other terms like Circuit Switching and Packet Switching, visit our VoIP resource guide.

Finally, did we miss any VoIP terms or concepts that will see a rise in popularity in 2019? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!