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5 Small Business New Year’s Resolutions For 2017

Your small business New Year’s resolutions are anything but ordinary. Besides traditional resolutions such as eating healthier and exercising more frequently, you have big dreams for growing your business in 2017.

There are no limits to what your business can achieve this year. Here are 5 strategic resolutions that can take your small business to the next level.

Small Business New Year's Resolutions

5 Reasons Your Business Should Include Remote Working

It may come as no surprise that employees are no longer satisfied working inside cubicles. According to Global Workplace Analytics, employees are not at their desk 50-60% of the time. Desks are already empty, so why not consider allowing remote working as an option for your employees?

Whether your business is looking to scale it’s workforce, improve employee performance or downsize overhead expenses, flexible working options have undeniable benefits for your business. This infographic showcases 5 reasons why your business should adopt a remote working strategy.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Include Remote Working

Top 5 Tech News of October

VirtualPBX 5 Top 5 Tech News of October

Welcome to edition 10.0 of the VirtualPBX 5. It’s that time of the month when we share our favorite topics, gadgets, and apps.

October’s tech game has not disappointed the gadget lovers of the world. Not since February have we seen such catastrophic advancements in consumer electronics. With a spectrum ranging from updates to a work kingpin to the emergence of hybrid-style game play, everyone has their eye set on a new rising star.

It’s time to trade in the old and bring in the new. Here is our top 5 tech news of October.

1. MacBook Pro

Without a doubt, the MacBook Pro was one of the most anticipated product releases of the year. Not just because of the fact that the latest version was released in 2012, but because the iPhone 7’s design failed to live up to consumer expectations. Surely there is a method to this Apple design madness, right?

2. Nintendo Switch

Futuristic, hybrid, mobile, are just some adjectives a dictionary would use to define the dreamy gaming machine. The Switch is the first true hybrid console. Play it at home or play while flying across the Atlantic. The Nintendo Switch is the play anywhere gaming console.

3. Vine

Twitter announced on October 27, that Vine was killed off, but won’t be buried right away. This comes at a time when Twitter is desperately seeking ways to monetize its entertainment verticals. Burning bridges with content creators may not be a good way to establish trust with the bread and butter of online media. R.I.P Vine.

4. Google Pixel XL vs. iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test

Early adopters with a need for speed have a lot to be excited about when it comes to processor speed advancements. Google brings its A-game with the ultra-fast Snapdragon 821 processor. Apple, on the other hand, comes equipped with the A10 Fusion. The tech foes are not backing down from this competition.

5. 24K DJI Phantom 4

The 24 karat DJI Phantom 4 is “The World’s Most Lavish Drone”. If you have $24,000 lying around or you don’t mind trading in your car for a drone, you can be the coolest person at the park.

5 Ways Your Business Can Use VoIP For Halloween Marketing

VirtualPBX 5

Welcome to Edition 9.0 of The VirtualPBX 5! It’s that time of the month when we share our favorite topics, gadgets, and apps. Halloween is just around the corner, so get ready for a chilling spin on the traditional. Here is a sneak peak of the horror to come!

Jack-o-lanterns, sweets, and the unearthly — it’s an unnerving time of year for marketers to wave their magic wands. Creating wickedly successfully Halloween campaigns means thinking outside the box. You might not know it, but one of the most effective marketing tools is already at your fingertips.

Here are 5 ways your business can use VoIP in your Halloween marketing campaigns:

1. Spine-Chilling Greetings

Recording a custom greeting for your business is a great way to advertise seasonal specials and features. Send chills down your customers spines with how spooky your best promotions are. Delivering a strong call to action will get customers literally running through the door, even if they are not being chased by the walking dead.

2. Spooky Numbers

One of the biggest skull scratchers for marketers is tracking incoming call leads to various marketing campaigns. Setting a unique toll-free number to a specific Halloween campaign will allow you to track where your leads are coming from. For example, if you are running a sponsored Oktoberfest campaign on Instagram, you will now be able to track the lead via the Contact button on your business profile.

3. Grim Softphone

Whether the grim reaper or the boogeyman are going to be featured in your next influencer campaign, it is crucial to maintaining excellent communication. Influential people are always on-the-go, so you will need a softphone app to make calls anytime and anywhere.

4. Frightening Hotline

Customer-centric marketing campaigns are about as rare as a white pumpkin. A frightening hotline can be a fun and affordable way for small businesses to show their Halloween festivity while engaging potential customers. The key to a successful campaign is tieing the hotline back to your company’s product solution. For a hotline reference, you can check out our Zombie Apocalypse Survival Hotline by calling 1-855-402-1969.

5. Eerie Customer Service

Is your entire customer service team going to be dressing as robots for Halloween? If not, they shouldn’t be regurgitating the same cobwebbed lines all year long. While the message should stay the same, don’t be afraid to have some fun with the delivery. After all, the experience of talking to a human being is great marketing.

The VirtualPBX 5: September Top Tech

VirtualPBX 5

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Welcome to Edition 8.0 of The VirtualPBX 5! It’s that time of the month when we share our 5 favorite topics, gadgets, and apps.

Here is the top 5 tech for September — enjoy!

Tesla Model S

Image Source: Tesla Motors

1. Ready to optimize the security and organization of your accounts?

Juggling dozens of passwords to various online accounts is a serious talent. Now there is a better way to store all of your passwords in one safe place. With security as a foundation, not a feature, we are particularly keen on 1Password.

2. There is a new quickest production car world champ!

0-60 in 2.5 seconds will send tingles down the spine. The Tesla Model S is the undisputed quickest production car in the world.

3. How to get NFL Sunday ticket without DirectTv.

Technology has changed and so has Sunday ticket. Gone are the days of being shackled to a DirectTV box and your couch. Now you can watch your favorite teams play from anywhere you have an internet connection.

4. Control the advertisements you see on Facebook.

Facebook knows everything about you. Even who you will vote for in the upcoming election. Scary right? This information is used to serve you the most relevant ads and information on your Facebook newsfeed. You have the ability to curate your interests and select which advertisers can appear on your newsfeed here.

5. The iPhone 7 is coming

iPhone lovers rejoice! The most anticipated (but not mysterious) tech device of the summer is launching this month. Here is everything you need to know.

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