Common VoIP Problems and How to Fix Them

Common VoIP Problems and How to Fix ThemIf you experience poor call quality with your VoIP PBX system, the service provider may not be at fault. If you are making a call to a regular landline or cell phone number, the audio quality of the other party’s phone provider is generally not under the control of your VoIP phone service provider. VirtualPBX strives to be the leading virtual switching service provider of PBX services by providing quality and reliability to customers. Below are a few common VoIP problems that can occur and how to best fix them:

Improperly Configured Internal Network
Audio quality suffers when the phone call is routed over business network that is improperly configured for VoIP. You can fix poor audio quality with a properly configured VoIP-capable router.

Latency and Jitter
Latency is the gap of time you experience when a user speaks and the time their voice reaches another user. Again, a VoIP-capable router and prioritizing VoIP traffic over your network can address latency. Jitter is one type of poor quality audio. When audio seems to be scrambled or jumbled, a jitter buffer stores arriving voice information packets in the correct order, making your audio clean and concise.

Bad Router
You will need a router that prioritizes VoIP traffic if your business uses the same internet connection for both voice and data. If your router does not set VoIP as a priority, if an employee downloads a large file, your call quality can deteriorate.

Poor Quality or Inadequate Internet Connection
It’s important that you take a VoIP test to ensure that your internet bandwidth can handle VoIP PBX. You need approximately 100kbps in both directions to prevent packet loss and ensure quality VoIP calls. However, a healthy network should always be free of any VoIP problems.

Advanced Diagnosis and VoIP Problems Resolution

VirtualPBX strives to deliver excellent service to all of our customers. That level of service extends beyond our award-winning business phone plans to our professional network services. Sign up today for a Network Health Check or opt for our robust VoIP Clear Fix Service and you’ll be on your way to clearer calls and faster browsing in no time.

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