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QoS, VoIP Quality of Service

QoS, or Quality of Service is a series of rules within a business network that prioritizes applications differently to achieve the desired level of quality, specifically for the ideal operation of VoIP (voice over internet protocol). In other words, QoS constantly balances network use to ensure that voice-traffic always gets the amount of bandwidth it requires for optimal performance. This means that depending on the VoIP Quality of Service parameters of a given network, traffic like watching a cat video would be subjugated to ensure a conference call doesn’t experience any lag, jitter, or other quality issues.

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VirtualPBX Business Phone Service

In fact, we’re so comfortable using our decades of experience in network optimization and VoIP remediation that we have one of the largest arrays of network services available in the industry. And with more and more of a business’ productivity relying on high-quality, uninterrupted network performance for all of their communications, there’s no more critical area to invest in preventative maintenance. Plus with more companies trusting their voice communications to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), small problems with quality at the wrong time can lead to big consequences. VoIP quality that is affected by jitter, VoIP latency, voice echo, or any other choppy or subpar voice communications can be the result of any one of a number of causes. And unless you know where within your network to look, you might just be stuck unplugging a router and praying. Or, you could give us a call because we can do any of the following VoIP Quality of Service operations in a flash-

Organizations that have the confidence that they operate over a reliable, capable, and responsive business network thanks to the QoS engineers at VirtualPBX are free to grow and win business without the fear of some cat video download affecting their important conference call. For other companies operating on a network they don’t know anything about, it’s an Achilles Heel.