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Update Your Business Phone System for 2013

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Update Your Business Phone System for 2013

The New Year is a time for change and to make plans and goals to improve your business from the previous year. Have you taken the time to update your business phone system? If not, it’s time to take a look at your phone system and see where it stands in terms of benefiting your business. Do you find yourself overpaying for a traditional phone system with minimal features? Hosted VoIP may be a great option for you. VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol is defined as the ability to transmit voice over a data network already in place at a business. With added features that are not available with a traditional phone system and lowered set-up and maintenance costs, it’s difficult to go wrong when you choose hosted VoIP for your business.

A business VoIP phone is a phone that can send and receive calls over the internet and has the all the unique added features and call quality that your business needs in order to be successful. A business VoIP phone does not work without internet connectivity and needs to be used in conjunction with business VoIP phone service. Virtual PBX’s business VoIP system adds all the capabilities need for your business such as voice mail, call recording, and automated call answering through an auto-attendant and includes easy, web-based system management tools.

As a pioneer and leader in the VoIP industry for over 15 years, Virtual PBX phones and systems include all that’s needed to run a successful, professional business that is beneficial to the company and employees.

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