VoIPVoIP – also known as Voice over IP or Voice over Internet Protocol – usually refers to the transmission of voice phone calls over the internet. Many businesses and individuals simply use an existing internet connection to send and receive calls. As they scale in size, businesses may require a dedicated connection, to increase the bandwidth provided by their ISP, or to prioritize certain traffic over others. A strong internet connection ensures calls are clear no matter the internet browsing behaviors or their employees. In all regards, VirtualPBX has teams dedicated to ensuring your network is in tip-top condition. As a result, we’re on your side whether your business is getting started or is going through changes.

VoIP is the protocol that sends voice calls over the internet, hence “Voice over IP.” The main alternative is PSTN, or Public Switched Telephone Network – made up of the copper wires and switches we’ve used for many years for standard telephone calls. In general, VoIP PBX allows more features at a lower cost than PSTN telephony. Those features include call services like forwarding, queues, conferencing, and recording, but also extend to services like paperless fax. See VoIP PBX Solutions for more information on VoIP PBX systems.

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At VirtualPBX, we believe the choice between VoIP and PSTN is up to the person or company doing the implementation. A VoIP PBX system usually has strong advantages in cost but requires broadband internet connectivity, while the PSTN incorporates landlines, cellular phones, and more. Good business solutions enable PSTN telephony, as well as Voice over IP. Every VirtualPBX system supports both, in any configuration. Have questions about your particular setup? Not sure where to start? Give us a call at 888.825.0800! Our teams are standing by to help you start saving money with VoIP.

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