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QR Code Playbook: How To Spread More Holiday Cheer

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QR Code Playbook: How To Spread More Holiday Cheer

QR codes are a flexible marketing tool that can be used across all channels, from offline to online, and directly impact sales. For businesses looking to gain new consumers and drive sales throughout the holiday shopping season, QR codes are an effective solution, and the VirtualPBX QR code playbook is here to give you some tips and tricks. 

QR codes are a simple, affordable, and effective way to increase brand awareness and drive mobile conversions. And what better time to leverage QR codes than during the holiday season? A popular trend with business texting and across social media this year, retailers are doing more with less and storing their brick-and-mortar stores in favor of more accessible shopping experiences. Here’s how using a QR code can translate into your business’ success:

qr code playbook

5 Ways To Boost Your Holiday Sales Using QR Codes

Modernization has helped people transcend towards a futuristic life. With the use of technology, shoppers are more inclined to shop online and make transactions through their smartphones. QR codes can be used by stores to provide customers with the convenience of purchasing at any time and anywhere in specialized products.

1. Advocate online shopping by directing your customers to your online shop.

One way to boost your holiday sales using QR codes is by advocating your customers to shop online by directing them to your website or online shop. To do one, you can embed your online shop’s website into the QR code and let your customers directly go to your site without any hassle. In this way, your customers will directly go to your online shop while minimizing the steps in opening yours.

2. Run a QR code discount giveaway.

One thing shoppers always do when shopping at their favorite stores is to bargain a discount on the products they buy. Because they need to save when shopping, the best way to hook them up when buying is to create the best deals for them.  To do one, you can run a QR code discount giveaway to your customers and let them scan the QR code to get the greatest price cut that they can find.

3. Direct your customers towards your social media handles.

With more people that are using social media today, connecting with your customers through social media is a great move to increase holiday sales. By doing so, you can announce your latest sales and know their thoughts on what holiday sale theme do they want to witness when shopping. To direct them towards your social media handles, you can embed all of your social media handles using a social media QR code. In this way, your customers can scan their way through to get in touch with you.

4. Get your customer's feedback.

When managing an important Christmas sale spree, it is important to know your customers’ opinions about their experiences while shopping with you. To do one, you can generate a QR code for your Google form. In this way, you can real-time get your customer’s feedback and improve your services to them.

5. Send Your Holiday Greeting with a QR Code.

The holiday season is all about exchanging gifts and thanking people who are there to support your business.  As one of your means to thank them is by sending your holiday greetings, you can use QR codes to send your greetings in a light and clean way.

Create QR Codes with The VirtualText App

Most early QR Codes simply directed the person who scanned them to a webpage and users created QR Codes in simple, free apps where they plugged in their desired URL. Since then, use cases have become much more dynamic. Now, you can create QR Codes in the VirtualText Appallowing you to implement your own dynamic workflows that improve your customers’ experience with your products and services.

Ready to make your first QR code? Read this guide on creating QR Codes 

With our current environment mandating the “new normal” of shopping and spending more time online, intelligent QR codes backed by deep links are an effective and welcome tool to increase consumer engagement and sales, especially for the upcoming holiday season. 

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