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Focus on These Holiday Marketing KPIs

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Focus on These Holiday Marketing KPIs

Blue Box with Ribbon - Focus on These Two Holiday Marketing KPIsWhen it comes to the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, many businesses ratchet their marketing campaigns to reach eager buyers of goods and services. You might be one of them. But are you sure which holiday marketing KPIs to focus on to gauge your success?

The truth is that key performance indicators (KPIs) for the holidays aren’t any different from indicators for your success during the rest of the year. What is different, however, is the content of your campaigns and the reasons you might run a new style of advertisement.

Our blog today will talk about reach and engagement through impressions and clicks. We’ll show how the broad topic of our Business Phone Plans can be the focus of different campaign styles and how you can use the impressions and clicks KPIs to step up your holiday marketing strategies this year.

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  1. Reach Customers Through Impressions
  2. Finding Engagement Through Clicks
  3. Drive Calls to Your Business

Holiday Marketing KPIs: Reaching Customers Through Impressions

One of the most important marketing KPIs is the impression. An impression is when your campaign’s advertisement is placed in front of a user.

VirtualPBX Google AdAn individual completing a Google search might see an ad that looks something like the VirtualPBX one shown here. In this case, they might have searched for the term “VoIP for small business” in order for Google to create the impression.

The impression is the best metric you have to see how many people are viewing (but not necessarily clicking) your ads. It’s a great starting place to see if you’re reaching too few or too many people. And using inventive holiday marketing ideas to customize your ads for the season can result in a number of impressions that works well for your particular goals.

Impressions in the Holidays

The ad shown here is not themed for the holidays. It’s also likely that many of your ads are not themed for the holidays either.

What can you do to gingerbread-spice your ad and turn an ordinary marketing strategy into a holiday marketing strategy? We’ll take the lead here and transform our own ad for an example to start tracking holiday marketing KPIs.

Starting ad:

  • Headline: VoIP for Small Businesses | Business Phone and Internet | VoIP Plans for Small Businesses
  • Description: Keep your small business connected with VirtualPBX customizable VoIP phone service. A phone plan that has exactly what your small business needs with VirtualPBX Dash plans.

Our holiday marketing strategy here could be to reach entrepreneurs as they’re thinking about starting a business in the new year. Considering that many people create New Year’s resolutions, we could address that idea in our ad.

Holiday-themed ad:

  • Headline: VoIP for Entrepreneurs | Business Phone and Internet | Get Your Business Started!
  • Description: This is your year! Keep your New Year’s Resolution going with a new Business Phone System from VirtualPBX. We have VoIP for entrepreneurs starting at only $17.99 per month and no contracts. Get started today.

Our transition to the seasonal theme of the New Year’s resolutions is highlighted in the excitement generated in the second ad. We’ve used a few exclamation points and made the language more personal. Focusing on a “new year’s resolution” or “VoIP for entrepreneurs” keyword here could also narrow down the impression we create. Furthermore, linking to our Phone Plan Features would work here because we know the exact type of person who would search for this type of material.

You can do the same by picking a theme that’s relevant to the season. You might have a particular type of shopper in mind; or maybe you’re having a holiday sale. Then you just need to pick a relevant keyword and specific link (like an individual product page or sale’s announcement landing page) to get your updated ad in front of the right shoppers.

Holiday Marketing KPIs: Finding Engagement Through Clicks

Impressions show their true influence when paired with the click KPI. A click is when someone engages with your advertisement and clicks on one of its links.

VirtualPBX Facebook AdClicks can occur in a variety of locations in an advertisement. What you see here is a Facebook ad that lets viewers engage with its image (which is clickable) and its “See More” text expansion link. Users can also click on the VirtualPBX brand name at the top of the ad.

In this case, you can also see that the ad was shown to 128 people and that it gained 5 engagements. Post engagement here may include multiple clicks on one or more of the available links.

Social media KPIs are not dissimilar to the Google campaign shown above. They both reach relevant viewers through impressions and realize engagement through clicks.

Your Social Media Focus

One way you can differentiate your social media campaign in a place like Facebook is to use a relevant image.

It’s clear that this VirtualPBX ad is themed for the holidays. With only a glimpse, you can recognize the image of Santa Claus, the candy canes and snowflakes, and the large greeting (“Happy Holidays”).

We focused on the Christmas holiday here because the time was right for all those elements. And since we’re just saying “Hello!” it was appropriate to link the ad to a broad section of our website like the Phone Plans page.

Similarly, if you’re looking to generate more clicks as a trackable social media holiday marketing KPIs, images are a great way to draw in the viewer. Then don’t be afraid to keep your hyperlink broad because of the nature of your audience.

Holiday Marketing KPIs: Drive Calls to Your Company

When used in conjunction with a phone system, seasonal marketing can help drive calls to your business.

Campaigns on PPC and social media platforms can include multiple phone numbers that lead directly to your business. The use of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers, which are direct lines to an individual, group, or voicemail box, can reveal important holiday marketing KPIs like call volume as they relate to a particular ad group.

For example, you can see the impressions and clicks that a single ad receives. Separately, you can tally the calls received from that same ad when it uses a unique phone number. From there, you can compare the impressions with number of people who visited your site or called your office. This will reveal a detailed picture of how your ads are moving people to your business.

Simplify Your Holiday Marketing Ideas

You don’t need a shopping bag full of complicated KPIs to shine during the holidays.

Keep your focus on impressions and clicks (and on phone calls if you’re daring), and make sure your advertisements work well with the season. This advice, however generalized it may seem, is our best holiday marketing tip to give.

You want to reach your audience. But you don’t want to lose yourself trying to make sense of too many performance indicators. Keep things simple so you can offer relevant, useful advertisements to potential customers while keeping your busy holiday season intact.

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