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Expert VoIP Network Configuration From VirtualPBX

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Expert VoIP Network Configuration From VirtualPBX

Business Workspace - Expert VoIP Network ConfigurationVoIP phone networks, typically, are easy to set up. You just plug your phones into ethernet cables. Job done! But sometimes a basic VoIP network configuration isn’t enough.

Occasionally, businesses have unique or complicated situations that are best served by communications professionals. For example, a pop-up call center for a political campaign would want its installation of dozens of phones to work without error. A large office, similarly, might want to delegate the installation of hundreds of phones so its daily tasks can continue without interruption.

VirtualPBX offers on-site installation to any business in the contiguous U.S. that needs a helping hand. This blog will show how that helping hand can proceed by referencing the two examples suggested above – situations that may be similar to what your business is facing.

Immediate Political Call Center Operations

Although the VirtualPBX Business Phone System works with phones from our online store to automatically provision them to a user’s account, this easy process might not offer enough assurance to a call center that needs to begin operations right now.

Campaign Headquarters Datasheet ThumbnailMany of our clients purchase half a dozen phones, receive them in the mail a few days later, plug them in, and begin making calls. It’s a relatively simple operation that doesn’t leave much in the way for mistakes.

However, managers of political headquarters will spin up their call centers at a moment’s notice. They want to accept donations and begin reaching voters without delay. The gravity of the situation calls for professional intervention.

VirtualPBX techs can set up as many phones as necessary at a campaign’s headquarters. They can make sure the VoIP network configuration of all desk phones, conference phones, and mobile apps will work immediately and won’t demand follow-ups or calls to technical service.

For an detailed look at what we offer political campaigns, you can download our Campaign Headquarters Datasheet at this link or by clicking the image above.

Installing Hundreds of Devices

More than anything, a VirtualPBX tech’s takeover of installation procedures frees business professionals to complete their daily tasks as they normally would.

Political headquarter managers can focus on running an efficient campaign and reaching voters. Large businesses in any field can fulfill orders, reach customers, and plan for the next big product development.

Even business with dedicated IT departments might want outside help when it comes to a project of large scale. VirtualPBX’s on-site visit to install 100+ phones could take many hours or days. While this is well within the grasp of IT staff, the loss of an entire day could disrupt a business’s schedule unnecessarily.

The CEO of any enterprise can rest assured that the VoIP network configuration at their business will proceed efficiently and work well when complete. We know that heads of business have more important things to do than worry about hardware installation.

On-Site VoIP Network Configuration

Know that the need for on-site VoIP network configuration is minimal. We have created the VirtualPBX Phone System to be easy for any business to begin using.

Yet, not every business presents a typical situation. If you find yourself wanting professional help, we offer that option. Our in-person installation of VoIP phones and networking hardware is available to all 48 states in the contiguous U.S.

Call today to discuss your situation with one of our trained professionals. And if you haven’t signed up for VirtualPBX Dash just yet, you can save big through the end of July! Click the banner below to get started.

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