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In a Perfect World

How many times have you started a sentence like this? Well here’s another one; In a perfect world, nobody would ever have a problem with their utilities. The good news is that whenever you end up with a problem, you can be confident in knowing that we’ve got the answers. Everything from simple settings oversights to complex complications is no match for our expert teams.

VoIP Clear Fix Service

VoIP Clear Fix ServiceSimilar to how a highway through a treacherous mountain pass will streamline travel, so too will VoIP Clear Fix Service revolutionize your internet traffic. VoIP Clear Fix is the service powered by a one-two punch combo of our nation-wide network of telecom experts and the unparalleled power of the Peplink Balance 20 multi WAN router. This combo provides an exclusive pathway for your voice communications that bypasses your regular internet traffic and is protected by our many redundant servers. And much like that mountain pass needs to be maintained and protected from wear and tear, our engineers can be employed to constantly monitor, protect, and optimize your voice connections to ensure long term success.

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The Best Offense is a Good Defense

We have products and services beyond the VoIP service you’ve come to count on that are designed to preempt most of the problems that you could encounter. A good place to start is a VoIP Speed Test which gives a snapshot of the basic upload and download performance of your network.

  • Network Bandwidth
    Often a speed test will reveal that your current network doesn’t have the bandwidth to sustain your traffic. Network Bandwidth service from VirtualPBX takes into account the performance of your network and takes the next steps for you. From an initial speed test assessment, we can leverage our industry access to scan the market for the best provider and the best price for your network needs.
  • Network Health Check
    Easily the most thorough and comprehensive service overhaul your network could ask for, VirtualPBX Network Health Check is a weeklong assessment of your network. By monitoring data use and network performance around-the-clock for a week, our engineers get a complete picture on the specific opportunities you have to maximize your service. More importantly, they also deliver those results to you complete with clear and actionable optimization steps that you can take immediately to blast your business communications into overdrive.
  • Network Monitoring
    For ongoing system management and performance optimization we offer Network Monitoring which continues the maintenance checks that you get from a full Network Health Check in perpetuity. Or, you can take it to the next level of performance with consultation from our Professional Services team. This group can perform complete VoIP transition and remediation services and can even be deployed to your physical office location for full setup or retooling endeavors. Need some help? Send an email to our Professional Services team.

867-5309 (Said- “eight-six-seven-five-three-oh-niiiiiiine”)

The right number can make all the difference. Just take this iconic set of digits from Tommy Tutone for example, Jenny’s number will be remembered forever by whoever rocked to this. The point is that having a great telephone number is obviously an advantage for businesses, but actually obtaining that number isn’t quite as straight forward. Telephone numbers and VirtualPBX are like peanut butter and jelly, we go well together. Not only does VirtualPBX make picking a new number as simple as literally clicking “add new telephone number” from your Dash portal, you can keep your existing numbers without any hassle at all, too no matter which plan you have! Porting, which is industry speak for transferring numbers into and out of a PBX system used to require the help of an engineer, but on your Dash system you can do it yourself with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • True 1-800 Numbers
    And 866, 877, and 888, too. We have thousands of options including the coveted, original 1-800 numbers just waiting to help you get the most out of your telephone.
  • Any number in the world
    Well, 41 countries and counting. That’s how many countries we can port numbers into or out of your system from. Hang on, your company is about to go global.
  • Vanity is overrated
    Or is it? With hundreds of thousands of local, toll-free, and international numbers to choose from, go ahead and get creative. Having a catchy number will boost recognition, retention, and return on investment of any campaign you run.

Phone Numbers

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