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Instantly Improve Your Business VoIP Call Quality


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Instantly Improve Your Business VoIP Call Quality

Improve Business VoIP Call Quality With VirtualPBX VPN for VoIPWith so many utilities tied to the internet – desktops, laptops, smartphones… – it’s no surprise that clients worry about their business VoIP call quality before signing up for a hosted service like VirtualPBX Dash.

It’s true that a hosted phone service uses the internet to manage phone calls. What’s not true, however, is that its quality has to degrade when you stream videos or download files.

This blog will briefly discuss the concept of traffic isolation as it relates to the VirtualPBX VPN for VoIP service. You can use VPN for VoIP with a VirtualPBX plan or with your current VoIP provider to separate voice traffic from everything else. It keeps calls clear even when the network is under heavy load.

Let’s take a look at what it does and how it can work for you.

Traffic Isolation With a VPN

You might normally think of a virtual private network (VPN) as something you use to protect your internet traffic as an individual.

VPNs act as a tunnel through which data can flow, either with or without encryption. You point your own traffic to a commercial VPN to protect sensitive personal information. Or you can create a VPN out of your own personal devices to create a secure network of computers.

What VirtualPBX does with VPN for VoIP is a little different. Instead of moving all of business’s internet traffic through a VPN tunnel, it creates a network for only your voice traffic to keep your business VoIP call quality clear and consistent.

This isolation of data means that a certain amount of bandwidth can be allocated to voice data. It also means that Quality of Service techniques can easily be applied to voice data to assure its fidelity at all times.

Assuring Your Business VoIP Call Quality

What this means for you as a business is just as varied as the uses of VPNs.

If you have low bandwidth overall at your business:

  • The uncontrolled mix of voice, video, web browsing, email, etc. may cause your call quality to suffer. When a supplementary or replacement service provider isn’t available, you can take the resources you have and segment them as necessary for calling and web browsing.

If spikes in call volume negatively affect your voice quality and internet browsing:

  • Whether your call volume peaks at a particular part of day or is variable, isolation of VoIP data can smooth calls and allow traditional web traffic to function normally.

No matter the issue, our engineers can assist. Our application of VPN for VoIP could immediately improve your business VoIP call quality. And if we need to take it further by assisting your search for a new service provider or helping you switch to Dash, we’re on board for anything you need.

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